'No' to tax until county officials act responsibly

'No' to tax until countyofficials act responsibly
Just recently the voters of this county read in The Vindicator about Vicki Sherlock's trips and the prosecutor's office's trips and conventions and seminars. We read that these seminars are for continuing their education when we thought they knew how to do the job when they were elected.
No cheap hotels for them: great places most of us here in Mahoning County will never be able to afford but we're supposed to pay the way for them.
They expect us to keep on giving. They want the 0.5 percent sales tax renewal as soon as possible.
I say let them give up some of their waste of our money. I mean a $350 a night hotel room? It's ridiculous. So let them give up their extravagant perks of the job and there will be a lot more money to go around. Then they might not need to ask for a hand-out from the laid off, unemployed voters of this county.
Greedy companies have 'raped' their employees
I have been reading the tragedies surrounding the closings of CSC and LTV. The next thing I read is about Enron. I didn't read all the stories about what happened in that instance, but I can't help feeling that the employees of all the above companies have been "raped" by the government and their CEOs.
The one meaning of rape we all know. The second, according to the dictionary, says "to violate, to plunder and destroy." Isn't that just what happened to all the employees who worked very hard for years giving the best they could in companies making them profitable just so some CEO or greedy person to come and take what isn't theirs, to make defenseless whole companies and putting people out of work; thereby, taking their dignity and livelihood?
I think that since rape is a crime, the same punishment given to a convicted sexual rapist should be given to those people who have "raped" the companies. Someone should be held accountable. Their assets should be seized and given to they very people from whom they stole.
Loose dogs a threat in many communities
I appreciated your column regarding dog owners who & quot;put their neighbors at risk by allowing their dogs to run wild. & quot; I own a dog that depends on daily walks for exercise because our yard is not fenced. Along with my dog and me, weather permitting, I take my nine- month-old daughter along in her stroller.
I cannot count the times a dog has run up on us as we walked around our block. This creates a dangerous situation as my dog is leashed, and I have to control him and make sure that my daughter is safe. I have been advised to carry water to throw on the animals, but that does not always work as a deterrent for a curious dog. I have also had to cancel or cut short our walks because a concerned neighbor warned of a dog running loose farther up the street.
I hope all dogs owners will make the effort to keep their pets under control at all times. A dog may seem to be trained to stay in the yard, but when another dog comes by there is no predicting what can happen.