Wrinkle-free travel
Here are 10 helpful tips from Home & amp; Garden Television for packing travelclothing:
Plan ahead. Try to recall clothing that you never got around to wearing the last time you traveled and leave those at home. Also, avoid taking along clothes that don't fit.Don't travel with linen, but choose blended fabrics or knits instead. These will not wrinkle as much.Pack comfortable clothes.Prints and checkered patterns will disguise wrinkles.If you do wind up with wrinkled clothes, ask if the hotel has a steamer available. Another option is to hang the clothes in the bathroom, turn on a hot shower and leave the clothes to hang in the steamy bathroom for at least half an hour.Pack a lint brush, or bring masking tape to use as a substitute.Hairspray and toothpaste can be used to remove stains in an emergency, so pack a little extra.Travel with silk long underwear, in case you encounter chilly weather. Silk underwear fits easily under lighter clothing and can also double as pajamas.Pack the clothing items that you will need to wear first on top of the other items in your suitcase.Bring a mesh laundry bag for dirty clothing, or pack dirty clothes in a dry cleaner bag.
Source: Scripps Howard

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