The Trumbull County grand jury indicted 41 people Wednesday, 11 of them secretly:
Henry Daniels, 34, 44th Street, Canton, two counts aggravated robbery with a firearm specification, two counts of robbery and two counts of theft.
David L. Williams, 27, Ferndale, Warren, possession of crack cocaine.
Kurtticha McElroy, 21, Martin Drive, Warren, theft and two counts of forgery.
Norris Kelly, 38, Southern Blvd. N.W., Warren, misdemeanor assault.
John C. Peters Jr., 38, Durst-Clagg Road, Cortland, two counts of telecommunications harassment.
Darrell Thornton Jr., 42, Palmyra Road, Warren, two counts of aggravated burglary, four counts of rape and one count of attempted burglary.
Robert R. Key, 22, Ridgelawn, Warren, theft.
Gary J. Forgac, 48, Lloyd Street, Hubbard, three misdemeanor charges of aggravated menacing.
William K. Nicholson, 19, Howland-Wilson Road S.E., Howland, abduction and assault.
Krystal Whetzel, 20, McMyler N.W., Warren, burglary.
Lauren B. Stein, 20, Academy Drive, Liberty, possession of heroin.
Robin L. Sheridan, 22, Cortland, 13 counts of taking the identity of another and 13 counts of misuse of a credit card.
Paul E. Myers, 28, state Route 46, Mineral Ridge, misdemeanor assault.
Rudy J. Domyanich, 55, Randall Drive, Newton Falls, two counts of telecommunications harassment and one misdemeanor count of obstructing official business.
Stephen M. Shay Jr., 34, Ridge Avenue, Sharpsville, Pa., two counts of felonious assault on a peace officer and failure to comply with order or signal of police officer.
Carl Ham, 40, Mercer N.E., Warren, assault on a peace officer.
Sye R. Barber, 44, Dover St. S.W., Warren, possession of cocaine.
William James Coudriet, 51, Warren Avenue, Niles, theft.
Louis L. Jackson Jr., 19, Gilbert Street, Niles, six counts of trafficking in counterfeit controlled substance.
Roger W. Harris Jr., 28, Douglas Street N.W., Warren, receiving stolen property and a misdemeanor count of falsification.
Larry E. Pettit, 45, Mahoning Drive, Newton Falls, two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Deltonio L. Dorsey, 19, Highland Ave. S.W., Warren, burglary and receiving stolen property.
Robert Eugene Spencer, 51, West Midlothian, Youngstown, receiving stolen property.
Leonard Nick, 31, State Road, Champion, aggravated robbery.
Ronald G. Stetz II, 24, Iowa N.W., Warren, burglary and possessing criminal tools.
Travis A. Workman, 28, Comstock N.W., Warren, seven counts of forgery and one count of theft.
Charles E. Brooks, 53, Dunstan Drive, Warren, felonious assault with firearm specification.
Tammy R. Lodwick, 38, Austin Avenue, Warren, possession of cocaine.
Gary Roth, 44, Bedford Road, Masury, domestic violence.
Brian D. Kostoff, 28, Thompson-Sharpsville Road, Masury, felonious assault.
Source: Trumbull County clerk of courts

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