If faucet drips, replace its washers

One thing that's almost as annoying as a clogged drain is a drippy faucet.
If there's a steady drip-drop in your kitchen or bathroom, Steve Hendershot, owner of Roto-Rooter Plumbers in Youngstown, said it probably means that the washers on the faucet have worn out.
These washers work every time you turn the faucet on and off. When they wear out and don't settle back into place the way they are supposed to, a trickle of water can easily escape. Hendershot recommends replacing the washers.
And if the faucet itself is a cheaper model, you may be better off replacing the entire unit.
The longer you let the faucet drip, the more worn the washers will become and the more the faucet will drip.
Hendershot said as much as 12 gallons of water per day can roll down the drain if a faucet is allowed to drip steadily for 24 hours.

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