Terrorist detainees get more than they deserve

Terrorist detainees get more than they deserve
You know what upsets me?
People with absolutely nothing to do with their lives, so they complain about the U.S. treatment of the prisoners or "detainees" from Afghanistan.
They see a picture on the news or the Internet of someone who is shackled and blindfolded and walking with two armed guards behind razor wire, and this picture tells them they are treated unfairly.
Here is what I see.
I see a thin, sickly person who, under severe mental duress from being bombed, was cleaned up, given a haircut to prevent infestation of parasites and given new clothes and shoes to wear. I see a person who is given three nutritious meals a day and a bed to sleep on in a tropical climate, not the cold desert floor of Afghanistan, eating worms, bugs and goat. I see a person who will get relief from his pains and illnesses without paying a dime for medical expenses.
I see these people blindfolded and shackled behind razor wire, but I have the intellectual ability to understand why they are this way.
They are blindfolded to protect our U.S. soldiers from further harm. They cannot plan to destroy something if they cannot see it. They are shackled because they have proved they will easily give up their lives to kill just one American. We are protecting their lives as well as our own. The razor wire is a psychological deterrent, just like the little alarm-company warning signs people have on their homes when they don't have the actual alarm system. You would think many times over before actually trying to cross that razor wire.
It boggles my mind that there are actually people in this world, in leadership positions, heading companies, who actually think that we are doing something wrong when it comes to protecting our nation and our people.
These same people will be the first ones to complain about something that happens to them when they are vacationing outside this country. They will ask why the United States does nothing about their misfortunes. These are the same people who complain about taxes and how bad their lives actually are.
I am not afraid or ashamed to speak my piece. I am an American. My father and I fought for this country, and we were willing to die for it.
Bush exploits patriotism to hide flawed policies
So ol' "Dubya" is riding high in the polls? Thanks entirely to Osama bin Laden, I am sorry to say. Take away the war on terrorism and where would his approval ratings be then?
His tax cut overwhelmingly favored the rich at the expense of everyone else. He caters to big business and wealthy corporations. I believe he and our vice president are indeed hiding something from the American public about their role in the collapse of Enron.
Our country has returned to deficit spending for the first time in four years. He is raiding Social Security to prop up his failing economic policies. He wants us to invest our Social Security money in the stock market, and we all know how well the stock market is doing. Seems to me the only people happy about that are the Wall Street money handlers. And yet if you question any of his failing policies he will tell you that you are being un-American.
I said years ago that the working man would be paying for Ronald Reagan and George Bush I for years to come. And I now say that the working man is going to be paying for George Bush II for many years to come.