For projects, here's an idea that may stick

A new product that can free up the space on the front of your refrigerator has recently hit craft stores.
It can also be ordered via the Internet. It's a magnetic paint additive that enables you to make a magnetic surface of any paintable area.
Mix a small amount of the paint of your choice into the additive and paint the desired surface. When the additive layer(s) dries, apply a coat or two of plain paint.
Suddenly any wall can become a display area! Hang more artwork. More school papers. More seasonal projects! A child's bedroom walls need no longer be subjected to adhesives, thumbtacks, nails, or glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling. Artwork can appear in hallways. Or the office. Or the laundry room.
The additive even works under wallpaper. The manufacturer explains that it is not a magnet but rather a liquid with metal properties. That makes it similar to a refrigerator door, and thus it attracts magnets. Therefore, it does not endanger computers or credit cards or ATM cards.
Ready to try it? Keep in mind that the more undercoat layers employed, the more effective the additive's metallic properties. Also be aware, however, that the additive can alter the shade of the paint you choose. Therefore it is best added only to those layers that will serve as an undercoat. The color of the layer or two of plain paint applied over additive enhanced layers will not be affected.

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