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Voyeurism at Fitch

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Voyeurism at Fitch
AUSTINTOWN -- A Lanterman Road man has been arrested in the videotaping of a naked girl at Fitch High School.
Police charged the man, 33, with voyeurism and tampering with evidence. Police reports state that he destroyed a videotape that was to be used as evidence. He was arrested Tuesday evening at Mahoning County Court.
The arrest resulted from a complaint of suspicious activity Wednesday at the high school. The complaint was filed with police Friday.
Schools Superintendent Rich Denamen said the man is a part-time technician for Channel 19, the township's public access television station. He has been with the district for several years, and criminal background checks did not indicate any problem, Denamen said.
The activity occurred in a Channel 19 equipment room. Signs prohibiting students from changing in the room have now been posted, Denamen said. "That certainly will correct that situation. There are places to do things, and some places you don't," he said.
The superintendent also noted the man has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation by police and the district.