Sharing your most humiliating moments
School daze ... getting lost, falling down, losing clothes -- on the first day of school, the possibilities are endless!
Goo -- or poo?
I admit it: I used a few too many hair products my first day of school. But my hair turned out great, and I wanted it to stay that way! On my walk to school I felt something wet in my hair, but didn't really pay attention -- I figured it was a glob of gel. When I arrived at school, though, I got worried when people started pointing at my hair. I rushed to the bathroom and totally freaked out -- there was a huge chunk of bird poop on my head!
Love thong
On my first day of high school I was thrilled to find a tall, dark, handsome guy sitting next to me in class. He was from California, and he was awesome. We had a lot of the same periods -- including lunch. On my way to get a straw I decided to walk past him, but I couldn't take my eyes off him and didn't see the spilled soda on the floor. I slipped and fell a few feet from him. He came to my rescue, and for those three seconds when he was holding my hand to help me up, I was on top of the world. But as I finally got to my feet, my heel got caught in my skirt and it came right off! I was standing there in my thong in front of the whole cafeteria and my cute California boy.

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