& acute;Call police if worried, landfill neighbors told

The city has someone available to take gas readings.
WARREN -- People affected by the smell coming from Warren Recycling are being asked to call city police if they're worried about high levels of hydrogen sulfide in their homes.
Councilwoman Susan Hartman, D-7th, said a city employee should be available to respond and take a reading to make sure levels aren't harmful.
The colorless gas is coming from the construction and debris landfill on Martin Luther King Avenue S.W.
Some nearby residents have been complaining for months about the smell, saying it makes them gag and lose sleep.
Some have complained of headaches and breathing difficulties.
Action: Hartman said the city has committed to putting a sanitarian on call or on an afternoon shift, at least for the time being, to respond and take readings at people's homes.
The fire department's hazardous materials truck also is equipped to do the readings if necessary, she said.
The number to call for a police dispatcher is 394-2521. When the recording comes on, hit "4" then "1".
Hartman said she talked with a representative from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency who said a venting process should take care of the odor that officials say is caused by moist construction debris.
Hydrogen sulfide has a strong odor of rotten eggs and can be harmful in a confined space without proper ventilation, or in instances of prolonged exposure.
Readings are being taken three times a day. The hydrogen sulfide levels have not exceeded what's deemed harmful by the OEPA and the Ohio Industrial Commission, officials have said.
Some residents have said they want Warren Recycling to shut down, but Bob Pinti, the city's deputy health director, disagrees, saying the only way to get rid of the smell is to treat its cause.

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