COLUMBIANA CORNER Prayer catches on

When newly elected Columbiana County Commissioner Sean Logan persuaded his peers, Jim Hoppel and Dave Cranmer, to institute a prayer before every meeting, it was to be at one meeting a month.
But, apparently, the spiritual effort is more popular than that.
Christian clergy from a variety of churches in the area are now offering words of inspiration before virtually every commissioner meeting.
There's no word yet on when, or if, any rabbis, mullahs or other clergy will be invited to say the blessing.
Trust in trees: In response to some residents' request for more trees in the city, East Palestine will take delivery April 19 of 200 seedlings from the National Tree Trust.
The trees will be planted on various city right-of-way and city-owned areas, City Manager Patricia Quigley noted. She said volunteers would be needed to help plant the trees, but the task won't require much effort since the seedlings are only 6 inches tall.
City employees told Quigley they didn't want any of the seedlings planted around the new city garage, for fear they'd be trampled or mowed over.
Mayor Raymond Hull noted residents should not expect the tiny trees to provide shade anytime soon.
"Do you know how old we'll be before you can even see those things?" he quipped.
XCONTRIBUTORS: Norman Leigh and Nancy Tullis, Vindicator Salem Bureau.

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