Traficant has what it takes to beat the court

Traficant has what it takes to beat the court
I know Jim Traficant. In 1988, I worked on his presidential campaign, and I know what makes him tick.
To achieve success or to be a champion, requires discipline and mental toughness. "Jimbo" understands the grind, the discipline it takes to win. He spoke of mental toughness and "singleness of purpose."
As an innate leader, he'll demand mental toughness in himself, and that singleness of purpose to beat the court.
Deceptive renewal levies to blame for tax increase
I received my Mahoning County real estate tax bill recently and noticed a $43.18 increase over the last half, which puts my taxes now at $1,007 per half. We did not vote for any levies or bond issues and had no recent reappraisals.
We did vote for renewals, thinking the tax would remain the same. We were wrong.
I paid a visit to the tax people of Mahoning County for an explanation of the following changes.
Metro Park: (last half) $22.03 to (this half) $32.51.
Mental Retardation: (last half) $47.10 to (this half) $79.61.
County General Fund: (last half) $4.65 to (this half) $26.94.
One item did go down.
County Bond Retirement (last half) $38.08 to (this half) $15.79.
If this one reduction did not happen, my increase would have been $65.33 Instead of $43.18.
The people at the tax office said a renewal doesn't necessarily stay the same as most of us have been made to believe.
If an item's millage goes down too low over a period of time due to various tax and value reasons, a renewal will be put on the ballot, and renewals usually pass. They sometimes call this a "replacement tax." Then they move the millage back up to the original millage which is always higher.
I was always under the impression that a renewal meant the same amount of money across the board. I believe that most people believe this, also. But this is not so.
In the future, if the people pass levies and bond issues, plus the reappraisals the county will put on periodically, we are going to be in trouble, real trouble.
Retired people on moderate and fixed incomes will struggle. (I am retired)
When young people of today get their houses paid for in the future, God help them every six months. They will have to dig very deeply to come up with that kind of tax money.
By the way, my house is just 1,500 sq. ft. and about 41/2 years old.
People of Austintown, please get out and vote! And vote as you please. Voting is a privilege men have died for.
Last election fewer than 11,000 turned out. With more than 27,000 voters, that's not a very good turnout.
Teachers in city schools deserve better protection
I am a resident of the city of Youngstown and a property owner. I pay every tax that's levied or appropriated. It is not acceptable to me that three teachers were hit recently.
It is no wonder, after reading this story, that the Youngstown schools are doing so badly. I don't believe that teachers can teach or students learn in such an environment.
In fact, that environment must be changed. If that change requires more security or better trained security then let it be so.
The schools must do whatever is necessary in order to make those schools a place where education can take place.