For works: Sift, select and store

When the time comes to store your child's treasures, you have several options.
When a particular masterpiece makes your heart sing, make an investment. Consider enhancing the artwork with a color-coordinated mat, place it in a frame and hang it in a place of honor. This is, after all, the work of your own child.
Along the same lines, other relatives may cherish one of your child's pieces of & quot;refrigerator art, & quot; if you can bear to part with it. Such pieces make ideal holiday, birthday or get-well gifts. They also serve as memorable & quot;thinking of you & quot; tokens.
Crating a portfolio: If one of your hobbies is putting together scrapbooks, you and your child can create a portfolio that catalogs a special selection of each school year's output. Included can be photographs of your child with works in progress.
Lidded plastic boxes are ideal for storage and come in a wide variety of sizes. Larger flat items such as crayon drawings or tempura paintings usually fit easily into sweater boxes. Small delicate creations such as ornaments or figurines can be carefully packed into shoe boxes. Most such containers have the advantage of fitting under a bed. They are also a good choice if you will be going through the contents with any regularity.
Cardboard file boxes or copy paper cartons, while not as durable as their plastic counterparts, stack well in a closet or attic. If you're looking for archival quality, however, neither the plastic nor cardboard referenced here will meet your needs; you'll need to go to a specialty store.

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