Tanning industry won't admit dangers to public

Tanning industry won't admit dangers to public
The tanning bed industry has left the public with wrong information on the use of its tanning beds for nearly 20 years, with little or no government oversight.
On its website, the Indoor Tanning Association promotes the following base belief: "Moderate tanning, for individuals who can develop a tan, is the most responsible way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight."
As a consumer who used tanning beds from 1985-1993, I am among the users of the commercial line of tanning beds the Indoor Tanning Association suggests are safe.
In 1998 I had basal cell carcinoma removed from my shoulder. I then visited the Cleveland Clinic's Dermatology Specialists Department and was told the following: that basal cell was common in people 50 and older, and that at the age of 35, I was "too young" for that kind of cancer; that tanning-bed use may have played a part in the development of my skin cancer; that after having basal cell cancer I am at a higher risk of other skin cancers as well. And finally, I must wear a sunscreen of SPF15 year round.
It should be illegal for the tanning bed industry to continue to mislead the public and also have untrained and unskilled persons operating its facilities. I have been told by tanning salon attendants that I should go "lay out in the sun" right after my session to really get a deep tan. The current licensing (cosmetology) for tanning salons is not enough. Further government intervention in this multi-million dollar industry of indoor tanning is way overdue.
Local Democrats need far better leadership
Isn't it ironic? David Ditzler, the Democrat Party chairman in Mahoning County, is endorsing someone to replace him as chairman. Lisa Antonini, a clerk in the treasurer's office is his choice. His learned reasoning for his choice? "Ditzler said he knew of no others who have expressed an interest in the party chair position." That's real leadership.
This statement rivals his position of a few weeks ago with regard to the appointment of Bob Wasko to the Mahoning County Board of Elections. The Vindicator reported a reason for the appointment was that Wasko was a great fund-raiser. For whom -- the Democratic Party? Is that a credential to uphold the election laws of the state of Ohio? Maybe the board is planning some fund-raisers for operational expenses. I think not.
The Mahoning County Democratic Party will not regain its prominence with such off-hand, politically suspicious leadership. Morley to Ditzler to Antonini -- that's the direction of an enlightened Democratic Party? I think not.
X The writer is treasurer of the Democrats of the 17th District.
Don't let GOP have a hand in investigating Enron
In an effort to take some heat off of the Enron scandal, a House select committee looked into the gifts that Bill and Hillary Clinton received when they left the White House.
The result of the investigation found that, like Filegate, Whitewater and Travelgate, that the gifts were perfectly ethical, acceptable, and legal.
The report said that the Clintons had set up gift registries for people to go to. They quoted this as fact. The problem is that it was not true. In a column of satire, Maureen Dowd had written that Hillary Clinton had a registry in Nebraska.
The House Republicans wrote this in their report without ever checking out the truth of the story.
And you want these people to investigate the administration's ties to Enron?