DATES OF SIGNIFICANCE Who's the best match?

Formal date occasions -- weddings, dances, dinners and parties -- pop up all the time. Here are just a few times when you just might need a date.
January: Winter dance or formal New Year's Eve function.Best Date Option: Crush or friend with the possibility of a relationship. What better way to start a new year than with a new flame?
February:St. Valentine's Day Dance.Best Date Option: Significant other. This is the occasion for lovebirds. Taking a friend might be a little bit weird or send the wrong impression.
March:St. Patrick's Day festivities.Best Date Option: Any date type works. It's party time!
April-May: Prom.Best Date Option: Anyone. Just go with someone you'll have a good time with. You might want to ask that longtime crush, because it's probably one of the last events of the school year -- and one of the last opportunities to make it happen.
June: Graduation.Best Date Option: Significant other. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to be shared with someone special.
July: Fourth of July events.Best Date Option: Crush or significant other. Watching fireworks together might create fireworks for your relationship.
August:Back-to-school parties.Best Date Option: Friend. Going with a friend will give you the freedom to meet and hang out with anyone without being tied down.
September:Homecoming Dance.Best Date Option: Great time to ask a crush or a friend, but if you take a friend, make it clear if a friendship is all you want it to be.
October: Halloween parties.Best Date Option: Crush, friend with the possibility of more or significant other.Coordinating costumes with a date is both fun and an establishment of your status as a couple.
November:Varsity or Sadie Hawkins Dance.Best Date Option: You might want to take a crush or a friend. Once again, be direct if you're not interested in anything more than friendship.
December:Christmas Formal.Best Date Option: Significant other. Spend the holiday with someone you really care about.

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