Divorces asked
Colleen M. Ritchie, 556 Miller St., Youngstown, vs. Jamie L. Ritchie, 505 6th St., Greeley. Colo.
Michael Villy, 60 Memorial Circle, Campbell, vs. Cynthia L. Villy, 43 Carter Circle, Apt. 4, Boardman.
Dissolutions asked
Cheryl L. McCracken, 3448 Lenox, Youngstown, and Patrick M. McCracken, 7051 W. Blvd., Apt. 44, Boardman.
Donald Davner, 2633 Kirk Road, Youngstown, and Andrea Davner, 3207 Kirk Road, Boardman.
Candy Reese, 13722 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg, and Jeffrey Reese, 12989 Beard Road, New Springfield.
New complaints
Terry Grinstead et al vs. A-Best Products Co. et al, money.
Charles James et al vs. A-Best Products Co. et al, money.
Norwest Bank Minnesota vs. Emit Gozur et al, foreclosure.
Linda Stanar et al vs. Time Warner Cable et al, money.
Sylvia Starkey vs. James Conrad admr., BWC, workers' compensation.
North Park Plaza Inc. vs. Louie's Tux Shop Inc., money.
Julia P. Delsignore vs. James Conrad admr. BWC, workers' compensation.
Frenchtown Square Partnership vs. Mobile Telesys of Ohio Inc., money.
Ashtabula Mall Co. vs. Mobile Telesys of Ohio LLC, money.
Larry McCullough vs. Cantar Corp., breach of contract.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. vs. Jennifer Zarnick, money.
Assoc. Financial Services Corp. vs. Nancy M. Zupo et al, foreclosure.
Charter One Bank vs. Donald Coe Jr. et al, money.
Robert Knott vs. Cantwell Machinery Co. et al, money.
Holly McMillan et al vs. Forum Health Services dba Beeghly Medical Park, money.
Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. vs. Marvice Hammonds et al, money.
Security Saving Mortgage Corp. vs. William J. Sadosky et al, money.
Bank One NA vs. Mace Brothers Excavating et al, money.
Humility of Mary Health Partners vs. Nanette M. Weimer et al, money.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Michael R. Wirth, sentenced to one year.
Floyd Lutton vs. Edward Jackson, dismissed.
United Co. Lending Corp. vs. Vanessa Favors et al, confirming sale.
Patricia Fowler et al vs. Louis Antill et al, settled and dismissed.
Rolando Alvarez vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, settled and dismissed.
Sherron G. Boggs vs. Mary N. Williams, settled and dismissed.
Thomas J. Jones et al vs. Matthew F. Romeo et al, dismissed.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Grace E. Kisel et al, confirmation of sale.
Eric J. Huffman vs. Henson Transport, settled and dismissed.
National City Mtg. Co. vs. Larry T. Laffey et al, confirming sale.
LaFarge Corp. vs. Romano Paving et al, dismissed.
John B. Reardon vs. Benjamin Green et al, foreclosure.
Northwest Bank Minnesota vs. Jerome Zetts et al, dismissed.
EMC Mtg. vs. James White et al, dismissed.
Susan Quinn vs. Benjamin Joltin et al, settled and dismissed.
Frank Godoy vs. Nicole Bridget et al, settled and dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Mark DiGiancomo, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Raymond R. Ingram, three years supervised community control, with stipulations.
State of Ohio vs. Robert D. McCloskey, sentenced to three years community control, with stipulations.
Kathleen Baumiller et al vs. John Hernan et al, settled and dismissed.
Richard Dimuzio vs. Humility of Mary Health Partners, settled and dismissed.
Linda Rutkay et al vs. Robert E. Perkins et al, dismiss Cincinnati Ins.; case continues.
Thomas Adams vs. Spalding Sports Worldwide et al, settled and dismissed.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Joseph L. Lightfoot et al, confirming sale.
Conseco Finance Servicing Group vs. Dale I. Yaggi et al, foreclosure.
Mark D. Britt Jr. vs. John Ragan, settled and dismissed.
Ronald Golden et al vs. Laboratory Corp. of America, dismissed.
Carole Bartlo vs. Russell Haynes et al, settled and dismissed.
Nancy McMahan vs. Assumption Village, settled and dismissed.
Fifth Third Bank vs. Zordich, dismissed; counter-claim also dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank of Minnesota vs. James Carpenter et al, confirming sale.
Bank One National Assoc. vs. Susan Nadasky et al, foreclosure.
Sarah Carter vs. James Doward et al, dismissed.
Progressive Ins. Co. vs. John J. Charles, judgment for plaintiff.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. John LoCicero et al, judgment.
Beadslee Nursery vs. J and J Gardens, judgment for plaintiff.
James A. Denney vs. William Deniro Sr., judgment for plaintiff.
Katrina Haynes vs. Fashion Bug et al, settled and dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Francesco Nardis et al, judgment.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Unknown heirs, Sarah Sapashe et al, judgment.
Susan Kinzie vs. John Mark Rowe et al, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Jose Manuel Rosado, sentenced to 13 life sentences and six terms of up to 10 years for total of 60 years without parole for 19 counts of rape.
State of Ohio vs. Eddie Tutwiler, community control for 180 days for possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Michael J. Boles, court revokes community control and sentences to one year for violation of probation.
Shane Griffin vs. Keith Stewart et al, settled and dismissed.
Wade B. Campbell vs. Victor Boerio, settled and dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. John Stein Jr. et al, dismissed.
Duane E. Lombard et al vs. Nicole M. Ballester et al, settled and dismissed.
Christopher J. Sawtelle vs. Catherine M. Meyers, settled and dismissed.
Mark D. Britt Jr. vs. John A. Ragan, settled and dismissed.
Doris Pounds vs. Austintown Schools et al, dismissed.
Contimortgage Inc. vs. Michael P. Kline et al, foreclosure.
Todd Pritchard vs. Deshawn Vaughn, settled and dismissed.
Carl Vaccar et al vs. GAF Building Materials et al, dismissed.
Nationscredit vs. Anthony Hendershot et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage vs. Paris H. Buford et al, dismissed.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Joe Nichols et al, foreclosure.
Home Savings and Loan vs. Erica C. Hosey et al, foreclosure.
Shronna D. Whipple vs. Jeffrey Lampkin, dismissed.
Wells Fargo vs. Thomas R. Schmidt et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. William H. Minter Jr., judgment for plaintiff.
Ralph Thompson et al vs. Duane Moore, settled and dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Charles Kettering et al, dismissed.
Jason L. Zamora et al vs. Josh Hall et al, Progressive Insurance only dismissed.
Whetstone Motors Inc. vs. Nick Opalick dba Karmax, dismissed.
James R. White et al vs. Kerry Brown et al, settled and dismissed.
James Tarr et al vs. A.P. Green Refractories et al, dismissed.
Loretta M. Book et al vs. Chad C. Meyers, settled and dismissed.
Amy Senne et al vs. Anthony Petrello et al, settled and dismissed.
Alan Mike Jr. et al vs. Christina M. Stamolis, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Sharon L. Harvey et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Probate court
Will of Thomas Vrable: estate to children, Thomas D., Mark S. and Bruce T. Vrable.
Will of George Dmitrenak: estate to wife, Mary F.
Will of John Post: estate to the John Post Family Trust, as trustee.
Will of Ruth R. Patton: estate to children, Nancy R. Maloney and Sue E. Reese.
Real estate transfers
Thomas J. Lopresta et al to Amy R. Williams, Campbell, $40,290.
Thomas P. Reed et al to Mark S. Eckert et al, Canfield Twp., $60,000.
Eric J. Hammer et al to Toni R. Hopkins, Austintown Twp., $139,000.
John Obendorfer to Dion Santiago et al, Boardman Twp., $69,900.
Eric J. Eckert et al to Phillip G. Wertz, Canfield City, $84,500.
Villa Rosa Gardens Ltd. to Ramunno Builders Inc., Canfield Twp., $55,000.
Steve J. Smolinsky et al to Joseph A. Consiglio Jr. et al, Struthers, $81,000.
Eric Tupper et al vs. Holly L. Simons et al, Youngstown, $61,000.
Mark T. Congelio et al to James S. Jones trustee, Canfield Twp., $47,325.
Conrad J. Childers trustee to Jason Neopolitan et al, Boardman Twp., $55,000.
Geoffry A. Lopuchovsky et al to Gregory A. Toporcer et al, Austintown Twp., $161,000.
Richard Novak et al to Christian Galdamez et al, Campbell, $28,000.
Hector Torres to Haley A. Macovitz, Struthers, $9,200.
Bankers Trust Co. of California to James Carter, Youngstown, $8,500.
J.R.D. Inc. to The Caffey Corp., Boardman Twp., $41,000.
Byme Inc. dba Re/Max Intl. Relo. to Carlie Miracle et al, Milton Twp., $94,900.
AT & amp;T Broadband of Ohio LLC to Adelphia Central Pennsylvania LLC, Sebring, $7,900.
Kenneth Frease et al to Paul J. Beach, Youngstown, $30,000.
Ismael Garcia et al to Thomas Lewis, Struthers, $12,000.
G.R.P.L. Enterprises Inc. to Volpini & amp; Sharpe Inc., Canfield Twp., $35,000.
Henry C. Savich et al to Michael Savich et al, Youngstown, $45,000.
Dana H. Porter et al to Eddward J. Burtyn et al, Youngstown, $53,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Tarise J. and Tiffany S. Wolfe, 577 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown; he: driver, Mahoning County MRDD; she nurses aide, Alterra Clare Bridge Cottage; liabilities, $46,367; assets, $14,151.
Richard W. Stilson Sr., 114 Robinson Road, Campbell; oven operator; Schwebel's Bakery; liabilities, $30,682; assets, $10,545.
John A. Crawford, 524 E. Philadelphia, Youngstown; none; liabilities, $20,887; assets, $7,850.
Linda A. Barwick, 338 N. Edgehill Ave., Youngstown; waitress, Isaly's; liabilities, $75,919; assets, $50,870.
Dwaye Kellar, 4203 Pembrook, Austintown; unemployed; liabilities, $37,985; assets, $4,040.
Edward Bunyoff, 6935 Trenholm Road, Boardman, and Marjorie M. Bunyoff, 12921 Springfield Road, Lot 29N, New Springfield; he: retired, GMC; she: Retired/disability; liabilities, $86,317; assets, $74,970.
Gordon S. Bradshaw, 166 Rockdale Ave., Youngstown; investing, self-employed; liabilities, $146,321; assets, $73,560.
Kevin M. Stargell, 540 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman; factory worker, Delphi Packard; liabilities, $28,041; assets, $14,655.
Marcia Dubos, 10 Walter St., Campbell; hairdresser, self-employed; liabilities, $52,069; assets, $32,767.
Georgette Doty, 7345 D. West Blvd., Boardman; RN, PI Coordinator, St. Joseph Hospital; liabilities, $137,437; assets, $87,485.
John K. Lawrence, 255 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown; none; liabilities, $46,344; assets, $29,765.
Thomas and Melissa Loyen, P.O. Box 111, North Jackson; he: forger, Cardinal Faciner; she: trimmer, Trellboard; liabilities, $38,278; assets, $1,050.
Catherine M. Thompson, 531 Detroit Ave., Youngstown; disability; liabilities, $56,708; assets, $38,400.
Nancy A. Carr, 4475 Kirk Road, Apt. 6, Austintown; homemaker; liabilities, $33,559; assets, $19,480.
Matthew T. Pastier, 9247 Salem-Warren Road, Salem; interviewer, TNS Intersearch; liabilities, $16,949; assets, $945.
Mark R. Haeffner, 13287 Diagonal Road, Salem; auto worker, GM; liabilities, $71,166; assets, $29,655.
Karen Zagotti, 9721 North Lima Road, Poland; laborer, Star Extruded Shapes; liabilities, $15,960; assets, $3,225.
Billie Jo Brown, 39 Moore St., Struthers; secretary/accounts payable, True Value Hardware; liabilities, $49,632; assets, $457.
Ellen M. Axel, 4538 Nantucket Blvd., No. 2, Youngstown; home manager, Gateways To Better Living; liabilities, $23,018; assets, $6,618.
Paula S. Beal, 141 Brooklyn, Youngstown NA; liabilities, $84,509; assets, $92,593.
Lyniece M. Bennett, 3415 Hillman,Youngstown; none; liabilities, $67,080; assets,$1,075.
Sherry L. Garcia, Youngstown; security officer,OSS Security; liabilities, $47,852; assets,$2,205.
Renee Wilson, 19 Walter St., Campbell; unemployed; liabilities, $21,908; assets, $9,550.
Sharon K. Sangrelet, 3210 Flo-Lor Drive, No. 4, Youngstown; telemarketer, Infocision; liabilities, $18,355; assets, $9,020.
Stanley A. Miller, 542 Dorothy Ave., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $49,563; assets, $40,730.
Jinny Briganti, 1962 Boardman-Poland Road, Poland; none; liabilities, $71,750; assets, $8,200.
Ronald Degenaro Jr., 43 W. Heights, Youngstown; serviceman, Quaker Manufacturing; liabilities, $44,730; assets, $11,700.
Stephen E. Konioski, 2101 Concord Ave., Youngstown; roofer, disabled; liabilities, $17,976; assets, $600.
Ernest J. Gombas, 360 South Bonair, Youngstown; painter, Walley Alexe; liabilities, $28,806; assets, $210.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Edward F. Larsick, 15619 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center; welder-millwright, R.L. Best Co.; liabilities, $124,827; assets, $95,673.
Lemar Carlisle, 388 E. Boston, Youngstown; home care provider, Ohio Mentor; liabilities, $27,755; assets, $9,000.
Kathy J. Houser-McGee, 304 Paris Drive, Youngstown; teacher, Youngstown Board of Education; liabilities, $136,289; assets, $115,450.

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