It's difficult to believe that Congress is having so much trouble trying to decide what to do with the surplus of money they have. Instead of cutting taxed, which we are accustomed to paying , why don't they restore some of the services they have cut or eliminated over the last few years? For instance- closing so many of the mental facilities and turning patients out on their own. Having worked at one of the downtown churches for many years, I had occasion to come into contact with a goodly number of them when the reached the end of the month with no or very little money left. Most of them (who were regulars) shouldn't even be living on their own.
And while I am writing this letter, I would like to suggest medical coverage for those on Medicare. I am one of the fortunate retired individuals whose prescriptions are covered under a medical plan for a nominal fee. However, while I am waiting to pick up my medicine, I over hear some of the exorbitant prices other have to pay for their prescriptions. I really don't know how they have any money left over for other expenses. One price I heard was $159.00 for one prescription for 30 days. I'm sure this individual was no doubt on other medication.
I'm sure many people are in favor of cutting taxes, but I'm hoping Congress will see the need for other more important place to use the money.

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