Furnaces being kept warm at LTV's Warren coke plant

WARREN -- Furnaces were still on Friday evening at LTV's Warren coke plant, raising hopes that a New York company would come through with plans to buy the plant.
A few workers were asked to report to the plant for the afternoon shift so they could maintain the furnaces which are not operating but are being kept warm, said Bill Prejsnar, unit chairman for United Steelworkers of America Local 1375.
LTV could order a cold shutdown of the plant at any time. LTV originally said it would shut down the plant Thursday if it couldn't be sold.
An affiliate of Tonawanda Coke Corp. was to buy the plant Wednesday but a customer failed to commit to buying the coke. Prejsnar said Tonawanda apparently is still trying to find a customer, but he wasn't sure who was paying for keeping the plant idled.
Tonawanda officials haven't commented on their plans, and an LTV spokesman couldn't be reached.
LTV stopped production at the plant a month ago. If furnaces are shut down, they would sustain severe damage, making it unlikely that it would be sold. The plant used to employ about 200.

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