Start with these
If you want to try your hand at forcing, these are good candidates for starters, says Tracy Cook, greenhouse manager at Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis:
Forsythia: Forsythia x intermedia, small yellow flowersQuince: Chaenomeles spp., smallish white, pink, salmon or red flowers.Fragrant Honeysuckle: Lonicera fragrantissima, creamy white. Fragrance is citrusy and appealing.Witch Hazel: Hamamelis vernalis and H. mollis, yellow or orange flowers.Redbud: Ceris canadensis, pink to magenta flowers.Flowering Dogwood: Cornus florida, creamy white flowers; some pinks are available.Pussy Willow: Salix caprea, fuzzy gray catkins.
Source: Scripps Howard News Service

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