Bengals fanhas had enough
Is there no end to the crying and whining of Pittsburgh Steeler fans? Enough is enough. I for one, with many others, am tired of hearing the lame excuses of why the Steelers lost their bid to the Super Bowl. Why can't these people just face the facts, accept their loss to the Patriots and root for them in the Super Bowl?
It was alright, though, that towards the end of last season all I heard was these tapes and song "Here we go to the Super Bowl" and other dancing and towel-slinging antics.
I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan and we beat both of these teams in regular season play -- we just keep plugging along.
So come on Steeler guys, give us real fans a break. So you got a little egg on your face? Wipe it off and look forward to next year.
Go Bengals!
Browns fan wantsSteelers off 27
In response to the letter by Carol McCoy ("Being fair on the air," Jan. 20), I would like to bring up a few points.
First of all, you live in Ohio and I believe Browns fans still outnumber Steeler fans.
Second, I'm sure you do not care that we Browns fans had to go three years without a team to watch or cheer for, and had to fight just to keep them here.
I have a suggestion for you. If you must watch your beloved Steelers, try getting an outside antenna. Channel 2 in Pittsburgh carries all of their games.
I would like to urge area Browns fans to contact Mr. Adeszko, the NFL, CBS or whomever to keep the Browns games on locally. In my opinion, we missed too many already, including their best game this year.
Also, I wish somebody would contact somebody about getting Ohio State basketball televised locally. We see every team in the country except the Buckeyes. Is this Ohio, or what?
Warren's Bubbawill be missed
The passing of Warren legend Frank Bubba had a dramatic effect on everybody in the community. He will be sadly missed by everyone involved in high school sports and teaching.
I only had the pleasure meeting this man on the basketball court as a referee. I have been officiating basketball for a decade and Mr. Bubba was one of the respected coaches in the game.
He never gave officials a hard time no matter how bad a call was. His mere presence demanded respect. He never yelled or swore at his players to get their attention. Everybody always gave 100 percent and wanted give their best effort because they all knew what a special man he was to have the energy to coach despite his health concerns.
There's an old saying in life: It's not the amount of years you're on the Earth, but what you do with the years here. Mr. Bubba did more in a lifetime than most men do in 100 years.

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