South county citizens fed up with Valley corruption

South county citizens fed up with Valley corruption
If anyone wants to know why the 17th District was broken up, they only need to look in the mirror. All we need to understand is the perception of corruption that continues to hang over the Valley.
Three communities have elected convicted felons to public office.
A local city has family and friends in public jobs collecting huge overtime payments. The same city seems to condone or excuse drunken driving by a city official.
The civil deputy situation is a mess. The call to testify by the sheriff was lost or strayed so a civil deputy from Austintown was spared the punishment for his misdeed. Also it is hard to understand the advantage to Mahoning County having a drunk driver from Columbiana County who is an employee of a corrupt politician as a civil deputy.
These are just a few of the things that made this area so vulnerable.
I, for one, am glad to be in a new district which is more in tune with our rural problems. Our biggest crime problems are DUI, DUS and domestic violence. The main drug of choice is alcohol and maybe a bit of pot thrown in. Although these are serious problems, they need a completely different legislative solution. The problems of the urban parts of the district are murder, assault, robbery and hard drug use. Different agendas for the representative in these areas is a very good plan.
We in southern Mahoning and Colum biana counties should be very happy to be part of the Ohio River Valley. Now we need to go to the polls and elect people who are looking out for our interests without concern for their political career. New minds in office after each election is a good way to ensure this.
New Springfield
Nation needs president's missile defense program
I am writing as a member of the American Conservative Union to urge all citizens to support President Bush's proposal for a missile defense shield to protect our country.
The president proposes to scrap the anti-ballistic missile treaty, which has severely limited development of defensive systems. This treaty was signed by the United States and other countries nearly 30 years ago, in the depths of the Cold War. It is now outdated because of the demise of the Soviet Union, increased threats from rogue states, and vastly improved computer technology.
President Bush proposes a missile defense research and development program which will result in the ability to strike down missile threats from around the world.
Under the president's proposal, the United States and our allies will have a comprehensive land, ship, and air defense to intercept and destroy missiles from Saddam Hussein, North Korea, China and terrorists operating in any country.
Please support the president's proposal, and keep our country safe from present and future threats.
Council should grow up, show some leadership
I am dismayed that our city council members are acting in such an infantile manner.
The reasons for this behavior have not been clearly explained through the media. Whatever the reason for the in-fighting, it should have been kept in chambers.
It is a clear minus for those who are responsible for governing our city.
If there are disagreements that escalate to almost physical violence, then I suggest that those involved take anger management classes and get on with the duties they were elected to do.
How can council control an entire city government when one or more constituents can't be controlled?
At the rate the convocation center is progressing, it may never become a reality. Why can't the millions that have been allocated, be used for a manufacturing project to create jobs for so many unemployed in our area?
Wake up Youngstown and do something positive for a change.