13th--Devil's Raider18.006.603.60
Bell Mattlantic(G Grismore)4.603.40
Bunce N(W Case Jr)3.20
Exacta 4-2 Paid $74.40
Trifecta 4-2-5 Paid $416.00
Ilium Angus(T Crissman)6.003.80
Marshron Table(G Grismore)3.40
Exacta 3-1 Paid $59.00
Trifecta 3-1-5 Paid $220.60
Superfecta 3-1-5-2 Paid $1,017.40
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $304.40
Pick Four 4 OF 4 Paid $2,547.60
Attendance: 3,397. Handle: $1,436,827.
Tuesday -- 7 p.m.
1st -- TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Bf Charlie,S Coven; Abe's Memorial,J Pantaleano; Free Flower,D Hawk; Truthful,G Grismore; Mac Angela K,W Case Jr; Soupbone Bob,B Sturgeon; Molly Dolly,R Tharps
2nd -- PACE, NW200PS LC, 2,000, 1 MI
Under The Wire,J Pantaleano; Road House,L Merriman; Art Supply,J Fout; Gray Flyer,W Case Jr; True Blue,E Quesenberry; The Red Lion,D Ward; No Son of Mine,R Tharps
3rd -- TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
A T T Princess,D Hawk; Two Days Bad News,W Irvine; H J's Tin Cup,J Pantaleano; Scotty Hill,G Grismore; Striking Sunset,W Case Jr; Repeat,G Bartlett; Lo and Behold,S Schillaci
4th -- PACE, FM6000 NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Brookside Spitfire,T Loy; Cover Girl Mattie,R Tharps; Beloved Trinket,C Wyers; My Sunshine,T Jones; Torrential,K Kash; Noble Streak,G Grismore; Cathrina Uhl,J Glessner; Lady Be Nice,K Rickert; Tuffasnailz,J Pantaleano
5th -- TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
The Lady's Unreal,D Ward; Tax The Balance,D Hawk; Marjoto,B Sturgeon; Five Carat Diamond,W Case Jr; Mcgee Hee,B Mt Pleasant; Come On Abby,R Ogg Sr; Devo Hanover,J Pantaleano
6th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Shy Roller,E Deaton; Felix Redmond N,W Case Jr; Diesel Duke,J Pantaleano; Movn Boovn,R Tharps; Katy's Fella,D Hawk; Crazy Conuck,G Grismore; Wynfield Club,D Ward; Barefoot George,B Sturgeon; Arthur Hanover,D Fisher
7th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Black Silver,G Grismore; Watch Yourself,J Pantaleano; Incredible Melvin,A Price; Albert's Angel,C Wyers; Perfect Copy,W Case Jr; My Last Waltz,D Ward; Jj Kenna,R Stahl; Smilin Cuz of You,D Hawk; G W Bad News,R Tharps
8th -- TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Bratty Brit,J Thompson; Ronjohns Express,G Grismore; Springchip,G Daniels; Wakeshire Willwin,J Pantaleano; Red Oaks Sparkie,E Deaton; Super Plato,D Hawk; Kohler Prakas,T Van Rhoden; Barb's Melody,W Case Jr; Happy Evergreen,B Sturgeon
9th -- PACE, NW200PS LC, 2,000, 1 MI
Amicable Pact,B Sturgeon; Magic Sahbra,K Kauffman; Pc Powered,G Bartlett; Wakeshire Wyatt,J Pantaleano; Ronson,E Deaton; Topnotch Tucson,G Grismore; Golden Spur A,T Jones; Ulterior Motive,W Case Jr
10th -- PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI
Mark Willie,S Schillaci; Noble Strike,R Tharps; Equitability,G Grismore; The Winds,D Hawk; Ted The Kid,T Hall; Brand Swifty,W Case Jr; Freeway Hanover,D Ward; Ace Seelster,E Deaton; Buzz Hanover,J Pantaleano
11th -- PACE, 10000CLNW4, 3,600, 1 MI
Carribean Stud,J Pantaleano; Dangerous Truth,S Schillaci; Three Lump's,D Ward; Give Me Liberty,S Carter; Camerons Future,W Case Jr; She's Not Sporty,T Jones; Southern Fame,D Hawk; Reasonable Doubt,R Tharps; Two Tails,G Grismore
12th -- TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Giant Surprise,G Grismore; Willie's Intern,J Pantaleano; Anastasia Avenger,K Rickert; R Memory Maker,W Case Jr; Lilian's Laser,C Wyers; N V Jay,D Ward; Here She Comes,E Deaton; Gimme Gimme Gimme,D Hawk
13th -- PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Hunter Todd,C Wyers; Darearebo,D Hawk; Jate Propelled,T Jones; Eldorado Sam,E Deaton; Sweet City Kitty,W Case Jr; Ankh Bluegrass,D Ward; Ge's Ritz,S Schillaci; Wannabebroadwaycam,R Tharps; Mcrama,G Grismore
14th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
C Mon Co Coa,T Jones; Gifted Ruler,G Grismore; Fast and Easy,W Case Jr; Freddy Spaghetti,C Wyers; Holly Hill Vision,R Naftzger; Budmight,J Pantaleano; This Don's For You,A Price; R Smart Alec,D Hawk; Power Nuke,D Ward.

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