BOARDMAN HIGH SCHOOL Officials take precautions after threat is found on wall

Uniformed township police officers will be walking the school's hallways today.
BOARDMAN -- A bathroom wall threat has officials at Boardman High School taking extra precaution for the safety of students today.
Principal Lou Rucci said writing was found on the wall in one of the girls' bathrooms at the school Tuesday afternoon. A question asked, "What are you gonna do?" That question is then answered elsewhere on the wall: "Shoot up the school February 28."
"Now you have two choices," Rucci said. "Ignore the situation and don't do anything about it or do what we did today."
Rucci read the exact wording from the wall over the school's announcement system and asked any students with information to come forward to school officials. He said rumors about what was said could have made the situation worse.
Officers to patrol: Rucci said he does not anticipate any problems at the school, but uniformed township police officers will be walking the halls at the school all day as an added precaution.
"I do not believe in police being inside of high school buildings, but these are unusual circumstances and you have to take some corrective steps, and I think this is only appropriate," the principal added.
Rucci said relaying the information to the entire student body leaves families the option of keeping their children home.
No classes are being suspended.
Rucci said it should be made clear that there was no violence that led up to the situation and no specific threat.

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