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Published: Sun, February 10, 2002 @ 12:00 a.m.



1st--Hinkle(C Wyers)13.806.403.80

Favorite Trick(D Hawk)7.803.40

Ama Red(G Grismore)2.80

Exacta 6-5 Paid $171.40

Trifecta 6-5-9 Paid $803.20

2nd--Terri's Colt(Schillaci)

Smokestacklightnin(W Case Jr)4.003.40

Punctual Sam(T Jones)12.20

Exacta 6-5 Paid $39.20

Trifecta 6-5-7 Paid $496.00

Daily Double 6-6 Paid $94.40

3rd--De Leon(G Grismore)3.803.602.40

Bruceontheloose(D Hawk)17.805.60

Foolish Courage(S Schillaci)5.00

Exacta 5-7 Paid $79.80

Trifecta 5-7-6 Paid $344.60

4th--Lavros Breeze N3.602.602.40

Washingson(D Hawk)3.202.40

Split In Two(T Jones)2.60

Exacta 2-9 Paid $17.40

1st Half Tri-Super 2-9-6 Paid $26.40

Superfecta 2-9-6-5 Paid $320.20

5th--Sex Machine(D Hawk)11.405.603.60

R Green Machine(W Case Jr)4.203.00

Sand Ahoy(R Tharps)4.20

Exacta 5-6 Paid $45.20

Trifecta 5-6-7 Paid $176.60

Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $224.00

6th--Master Shawn(R Tharps)4.203.802.60

Bell Mattlantic(G Grismore)6.203.80

Fast Ball(J Pantaleano)3.40

Exacta 4-5 Paid $35.80

Trifecta 4-5-3 Paid $144.20

2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER 16,112.31

7th--Magic Brew(W Case Jr)

Union Square(R Tharps)3.202.80

Grandpa Ike(T Hall)7.80

Exacta 4-1 Paid $27.40

Trifecta 4-1-6 Paid $298.00

Superfecta 4-1-6-8 Paid $3,068.20

8th--Niacrombie(D Hawk)8.203.602.80

Hillbilly Jack(G Grismore)4.402.60

I Wanna Score(W Case Jr)2.40

Exacta 1-3 Paid $35.20

Trifecta 1-3-7 Paid $122.00

Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $117.20

9th--Lavros Skipper N5.203.603.00

Jacobson(W Case Jr)2.802.40

Worthy Suitor(R Tharps)3.20

Exacta 4-7 Paid $13.80

Trifecta 4-7-2 Paid $70.80

10th--Festival Hall9.005.604.00

Belle's Dana(D Ward)7.404.60

Anastasia Baron(J Conger)3.20

Exacta 3-9 Paid $89.80

Trifecta 3-9-2 Paid $455.80

Superfecta 3-9-2-8 Paid $3,920.20



1st--Moments Divine17.607.605.60

Lido Girl (D.Parker)12.407.40

Kay's Mills (B.Castaneda)3.80

Off 7:04. Time 1:11.89. Fast. Also Ran--Broken Promises, Ghazidora, T C's Halo, Supreme Evening, Miss N Her, Bless Her, Rattle. Perfecta (6-3) paid $184.20. Trifecta (6-3-8) paid $1,248.00.

2nd--Read the Cards19.6010.207.20

Miss Bucknard (D.Parker)8.606.60

Haylee Moore (R.Allen, Jr.)7.80

Off 7:29. Time 1:16.88. Fast. Also Ran--Attack Bird, Count's Reply, Chad Di Marie, Braak's Falls, Fow Ki Wee, Some Are Queens, Twinko. Daily Double (6-6) paid $156.00. Perfecta (6-2) paid $143.60. Trifecta (6-2-1) paid $814.00.

3rd--Marinade (J.Eads)

Poco Judy (S.Spieth)8.204.20

Gianna's Star (D.Whitney)3.00

Off 7:52. Time 1:47.76. Fast. Also Ran--Scurry Z, Jaime's Joy, Free Jet, Easy Flyer, Rebelle Rouge, My Id Your Ego, Oncountrysunshine. Perfecta (7-8) paid $53.80. Trifecta (7-8-9) paid $141.40.

4th--Hey Hey Sunny7.204.203.20

Ondatop (G.Birzer)6.204.60

Taxible (D.Whitney)4.60

Off 8:17. Time 1:45.67. Fast. Also Ran--L. A. Jade, Starlight Eyes, Cinema Girl, Sweet Susan, So Classic, Daddy's Birthday. Perfecta (4-2) paid $34.20. Trifecta (4-2-7) paid $243.60.

5th--Rusty Colony (M.Rowland)16.607.405.00

Valdancer's Gate (D.Whitney)4.403.40

Bobs Big Idea (J.Stokes)9.00

Off 8:41. Time 1:52.83. Fast. Also Ran--Boldly Inspired, Crown Thy Good, Im Booked, Battle Ghost, Apaleon, Bomber Reunion, Onerous. Pick 3 (7-4-8) 3 Correct Paid $161.60. Superfecta (8-5-2-7) paid $7,838.20. Trifecta (8-5-2) paid $949.20. Perfecta (8-5) paid $82.20.

6th--Arlo (D.Whitney)5.403.603.40

Sound System (S.Spieth)7.404.80

Take a Left (J.Stokes)3.60

Off 9:06. Time 1:49.55. Fast. Also Ran--Dad Strikes Gold, You're a Hero, Estravagario, Chief Rainbow, One too Many, Knightsbridge, Know How. Perfecta (4-3) paid $36.80. Trifecta (4-3-10) paid $235.20.

7th--Another Quest (Gonzalez)

Bewitching Eyes (C.Murphy)11.206.00

Joanie's Jett (G.Birzer)3.60

Off 9:31. Time 1:50.53. Fast. Also Ran--Laisea, Gasparilla Queen, Lear Skywalker, Thisbucksnoactor, Frills and Thrills, Valid Clearance. Perfecta (2-9) paid $115.80. Trifecta (2-9-6) paid $499.00.

8th--Spree (C.Murphy)29.6014.208.80

Smart N Fast (J.Stokes)5.404.20

High Wire Red (R.Allen, Jr.)6.60

Off 10:02. Time 1:09.32. Fast. Scratched--Apollo Willfool'ya. Also Ran--Diligent Manners, Tree Bandit, Sweepthefinishline, Shinydais, Snogun, Miss O. Pick 3 (4-2-3) 3 Correct Paid $1,145.00. Trifecta (3-5-1) paid $1,486.00. Perfecta (3-5) paid $113.00.

9th--Garden Cat (J.Eads)15.8011.007.20

Jungle Juice (G.Birzer)8.605.40

T. K.'s Turn (R.Zimmerman)6.80

Off 10:26. Time 1:14.25. Fast. Also Ran--Toll Tag, I'm Leavin Laughin, Feelinghisoats, Clinton Gap, Step Child, Check the Books, Lt. Lear. Daily Double (3-10) paid $418.80. Perfecta (10-6) paid $215.20. Superfecta (10-6-3-4) paid $9,932.20. Trifecta (10-6-3) paid $1,709.60. Attendance 7,404. $1,253,198. Handle $114,890. Total Handle $1,368,088.



1st--Whatsthecode (P.Buckley)

Sent Home (M.Allen)5.404.00

Sami Ro (M.Cruz)4.00

Off 12:28. Time 1:27.58. Fast. Also Ran--The Katy, Gypsy Flyer, Swoony Girl, Grandma's Ltd, Caton's Princess, Take the Stage, Cash Reality. Exacta (2-1) paid $33.40. Quinella (1-2) paid $20.20. Trifecta (2-1-8) paid $200.20.

2nd--Nigel Basque (Grabowski)13.805.804.00

Bud Wyse Blur (R.Simpson)7.804.20

Intothefuture (M.Cruz)3.60

Off 12:53. Time 1:47.40. Fast. Scratched--Hefty Groom. Also Ran--Camford, D K Dickens, Bag That Alarm, Sargent Oates, Turbulent Spirit, Bayou Classic. Daily Double (2-10) paid $51.80. Exacta (10-6) paid $111.20. Quinella (6-10) paid $55.40. Trifecta (10-6-5) paid $385.40.

3rd--Chin Chin (C.Morales)5.002.602.40

Cherokee Jolie (J.Umana)3.002.40

E J's Spirit (K.Blackstun)2.80

Off 1:23. Time 1:11.34. Fast. Scratched--Birch Road. Also Ran--Lush, Instant Punch, Staronconcerto, Curlys Gold. Exacta (8-4) paid $12.80. Quinella (4-8) paid $5.80. Trifecta (8-4-7) paid $50.20.

4th--Crashpad (M.Allen)8.403.602.60

Touch of Power (T.Houghton)2.602.20

Seattle Ghost (J.Castanon)3.60

Off 1:54. Time 1:44.29. Firm. Also Ran--Rupert Herd, Nite Prowler, Bound to Be Bubba, Hasty Decorated, Critical Thinker. Pick 3 (10-8-2) 3 Correct Paid $360.00. Quinella (2-8) paid $7.40. Trifecta (2-8-5) paid $144.00. Exacta (2-8) paid $20.20.

5th--Bond Jane Bond 6.603.603.00

Rachel's Gold (P.Gonzalez)3.803.60

Pot Luck (D.Sukie)7.20

Off 2:23. Time 1:12.99. Fast. Also Ran--Reality's Affair, Pyrite Forest, Zany Girl, Blue Reality, Versaltile. Exacta (5-1) paid $25.20. Quinella (1-5) paid $12.60. Trifecta (5-1-2) paid $224.60.

6th--Blantyre (A.Ramgeet)23.409.406.60

Queen's Fancy (P.Buckley)9.005.80

Notoriously Elite (P.Rodriguez)3.60

Off 2:50. Time 1:46.76. Fast. Also Ran--Phancy That Coyote, Carnival Match, Elton D, Din's Demon, Jonnie and Nancy, Montoro. Exacta (2-5) paid $270.20. Quinella (2-5) paid $140.80. Trifecta (2-5-9) paid $1,375.00.

7th--Da Big Show (E.Daigle)48.0017.207.60

Rajabs Legacy (J.Umana)7.203.80

Confer (J.Castanon)2.80

Off 3:21. Time 0:58.70. Fast. Scratched--Joe's Big Boy, Crypto's Knight, Open Jet, Key Fight. Also Ran--Light Night, Dont Bother Me Now, Wings of Time, Car Talk, Tri M All, World Prince, Crypto Pool. Exacta (3-9) paid $215.80. Quinella (3-9) paid $161.60. Twin Trifecta (3-9-2) paid $1,047.20.

8th--Chickamauga Trail8.004.602.80

River Landing (R.Sealock)9.004.00

Blazing Wind (A.Ramgeet)3.00

Off 3:50. Time 1:04.58. Fast. Scratched--Fast Maybe, Cafe Momus. Also Ran--Classic Runner, Ox Bow, Passing Hero, Tour D' Tiger. Pick 3 (2-3-3) 3 Correct Paid $1,653.80. Quinella (3-8) paid $42.80. Trifecta (3-8-6) paid $498.20. Twin Trifecta (3-8-6) no winners. Exacta (3-8) paid $87.40.

9th--Just One Rose (Gonzalez)24.6014.209.20

At a Premium (P.Rodriguez)19.0010.40

Shive's Gin Mill (J.Castanon)13.80

Off 4:18. Time 1:12.61. Fast. Also Ran--Takin' a Shine, Devil Smiles, Queen Cheris, Debbie Luvs Rocky, Bouree, Joe Joe Dancer, Alleycat Coat, Kastoria, Local Nobility. Exacta (11-3) paid $471.60. Quinella (3-11) paid $222.20. Superfecta (11-3-10-12) paid $28,691.40. Trifecta (11-3-10) paid $14,201.80.

10th--Chausson Poire (Pompell)13.408.605.20

Kelly Bag (P.Rodriguez)7.605.20

Golden Antigua (J.Castanon)4.60

Off 4:46. Time 1:50.40. Firm. Scratched--Light Dancer, Sluice, Nizy's Lizzie. Also Ran--O K to Dance, Guillotine, Lady of Peace, Reve Russe, Soundtrack, She's the Master, Raponera, Adirondack Girls. dh--O K to Dance, Guillotine (4). Exacta (9-2) paid $103.00. Quinella (2-9) paid $45.00. Superfecta (9-2-5-10) paid $1,184.40. Superfecta (9-2-5-6) paid $2,367.00. Trifecta (9-2-5) paid $416.60.


TODAY -- 7 P.M.

1st--$10,300, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.

Alex Programmer, wt. 121; Ceesharp, wt. 121; Successfull Mike, wt. 114; Veazey, wt. 121; Wind Treader, wt. 112; Morley Blasius, wt. 114; Number One Hammer, wt. 121; Stuka's Tale, wt. 121; Fino, wt. 114; Cody Man West, wt. 121.

2nd--$10,300, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.

Its a Ringer, wt. 114; Found a Nickle, wt. 121; Jodhpur, wt. 121; Hy Proud Buddy, wt. 121; Musical Value, wt. 121; Our First Furrari, wt. 121; Patsy's Prospector, wt. 121; Otherpeoplesmoney, wt. 121; Eagle Eye Cherry, wt. 121; Bookkillrr, wt. 121.

3rd--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.

Assert N Future, wt. 115; Harpiel, wt. 115; Flying Chicken, wt. 108; Premier Style, wt. 115; Lady Kidnapper, wt. 115; Marja, wt. 121; Instant Charmer, wt. 121; Dixie Beauty, wt. 115; Pirate's Gem, wt. 108; Double Highball, wt. 108.

4th--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.

King Caspian, wt. 121; Goin' South, wt. 121; Jan's Fighter, wt. 121; Moonsight, wt. 121; Checker Boy Coy, wt. 121; Time to Digress, wt. 114; Little Hoppy, wt. 121; Holding Time, wt. 121; Sunny's Star, wt. 114; Doctor John, wt. 121.

5th--$11,300, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.

Obey B, wt. 115; Machiavelli, wt. 115; Medina Ridge, wt. 115; Departing Dynamo, wt. 121; Lucky Pogo, wt. 115; Twice Striped, wt. 115; Tenfortynine, wt. 115; Hagen's Mug, wt. 115; Fight Away, wt. 121; Dancer's Twist, wt. 115.

6th--$12,300, mdn cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.

Glen Cove, wt. 111; Thunderinthehills, wt. 111; Old Forest, wt. 121; No Clue, wt. 121; In My Prime, wt. 118; Doniphan, wt. 121; Itsasimplething, wt. 108; Mt. Discovery, wt. 121; East, wt. 111; Lord Sexton, wt. 118.

7th--$28,300, cl $15,000-$13,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.

Sly Dancer, wt. 115; Soteras Queen, wt. 111; In Mahmoud, wt. 115; La Nina C F, wt. 118; Right On Course, wt. 111; Monica, wt. 113; Zephyr Morn, wt. 115; Honor Queen, wt. 115; Widow's Whirl, wt. 113; Bow Bow, wt. 115.

8th--$41,600, alc, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.

Singing Sam, wt. 115; Runaway Jet, wt. 115; Mort, wt. 115; Salutee, wt. 115; Tonto Gusto, wt. 115; Tamarisk, wt. 115; Mt. Bellewood, wt. 115; Waybil, wt. 118; Heron's Franklin, wt. 115.

9th--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.

Wileaway Kelly, wt. 121; Pete's Revenge, wt. 121; Brass Dixie, wt. 114; Classic Place, wt. 121; Deep Run, wt. 121; Circle B Boy, wt. 121; Goonwithitjones, wt. 121; Brick of Gold, wt. 121; Steamboat Road, wt. 121; Bet Your Point, wt. 121.


MONDAY -- 7 P.M.

1st--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.

Select Few, wt. 121; Noeraforme, wt. 115; Fried Beans, wt. 115; Creeky Lane, wt. 115; Rendezvous Man, wt. 115; Signals Special, wt. 118; Local Knowledge, wt. 115; Leroy's Pride, wt. 115; Black Ties Ferrari, wt. 115; Out for Gold, wt. 108.

2nd--$12,900, cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.

Entangle, wt. 115; Wakiewakieglenie, wt. 108; Storm Bug, wt. 121; Stay Parted, wt. 121; Street Lawyer, wt. 112; Woodbury, wt. 115; The Duker, wt. 115; Mob Enforcer, wt. 115; Crest of Silver, wt. 115; Contemporary, wt. 115.

3rd--$21,700, mdn spl wt, 3YO, 1mi.

Dumaani of Course, wt. 117; Duncan Idaho, wt. 117; Welcome Sign, wt. 117; Ideway, wt. 117; Themayormademebid, wt. 117; Hot Sync, wt. 112; Little Natural, wt. 117; Uncle Bud, wt. 117; Big Fish Marlin, wt. 117; Rock'spride, wt. 117.

4th--$21,700, mdn spl wt, 3YO F, 6f.

Libeled Lady, wt. 118; Ravinia Girl, wt. 118; New Lebanon, wt. 118; Soloist, wt. 118; Little Hotfoot, wt. 118; Velvety, wt. 118; Evening Joy, wt. 118; Bennett of Bologna, wt. 111; Demarocks, wt. 118; Robinera, wt. 118.

5th--$12,300, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.

Victoria's Redoy, wt. 115; Markup, wt. 114; Lucky Little Lady, wt. 121; Totalnorth, wt. 108; Skip Bail, wt. 115; Madison Muffin, wt. 115; Valid Trial, wt. 115; Angels Valentine, wt. 115; Savana D, wt. 115; Fake Blitz, wt. 115.

6th--$24,900, st alc, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.

Cryptorouge, wt. 115; Mrs. Guilty, wt. 115; Leeward Breeze, wt. 115; Gottalottagas, wt. 115; Eve Harrington, wt. 115; Kathipollymart, wt. 118; Dialing Delema, wt. 111; Robbin's Music, wt. 108.

7th--$28,300, cl $15,000-$13,000, 3YO up, 1mi.

Sugar Mags, wt. 108; Timber Wolf, wt. 115; Mr. Bigglesworth, wt. 108; Lucky Sandman, wt. 118; Saups, wt. 111; Al Berto, wt. 115; Lookin for Love, wt. 115; Riata Goldrush, wt. 115; Sea Soul, wt. 118; Magic Squall, wt. 115.

8th--$25,000, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW2 L), 1mi.

Tenacious Tish, wt. 115; Nutbush, wt. 115; Flickering Silk, wt. 108; Ecstatic One, wt. 108; Sopheesawinner, wt. 115; Mayapple, wt. 115; Western Witch, wt. 104; Morebangforabuck, wt. 115; Cruise Control, wt. 115; Loyal American, wt. 115.

9th--$11,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.

Slewpy's Ace, wt. 121; Two Bit Dancer, wt. 121; Stacker of Wheat, wt. 121; Burn One Down, wt. 121; Mercedes Son, wt. 114; Crane Beach, wt. 121; Ticket Time, wt. 121; Mighty Joe Young, wt. 114; Enchanting Fire, wt. 121; Raven Lane, wt. 121.


MONDAY -- 7 P.M.

1st - TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Rozen,M Spearman; Bendoverbaby,W Case Jr; Sack Cloth,S Carter; Handovertheaxmax,S Cross; Major Star,G Grismore; Illiad's Valentine,D Hawk; Hezinarush,D Mc Kirgan; Joys Last Girl,E Bibler; Squire Man,E Reese.

2nd--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Speedy Beck,R Tharps; Pine Drive Ikeya,M Roche; Porky Pig,M Spearman; Mighty Topaz,J Joyner; Brass Snaps,T Jones; Cosmic Revolution,D Hawk; Royson's Revenge,W Case Jr; Fugeddaboudit,M Robinson; Dandy Randy Score,J Pantaleano.

3rd--PACE, 8000CL NW3, 3,000, 1 MI

New Riegel Noble,W Case Jr; Wakeshire Oneitall,L Hershberger; Bret Seven,D Hawk; Finalies Fury,D Ward; Sand Rounder,E Deaton; Commanding Viking,J Pantaleano; Pocket Flyer,D Reynolds.

4th--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI

Junior G-Man,D Guptill; Esquire Sahbra,T Bates; Glad's Chef,G Grismore; Scootin Scoonie,C Smith Jr; Meigs Miss Katelyn,S Carter; Hi Traveler,D Hawk; Hickok,W Case Jr; B C Joe,J Pantaleano; Just Like Marge,D Ward.

5th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI

Dufresne,W Case Jr; Ranchwood Francis,T Jones; Tootie Osborne,D Hawk; Magical Essie,P Vargo; Summer Fun,J Wengerd; Waltz's Pride,J Pantaleano; Marthas Kirkboy,E Deaton; Tuffasnailz,C Hollar.

6th--TROT, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI

Fun Message,D Hawk; Baby Bing,G Grismore; Cr Mungo Jerry,W Case Jr; Robby's Score,B Sturgeon; French Fry,J Smith; My Happy Dream,D Irvine Jr; Son of Edna,D Ward; Laine's Echo,J Pantaleano; Agincourt,R Miller.

7th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI

Kd's Bret,G Grismore; Spring Notice,J Pantaleano; Downwyn Penske,D Hawk; Ls Purse Snatcher,D Ward; Wildwood Jesse,R Tharps; Living Years,E Deaton; Brooklets Payday,D Fisher; Moe Joe Rack It,T Jones; Zerosum Zac,W Case Jr.

8th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

French Tune,T Jones; Sombrero Beach,R Miller; Super Blue Tick,D Hawk; Creamy Score,M Robinson; Isn't She Precious,S Schillaci; A Charger Mouse,W Case Jr; Chillerella,R Tharps; Wakeshire Willwin,G Grismore; Pine Drive Ceasar,J Pantaleano.

9th--PACE, CL HC, 2,400, 1 MI

Barefoot George,D Hawk; Varsity Type,C Wyers; Traction Control,D Ward; Scuba Cam,J Pantaleano; Commander Tucson,W Case Jr; A J's Majesty,R Tharps; Magic After Dark,T Jones; Dyson's A Raider,K Kauffman; Raque-N-Bullwinkle,E Deaton.

10th--TROT, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI

Striking Sis,M Wollam; Y F Illusion,G Grismore; Miss Gigi D,R Tharps; Comingfirstover,C Wyers; Le Cheesecake,D Hawk; Mario's Chuckles,W Irvine; Down Right Worthy,J Pantaleano; Tiger In The Woods,J Smith; Go Go Tiger,W Case Jr.

11th--PACE, 8000CL LC, 4,800, 1 MI

Flash O Z Future,G Grismore; Urban Good Friday,D Ward; Tropic Sun,S Schillaci; Perfecto A,D Hawk; Raise The Bar,W Irvine; Fulla Cam,J Pantaleano; Matt Dillon,R Tharps; Patrician,W Case Jr; N The Other,E Deaton; Ready To Be Rich,R Miller.

12th--TROT, OPN HC, 8,500, 1 MI

Stonehenge,W Case Jr; V-Mart Bill,S Schillaci; Ring S'more,T Jones; Berlin Flyer,J Conger; Ultimate Message,J Pantaleano; Tight End,T Boring; Stan,R Tharps.

13th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Fahrvergnugen,J Pantaleano; Roney Image,W Case Jr; Super Mario B,G Grismore; Glinz Ruler,D Hawk; C D Bad Boy,B Sturgeon; Nuclear Sam,D Ward; Armbro Sweepstake,T Jones; Latino Hanover,R Tharps; Hardtop,E Deaton.

14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Wynfield Club,J Pantaleano; Income Supplement,T Jones; Power Nuke,G Grismore; Doodlefinkel,W Case Jr; The Red Lion,B Sturgeon; Armbro Outside,D Ward; Tassel Time,E Deaton; Wr Little Big Man,D Hawk; Movn Boovn,R Tharps;


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