Ted Turner talks about terrorists

Ted Turner talksabout terrorists
PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Media mogul Ted Turner says the Sept. 11 attacks were an act of desperation, and the hijackers were "brave" but probably "a little nuts."
Turner, in a lecture at Brown University, also compared President Bush to Julius Caesar.
In a wide-ranging address Monday, the AOL Time Warner vice chairman said the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were an outgrowth of poverty.
He said the attacks were an act of desperation, and that Americans lack an understanding of a willingness to die for one's country.
Turner also gave his opinion on the 2000 elections and Al Gore's loss in the presidential race.
"A few more votes in Florida, and we could have had the best environmental president we ever had," he said. "Now we've got an oil man. Bush is like another Julius Caesar. Just what we need."
Harrison's death site
LOS ANGELES -- The mystery of where Beatle George Harrison spent his last days was solved Tuesday when Los Angeles officials said he died in a Hollywood Hills mansion that had been leased by former band mate Paul McCartney.
Harrison's death Nov. 29 has been surrounded by controversy ever since a spokesman for the reclusive guitarist's family misled authorities about the exact location of his death in a bid to keep away memorabilia hounds.
Harrison's death certificate was found to be incorrect when it listed his place of death as a fictitious address in Los Angeles, and reports surfaced that the former Beatle had spent his final hours in a home owned by McCartney.
Tuesday, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney released a new address for Harrison's place of death -- a secluded $4 million, French-country-style house once owned by rocker-turned-actress Courtney Love.
Masseuse's tell-allrubs Willis wrong way
NEW YORK -- Bruce Willis is steamed at masseuse Dot Stein, who's hoping to publish "Butt Naked and Backstage," detailing her Hollywood rubdowns of Willis, Mick Jagger, Sting, Steven Tyler, Eminem, Dave Navarro, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia and others, the New York Post reported.
Stein told the Post she never had sex with any of her famous clients until she met Willis in 1999, shortly after he split with Demi Moore.
Willis' lawyer, Marty Singer, said he had read Stein's chapter about Willis and it's exaggerated.
Stein defends herself: "I have so much more to offer. In Germany I'm a combination of Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Madonna. ... It's not like I need Bruce to make me famous."
Stein, 33, was born in Connecticut but has become a minor celebrity in Germany, where she appears on TV as "Dr. Dot" in a nurse's outfit that shows off her ample cleavage. "Butt Naked and Backstage" will be an English-language version of her 1999 book "Dr. Dot," published in Germany. Stein said the U.S. edition would include new chapters about Willis, Eminem and others.
Model Naomi Campbelladmits illegal drug use
LONDON -- Naomi Campbell, who's suing a tabloid newspaper that printed a picture of her leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, admitted in court Monday that she had illegally used drugs.
The London-born supermodel says the Mirror newspaper invaded her privacy and breached her confidence when it published the photo last year alongside an article describing how she had sought counseling for a drug problem.
Campbell said in court that she'd used illegal drugs and had sought treatment. She said she felt "shocked, angry, betrayed and violated" by the article, which had the headline: "Naomi: I am a drug addict."
Campbell's lawyer, Andrew Caldecott, said the 31-year-old model had attended meetings of Narcotics Anonymous, often on a daily basis. On the day the photo was taken -- Jan. 30, 2001 -- she had attended three. He said her attendance "was a clearly private activity deserving of privacy."
The newspaper's publisher, MGN Limited, denies wrongdoing.
The Mirror's lawyer, Desmond Browne, said the newspaper revealed only the truth about Campbell's drug use, which she had denied publicly.
The case at London's High Court is expected to last five days.
Today's birthdays
TV personality Hugh Downs is 81. Actress-singer Florence Henderson is 68. Country singer Razzy Bailey is 63. Jazz musician Maceo Parker is 59. Movie director Alan Parker is 58. Journalist Carl Bernstein is 58. Actor-dancer Gregory Hines is 56. Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., is 55. TV personality Pat O'Brien is 54. Magician Teller (Penn and Teller) is 54. Cajun singer-musician Michael Doucet (Beausoleil) is 51. Actor Ken Wahl is 45. Actress Meg Tilly is 42. Singer-producer Dwayne Wiggins is 41. Actor Enrico Colantoni is 39. Actor Zach Galligan is 39. Rock musician Ricky Wolking (The Nixons) is 36. Tennis player Manuela Maleeva is 35. Rock musician Kevin Baldes (Lit) is 30. Rock singer Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) is 30.

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