Science curriculum should include intelligent design

Science curriculum should include intelligent design
I just read a letter you published from a gentleman who has strong objections to the teaching of ID, intelligent design, in our schools.
As I finished reading I looked around the room where I was sitting and realized that I could look nowhere without being confronted by intelligent design, from the sofa I was sitting on to the room I was sitting in. I began to think about the rest of the building, about the structural system, the electrical system, the heating system, the plumbing system, the phone system and the cable TV system. Even these systems could not exist for even more sophisticated intelligently designed systems coming to the building, some of them from many miles away.
I looked out my window and could see road and street systems, traffic and street lighting systems, all products of "intelligent design." And don't forget about the vehicles, also the products of intelligent design.
If intelligent design has no place in science, I suppose we would do well to immediately dispose of architecture and engineering since they couldn't possibly be reliable. I'll admit I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box and wouldn't know a scientific abstract if I tripped over one. What I do know is that for the past quarter century I have worked in residential maintenance and that without intelligent design, my job would be absolutely impossible. Without intelligent design, how could I ever be able to diagnose, much less repair any of the things that make our lives so enjoyable?
In my 58 years, I have yet to see one single thing "evolve." On the other hand, I cannot escape Intelligent design. Do I believe in intelligent design? Without a shadow of doubt. Do I believe in God, the ultimate intelligent designer? I couldn't imagine a more intelligent conclusion. As a matter of fact, when one applies the "scientific" odds of compound probability, it is evolution that properly wears the mantle of "fairy tale."
In blaming government, Traficant blames people
I have never written a letter to you before, but here goes. I have been a resident in the area for over 70 years. I have been aware of all the corruption (if this is a strong enough word) from Pittsburgh -- Lowellville, Campbell, Stru thers, Youngstown -- to Cleveland. Murders, solved and unsolved or left alone with no investigation: that's the way it was.
There was improvement at some levels, but it is still there and probably always will be because of circumstances people are put into or get themselves into. Then the power play begins.
What can I get away with, who can I pay off, or who will pay me off, be it politician, lawyers, any business person in any field? So it becomes personal. Look at yourself.
Which brings me to our congressman, now on trial. Has he done anything wrong? Yes. Has be been caught at this? Yes. So now where is he?
Let's blame others or find those loopholes, where he can place blame on someone else.
He has stated he will sue the government. Wait. This is not some entity, building, person in Washington, D.C. Who is the government? It is you and I and all the Americans who pay his salary.
Take a good look at all the publicity he is trying to garner to improve his stature and place blame elsewhere.
Respect for the right of another to be wrong does not mean that the wrong is right. When you mix falsehood with truth you create a more destructive lie. We all, in some way, pay for our wrongs.