Obnoxious residents destroy neighborhoods

Obnoxious residents destroy neighborhoods
I am very frustrated with the Youngstown Police Department's handling of neighborhood disturbances. During the six years I have lived at my present address, I have had to endure constant infringements upon my rights as a homeowner. The situation in question concerns loud music at all times, individuals carrying open beer containers in plain view; pot smoking, loud, vulgar, lewd language; dog/ cat feces deposited on my premises; unlicensed/ unsupervised animals; taunting and threats of bodily harm towards my family and me.
I have contacted the YPD on numerous occasions. They send a car, and the situation is temporarily remedied. How ever, the peace is short-lived. There is no long-term solution forthcoming -- only the words from authorities: "There's nothing more we can do."
This attitude only weakens my belief that Youngstown is and can be a nice place to call home.
Lately, I have come to understand why many people look elsewhere when deciding where to live. I take pride in my home and neighborhood. It is a shame when others don't share the same sentiment.
Unfortunately, when all is said and done, I may have to pull up stakes and move on to another locale. That is a sad commentary for a city attempting to overcome such a negative image.
Hubbard's critics should move somewhere else
I guess we should pat ourselves on the back that we should be so fortunate to live in a town where a few individuals seem to be so perfect.
I'm getting really tired, as I'm sure everyone else is, of the character assassinations of our mayor, city superintendents, judges, etc., etc., etc. Everybody (in the eyes of some people) are thugs, thieves, crooks and cronies
I've been to some council meetings and listened to those few (what, maybe three?) individuals out of over 8,600 residents of this town rattle on with the same old, same old. I guess it's easier to sit on the sidelines and blame, badger, fabricate and scrutinize our elected officials about all the so-called problems this town has.
Publicity, apparently, makes some people feel important. Since some individuals seem to have all the solutions on how this town should be run, I would suggest that instead of being the watchdogs of Hubbard, they should step up to the plate, file a petition and run for an elected position. Or if they're that dissatisfied, they should move to another town.
I guess some individuals must live a boring life. To me, that's sad. They need to get a life. Hubbard's a great town and so are the majority of people who live here. Just remember the old saying, "You need to sweep your own doorstep before you sweep someone else's."
Area would do better with two congressmen
Despite the incessant negativity that our local media is expressing in regards to the recent redistricting, I believe that many of us are quite happy. (Do you see the smiles on the faces of the residents of Poland, Boardman and Canfield?)
Please explain to me how it will be a detriment to the Mahoning Valley to have two congressman working for this area. Even though the representatives will have responsibilities in other counties, they both will be aware of the need to keep the voters of the Mahoning Valley happy.
We are all too well aware of all the corruption in our area's politics. Names such as Hanni, Morley and Traficant (the list goes on) share a certain affiliation. Maybe as the passing of the previous generation continues, less of the voters will vote for a candidate just because there's a "D" after the name.