ON BEING A PRO Tony Hawk's rules

There are a few rules to being a pro skateboarder, according to Hawk:
1. Don't spend your entire royalty check at the Sharper Image.
2. Don't wear spandex.
3. Don't tell customs agents that you skateboard for a living.
Hawk learned these rules early in his career, after finding himself with a tanning bed he used once, a miniature spy camera that broke within the first week and a pair of binoculars.
From the beginning, Hawk refused to wear spandex, though The Gap tried to persuade him to wear spandex shorts for an ad nearly 10 years ago. He wouldn't do it. And about the customs agents: Years ago, he was trying to get through security, and customs told him that there was no such thing as a professional skateboarder, threatening to detain him for two hours. They let him go after 30 minutes.

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