Right-wing propagandist unfairly assails Democrats

Right-wing propagandist unfairly assails Democrats
The writer of the Feb. 13 letter accusing the Democrats in the Senate of being in league with Al-Qaida and the Taliban, needs to take a refresher course in "legislative government 101."
The purpose of the Senate is to provide a forum to discuss and deliberate conflicting interests concerning public policy. The right to question, amend and oppose is fundamental to the legislative process in representative systems such as ours. In this case, it was deliberation of the economic stimulus package.
Both parties debated their version of the package and could not come to a consensus. They had fundamental differences that could not be resolved. Both parties share equally for the package's not passing.
To say that the Democrats are purposely attempting to "bring this country and its economy down," as the writer contends, is illogical and false. To compare them to the evil of Al-Qaida and the Taliban accuses millions of Americans, whom the Democratic senators represent, of being traitors.
This is irresponsible right-wing propaganda. The author of this ridiculous accusation has resorted to name calling and attempts to associate legitimate political opposition with evil and evil-doers. He uses the basic principle of propaganda that the fascists used to condemn and exploit an entire race of people a half-century ago: falsehood and lies. Maybe the writer should look into his own heart before he accuses others of evil and meanness.
Tablack still MIA on county sales tax issue
Thank you for being the best sleuth since Sam Spade. You found George Tablack.
He has been missing in action ever since the still questionable use of taxpayer-owned credit cards surfaced. Come to think of it, he was MIA in the 1999 sales tax campaign when the question of whether the county really was broke came up.
Mr. Tablack is correct in stating that the commissioners have a right to place the renewal of the 0.5 percent sales tax in May. However, he has been dead wrong in being a rubber stamp for Mr. Reese, Mr. Ludt, Ms. Sherlock and Mr. Jennings III in their pulling the wool over the eyes of the taxpayers of Mahoning County in 1999 by authorizing payments not only of personal use of taxpayer-owned credit cards but paying late fees for the aforementioned as recently as 2001.
Furthermore, the new three-amigo commissioners again showed their collective ignorance by stating in your Feb. 8 story that the low public turnout was a sign that the taxpayers were happy with their county government's leadership.
I say baloney pie to that.
The low turnout, among other reasons, is the direct result of the lack of confidence the people in this community have in the county government's leadership.
Visitor hopes all goes well for the 'other' Goldbergs
I am a law student from Germany just about finishing school. I read the article about what happened to Steven and Michael Goldberg on your website.
German law schools require several internships of which we can do some abroad. So in the summer 1999 I had the pleasure of doing an internship in Youngstown. I was warmly welcomed by the Goldbergs, Mr. Ortenzio and their team.
I remember the Goldbergs as friendly, smart and hardworking gentlemen who treated me -- just a second-year law student then -- almost like a colleague.
I had a good time working with them. I remember Steven taking me to a federal court trial on my very first day and Michael trying to speak German.
In October 2001, I visited Ohio again and was able to stop in Canfield for a short visit in the office. It was great to see some of the people again who had become my friends.
I keep my fingers crossed for the Goldbergs and their business. I hope I can visit them at the same spot a lot of times finding them successful and busy with clients.
G & ouml;ttingen, Germany