Why does area ignore homegrown talent?

Why does area ignore homegrown talent?
Why is it that when a prestigious executive position opens in Youngstown, no one competent seems to be available here in the Youngstown area?
Whether it is the presidency of Youngstown State University or the superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Youngstown, our schools just don't seem to be able to produce such leaders. After attending Catholic schools in Youngstown for 12 years and then teaching in one of our outstanding high schools for 30 years, I have taught many young people who would easily qualify for a job such as the ones I have mentioned.
To interview and get excited about hiring someone with a Ph.D. and two master's degrees from North Carolina is ridiculous. Barney Fife would be thrilled. Dr. Skube knows very little about our hometown. The reality is that with his credentials, especially with the U.S. Conference of Bishops, Bishop Tobin could benefit immensely. Cardinal Tobin will be upon us before you know it. I've talked to many administrators in the Catholic schools and believe me they are very discouraged by the inside political move.
Tutor Girard officials on exponential function
What do the world's oil supply and Girard's debt have in common? They all function like an exponential curve.
Political rhetoric will never resolve the oil shortage or Girard's debt problem. These solutions lie in applying high school mathematics to the problem. When state Auditor Jim Petro came to Girard to find solutions to the financial problems of the city, he came not with a prepared speech in his hand but rather with a calculator and a good knowledge of mathematics, pure logic. Within a short time, without giving one speech, he presented Girard with a plan that if carried out would solve Girard's financial problems in the future. Jim Petro is our hero and hardly anyone noticed.
Soon we will be faced with a world oil shortage and the solutions we are applying to this problem are not working because they are based on political rhetoric and not on a rational mathematical solution. Former President Ronald Reagan's incorrect solution was to increase the search for more oil.
The problem is that there is never enough oil. And this can be proved with simple high school math. And the explanation goes something like this; Let's say we have a 100-year supply of oil, that is to say the oil would last 100 years if consumed at the current rate. But presently, the oil is consumed by a rate that grows by 5 percent each year. Any Girard high school math student will tell you the 100 year oil supply will last only 36 years if you increase its use by 5 percent each year.
The exponential function makes it hard to pay off our credit cards. The exponential function relates to compound interest on our house loan. And the exponential function explains why the city of Girard is in deep trouble. Micky Krizancic worked, in an executive capacity at Unisys. He knows about exponential function. Don Rex was principal of one of the schools in Girard. He knows about exponential function. So why can't we teach Girard City officials about exponential function?
Shame on village council
While Poland Village Council removed Clay Stewart, a 50-year volunteer, from the Fireman's Field advisory panel, President Bush was calling for volunteers.
Most communities would rejoice in having volunteers of Mr. Stewart's qualifications, but not Poland Village.
Although village residents are electors of township officials, township residents are excluded from boards that serve both township and village residents, especially their children.
This is a example of petty politics. Perhaps Councilman Al Lind should ask himself -- have I been there and done that?
Poland Township