Modell no comparison to Osama bin Laden

Modell no comparisonto Osama bin Laden
I am writing in response to the commentary which appeared in the Jan. 20th edition by sports editor Rob Todor, who wrote about how Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell should not be in the Hall of Fame because he moved the Browns from Cleveland.
Mr. Todor compared Modell being in the Hall of Fame to that of Osama bin Laden receiving the key to New York City. He then stated that comparison was "a bit much" and apologized for making it. However, Mr. Todor should never ever have considered writing such a comparison.
What Art Modell did to Cleveland and Browns fans is not even comparable to what happened on Sept.11. When did Art Modell innocently slaughter thousands of people?
For Mr. Todor to even think about comparing Modell to bin Laden just shows his lack of intelligence, sensitivity and very poor taste.
This is not a joking matter when over 3,000 innocent people lost their lives on the worst day in U.S. history.
Yes, Modell moved the Browns, but after a three-year period, the Browns are back and playing again. That cannot be said for those innocent people who died on Sept. 11 because of bin Laden. Their lives are gone forever and can never be replaced -- a football team can.
Ricky S. George

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