CHECKLIST Take a look at yourself

Do any of these feelings or experiences make you feel miserable or get in the way of life activities most or all of the time? If so, you may want to consider seeking mental health help or speaking with a counselor.
Feeling as though your life is hopeless and you are worthless.
Wanting to end your life.
Thinking you are so great that you are world-famous, or that you can do supernatural things.
Feeling anxious.
Afraid of common things such as going indoors or outdoors, or of being seen in certain places.
Feeling as though something bad is going to happen and being afraid of everything.
Being very shaky, nervous, continually upset or irritable.
Having a hard time controlling your behavior.Unable to sit still.
Doing things over and over again -- finding it very hard to stop doing certain things.
Doing strange or risky things such as wearing winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter, or driving too fast.
Believing unusual things, such as that the television or radio are talking directly to you or that the smoke alarms and clocks in public buildings are taking your picture.
Saying things over and over that do not make any sense.
Hearing voices in your head.
Seeing things you know are not really there.
Feeling as if everyone is against you or out to get you.
Feeling out of touch with the world.
Having periods of time go by where you do not know what has happened or how the time has passed.
Feeling unconnected to your body.
Having an unusually hard time keeping your mind on what you are doing.
Experiencing a sudden or gradual decrease or increase in your ability to think, focus, make decisions and understand things.
Feeling like you want to cut yourself or hurt yourself in another physical way.

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