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Published: Thu, February 21, 2002 @ 12:00 a.m.


Marriage licenses

James A. Seratt, 35, of 425 Andrea Drive, Finley, and Robin L. Williams, 36, of 104 Marble Drive, Double Springs, Ala.

Benjamin J. Esposito, 27, of 26 Edna Ave., Youngstown, and Tracie E. Scott, 25, of 81 Westview, Hubbard.

Tanya Young Sr., 47, of 2015 E. Jackson, Springfield, Ill., and Shirley A. Blalock, 47, of 6082 Applecrest Court, #3, Boardman.

Robert L. Williams, 38, of 3520 Neilson Ave., Youngstown, and Clara V. Charity, 30, of same.

Ryan J. Hively, 23, of 1600 N. Salem-Warren Road, North Jackson, and Nichole M. Kopnicky, 21, of 441 Edison St., Struthers.

Divorces asked

Robert A. Minor, 1310 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, vs. Johanna C. Minor, 310 Pennsylvania Ave., McDonald.

Lori J. Fotheringham, 539 W. Georgia, Sebring, vs. Donald R. Fotheringham, 9198 Oak St., Lot 50, Malvern.

Ronda A. Colapietro, 1622 Palo-Verde Drive, Boardman, vs. Michael Colapietro, 1010 Gary Ave., Girard.

Wayne R. Zarak, c/o Lakeview Motel, 17740 U.S. Route 224, Berlin Center, vs. Sheila A. Zarak, 239 Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfield, NJ.

Keith E. Cole, 489 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, vs. Adrienne L. Cole, 71 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.

Robert E. Kennedy Sr., 2121 Ives, Youngstown, vs. Sandra Kennedy, 5099 Fifth Ave. Ext., Youngstown.

Hilda A. Popa, 2540-A state Route 45, North Jackson, vs. Paul D. Popa, 6408 Kirk Road, Canfield.

Diane S. Kennegott, 13957 S. Main St., Beloit, vs. Alfred F. Kennegott, 13957 S. Main St., Beloit.

Dissolutions asked

Milagrito I. Cortez, 2039 Woodcrest, Youngstown, and Damon R. Cortez, 223 Mumford, Youngstown.

George P. Murgerger, 6285 Apache, Poland, and Kathleen Murgerger, 147 Aylesboro, Youngstown.

Domestic relations

Angela L. Doran vs. Joseph E. Doran, claim and counterclaim dismissed.

Debra L. Banna vs. Thomas Banna, divorce to both.

Lydia M. Payton vs. Charles A. Payton, dismissed.

Kimberly S. Wehr vs. Mark E. Wehr, divorce to both.

Terri Luzik vs. Jack Luzik, divorce to both.

Kenneth Tkatch vs. Wendi Tkatch, dismissed.

Penny J. Yarabenetz vs. Eric M. Yarabenetz, divorce to both.

Waldestrudis Rodriguez vs. Mercedes Rivera, divorce to plaintiff.

Eugene A. Proffit vs. Alice M. Proffit, dissolution granted.

Doyle O. Houston vs. Donna G. Houston, divorce to both; wife restores name to Cover.

Richard E. Booth vs. May M. Booth, divorce to both.

Woodrow W. Booth III vs. Jaime M. Booth, divorce to both.

Carla H. Broderick vs. Michael L. Broderick, divorce to both.

Mark S. Partika vs. Anita L. Partika, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Ward.

Barbara Loto vs. James L. Loto, divorce to both.

Cynthia Miller vs. Craig Miller, divorce to both.

Patricia Johnston vs. Robert Johnston, divorce to plaintiff.

Daniel Richards vs. Shannon Richards, divorce to plaintiff.

Melinda A. McFall vs. Robert F. McFall, divorce to both.

Thomas F. McCarthy vs. Eleanor M. T. McCarthy, dismissed.

Eric Wade vs. Jennifer Wade, dissolution granted.

Sally Dubinsky vs. Ronald P. Dubinsky, dissolution granted.

Ronald Lovell vs. Barbara Lovell, dissolution granted.

Genene Sharisky vs. Martin J. Sharisky, dissolution granted.

Barbara L. Tobin vs. Thomas L. Tobin, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Wilding.

Brian A. Bailing vs. Tammy P. Bailing, dissolution granted.

Cynthia Kalbfell vs. Edwin T. Kalbfell, dissolution granted.

James Torres vs. Denise M. Torres, legal separation to plaintiff.

Linda W. Brown vs. Sherman Brown, divorce to plaintiff.

Stacy A. Sipe vs. Daniel J. Sipe, dissolution granted.

Gina M. Zibreg vs. Keith R. Zibreg, dismissed.

Diane Kowalik vs. Joseph M. Kowalik, divorce to plaintiff.

Carl D. Jacobson vs. Linda M. Jacobson, divorce to both; wife restores name to Dick.

James H. Webber Jr. vs. Shelly L. Webber, divorce to plaintiff.

David R. Bair vs. Jane Bair, divorce to both.

Edith R. King vs. Kenneth R. King, divorce to plaintiff.

Kimberly A. Geffert vs. Benjamin M. Geffert, divorce to plaintiff.

Sheryl L. Clawson vs. Eric Clawson, divorce to plaintiff.

Sally M. Sexton vs. John E. Sexton Sr., divorce to plaintiff.

Sheryl A. Horvath vs. Anthony G. Horvath, divorce to plaintiff.

Michael P. Diamantis vs. Kimberly A. Diamantis, divorce to plaintiff.

Rebecca S. Depp vs. Douglas Dwight Depp, dismissed.

Sherry Bush vs. Joseph J. Bush III, divorce to plaintiff.

Lynette S. Patterson vs. Sterling C. Patterson, divorce to plaintiff.

Julie M. Peterson vs. Paul Constant Peterson, dissolution granted.

Mark F. Griffin vs. Gretchen L. Griffin, divorce to plaintiff.

Theresa L. Mrakovich vs. Michael P. Mrakovich, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Valley.

Laura L. Soltis Pecchia vs. Alfonso Pecchia, divorce to both.

Michael W. Ruby vs. Jayme L. Ruby, divorce to plaintiff.

Fidel M. Gutierrez vs. Jeannette M. Gutierrez, dissolution granted.

Eugene G. Gulfo vs. Mary Ann Gulfo, dissolution granted; wife restores name to DeRose.

Deborah L. Fitch vs. Christopher R. Fitch, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Fitch.

Joeyann Baytos vs. Joseph Baytos, divorce and counterclaim dismissed.

Karen Pico vs. Patrick Pico, divorce to both.

Julia E. Stanec vs. Stephen J. Stanec Jr., dismiss claim and counterclaim.

Deborah C. Miller vs. Kevin P. Miller, divorce to both.

Robert Hughes vs. Jacquelyn Hughes, dissolution granted.

Michele L. Dechalk vs. Richard A. Dechalk II, dissolution granted.

Tara Light vs. Jonathan Light, divorce to plaintiff.

Amy J. Schisler vs. Ronald Schisler, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Conley.

Ahmad Kassim vs. Manal Kassim, dissolution granted.

Cheryl Slagle vs. David Slagle, dissolution granted.

Keri Harmicar Melillo vs. Frank E. Melillo, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Harmicar.

Sam Row vs. Kimberly Rowe, divorce to both; wife restores name to McIlvain.

Niki L. Ellis vs. Bruce Ellis, dissolution granted.

Brenda Snitzer vs. James E. Snitzer, dissolution granted.

Nancy Droney vs. Raymond A. Droney, dissolution granted.

Robert A. Marshall vs. Catherine M. Marshall, divorce to plaintiff.

Davine M. Fox vs. Kenneth J. Fox, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Davine M. George.

Schyler J. Mashqbehvs. Ahmad A. Mashqbeh, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Nelson.

Michael Rohan vs. Karen L. Rohan, dissolution granted.

Mary Beth Scheetz vs. Charles F. Scheetz, dissolution granted; wife restores name to DeLuco.

Hud E. Nuth vs. Kimberly A. Nuth, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Reeveley.

New complaints

Shelly M. Bergana vs. Nicole L. Blazek, money.

Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Mary E Sheppard et al, foreclosure.

First Merit vs. Calvin C. Roby et al, money.

Sam Pitoscia et al vs. George Pulliam, money.

First Resolution Investment Co. vs. Kelvin E. Turner, money.

Manufacturers & amp; Traders Trust Co. vs. Jose Pagan Sr. et al, foreclosure.

Merrill Lynch Mortgage Capital vs. Russell Downs et al, foreclosure.

State Street Bank Co. vs. Roberto Hernandez et al, foreclosure.

Lizabeth J. Caudill et al vs. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh et al, money.

Olympus Servicing L. P. vs. Elmer L. Parsons et al, money.

Ann Burns admr. of the estate of Elizabeth Ellis dec'd. vs. Austinwoods Nursing Center, money.

Jacob Andrews vs. Andrew S. Dzuracky, money.

Farmer National Bank of Canfield vs. Shawn M. Hannon et al, foreclosure.

Suzanne Luchison et al vs. Anthony B. Palumbo et al, money.

Bank of New York as trustee vs. Florence Johnson et al, foreclosure.

Mortgage Electronics Registrations Systems vs. Willie Bryant et al, foreclosure.

Joseph Perkins et al vs. Carol Handel-Mansell et al, foreclosure.

Jason Gilpin et al vs. Heather Davis et al, money.

Shawna Ashton vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. et al, workers' compensation.

Forum Health vs. Timothy Adkins et al, money.

Spiros Tsagaris vs. Rite Aide Pharmacy, money.

Peggy McElwee et al vs. The Ohio Ins. Guarantee Assoc. et al, money.

Richard N. Kalapos D.O. et al vs. Telesis Physician Partners of N.E. Ohio LLC, money.

First Union National Bank vs. Linda Roe et al, foreclosure.

Travelers Bank & amp; Trust Co. vs. Dolly M. Nicholas et al, foreclosure.

Ocwen Federal Bank vs. Serandis Prasinos et al, money.

Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Glynnis Hallman et al, foreclosure.

Carolyn Sich vs. Michael Harmicar et al, money.

Christopher Fitzgerald a minor by and through his next friend and guardian Linda Fitzgerald et al vs. Peter Meub money.

Thomas Potts vs. Douglas Zolla Jr. et al, money.

Steven L. Coddington vs. Douglas Zolla Jr. et al, money.

Mehrdad Zarrinmakan M. D. vs. MVP Surgery Inc. et al, money.

Probate court

Will of Jennie Bogan: estate to sons, William G. and Henry T. Bogan Sr.

Will of Pauline Pacalo: estate to daughters, Susan and Patricia Pacalo and Linda Badila.

Real estate transfers

Mike Yurko Jr. to Sherry Myers et al, Youngstown, $70,000.

Holly Anzevino to William Horn, Youngstown, $31,841.

Sandra Lee Vargo et al to Thurman R. Tuel et al, Beloit Village, $140,000.

Richard R. Blake et al to Gary Susko, Boardman Twp., $31,000.

Ronald Weiss et al to Joseph D. Bristow et al, Boardman Twp., $208,000.3443 Neilson Ave. Land Trust et al to Deniro Dawson, Youngstown, $55,000.

Red Cliff Capital Inc. to Cheryl L. Dennison, Beloit, $98,000.

Joseph S. Blinsky et al to Geri Swesey et al, Boardman Twp., $85,000.

William D. Greve et al to Michael W. Cupp et al, Struthers, $56,000.

Scott A. Carpenter et al to Calvin C. Roby et al, Austintown Twp., $170,000.

Villa Rosa Gardens Ltd. to Walace R. Bell et al, Canfield Twp., $43,000.

Angelo L. Jones et al to Constantine G. Economus et al, Boardman Twp., $375,000.

JoAnn A. Rich to Anna M. Antlak et al, Poland Twp., $118,000.

Samuel Beshara to Peggy A. Campbell, Youngstown, $40,000.

Gerald Barnes et al to Robert D. Cleevely et al, Canfield City, $177,000.

Michael P. Good et al to Vera Orose et al, Canfield City, $258,000.

Bord Vuksanovich to Erickson J. Donnachine, Village of Poland, $55,000.

Lucille Williams to Essence S. Twyman, Youngstown, $3,000.

Sandra M. De Pizzo successor trustee to Jack J. Ross et al, Canfield Twp., $76,350.

Lori Ward to Sue E. Seaman, Youngstown, $25,000.

Thomas W. Murphy to Gregg Wilson et al, Youngstown, $23,500.

James J. Bender et al to Stanley Kosinski et al, Youngstown, $55,500.

Francis Bare Jr. trustee et al to Joseph R. Monforte et al, Ellsworth Twp., $128,000.

Heron's Landing LLC to Dieter Home Construction Inc., Austintown Twp., $33,000.

Elaine L. Robbins et al to William D. Fisher et al, Youngstown, $28,600.

Timothy T. Needham to Judith E. Narry, Boardman Twp., $58,000.

Leonard A. Cavalier III et al to Ensign J. Coulsz et al, Green Twp., $78,500.

Marlor Inc. to John G. Zagy, Youngstown, $47,300.

GeraldineE. Booth to Colleen Hinz, Youngstown City, $14,000.

James R. Hash et al to Duetschmark Properties Ltd., Jackson-Milton School District, $37,000.

Scott D. Potts to Kelly Spatholt, Austintown Twp., $69,750.

Gideon E. Johnson et al to Brian J. Brose, Canfield Twp., $123,900.

Randy D. Walter dba RDW Co. to Stefano and Assoc., Canfield Twp., $44,400.

Randy D. Walter dba RDW Co. to Builders Inc., Canfield Twp., $51,400.

Esther Bongiovanni trustee to Edward A. Valantine et al, Canfield Twp., $34,454.

Charlotte Lane Flickinger to Flicker Development Inc., Canfield City, $120,000.

Builders Inc. to James Boots et al, Boardman Twp., $323,548.

John Rafeedie et al to Donald J. Mascola et al, Boardman Twp., $172,000.


Bankruptcies/Chapter 7

June M. Slenker, aka June Cain, 3708 Logan Way, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $15,142; assets, $4,870.

Kevin A. Lights, 551 Fourth St., Struthers, conductor, Norfolk Southern Corp.; liabilities, $103,271; assets, $70,219.

Cathy L. Stivers, aka Cathy Platt, 146 1/2 E. Oregon, Sebring, none; liabilities, $27,012; assets, $1,010.

Sara I. Johnson, aka Sara I. Griffin, 3055 Hadley Ave., Apt. A-3, Youngstown, Consumer Support Services, National Mentor; liabilities, $122,446; assets, $4,920.

Richard J. Sylvester, 1838 Paisley St., Apt. 2, Youngstown, self-employed Health Insurance National Association; liabilities, $36,358; assets, $1,480.

Thomas M. and Dawn Higgins-Bacha, aka Dawn C. Higgins, 5028 Friendship Ave., Boardman; he: repair technician, AIS; she: homemaker; liabilities, $135,816; assets, $87,052.

Keisha C. Burton, 2721 Cain St., Youngstown, health care, Humility of Mary; liabilities, $9,414; assets, $300.

Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13

Kenneth J. Turscak, 6696 Appleridge Circle, Boardman, factory worker, Delphi Packard Electric; liabilities, $160,160; assets, $141,270.

Ronald Collier Jr., 91 Tremble, Campbell, rehab specialist, Gateways to Better Living; liabilities, $29,100; assets, $31,460.


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