Stars and Stripes should be kept in good condition

Stars and Stripes should be kept in good condition
In the last few weeks driving around the area, I have noticed so many people and businesses have let our American flag get in a deplorable condition.
Three weeks ago I called a well known social club and told them their flag was torn, faded and knotted around the flagpole. They said they would look into it. After about a week or 10 days, nothing had been done, so I got a flag and changed it myself.
This past Sunday I saw a flag lying on Route 46 near Lowe's, which probably had fallen off a car. I couldn't stop at that time but an hour later I was coming back the same way and the flag was still there, so I stopped and picked it up. At least 500 cars had gone by, but no one had paid attention.
If you see a flag on a home, business or car in disrespectful condition, try to contact the person or persons responsible and tell them. I have written notes and put them on cars about the condition of their flags. These car flags really take a beating.
After 9-11-01 everyone really got on a patriotic kick and got real gung-ho. Don't let this feeling die. I think that whenever some of the people that are trying to put our country down see our flag in a deplorable condition, it's a notch in their gunbelt.
The protocol regarding displaying the flag is very definite about its condition. Protocol also dictates how the flag should be disposed of. If you are not sure how this should be done you can contact the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Legion or VFW. Please, let's be aware of our symbol and honor it in a proper way.
Legislature shows little respect for Ohio's citizens
So the proposed redistricting boun daries have been published, and what a coincidence. The boundaries of the proposed 6th District are a close match for the original Gerrymander that Gov. Eldridge Gerry of Massachusetts drew around Boston in 1811. It appears that the Traficant saga has occupied so much of your attention that it has escaped your notice.
Of course, despite denials, the gerrymander has been a fact of political life all along. An excellent example is the current 13th District. Because of its shape, I call it the dumbbell district, and that name is most certainly a reflection on those who drew it 10 years ago.
When I was in high school 55 years ago, I was taught to believe our representatives had our and Ohio's best interests on their minds. Today, I know much better. If they truly represented all the citizens of Ohio and the best interests of all of the state, such folderol as that redistricting plan would never have been presented.
I have come to the point of finding most of our representatives in Columbus of both major parties, and their core supporters, to be rather contemptible.
Lyden was right about Youngstown City Council
I'm in complete support of Mr. Lyden and the comments he made in tendering his resignation from the arena board.
In my opinion, city council and the arena board couldn't agree on building a tree house, let alone a $26 million facility. Many city and county residents believe downtown will never see an arena. I challenge the board and city council to prove the skeptics wrong, before the government takes the $26 million back.