Club's umbrella project covered a lot of material

Adviser Karry Snyder's idea was to have all the girls make red, white and blue umbrellas, but the girls' ideas were even bigger.
CANFIELD -- Twelve little girls full of patriotic spirit celebrated American pride and the 100th anniversary of 4-H with a unique project that expresses the way they feel about their club and their country.
"4-H Showers Us With American Pride," this year's theme for the Jolly Juniors 4-H Club, inspired the girls, ages 9 through 12, to make umbrellas as one of their projects.
"I got the idea to make umbrellas last year," said Karry Snyder, who has served as club adviser for three years.
The umbrella project is classified as a clothing accessory and is part of the 4-H clothing education program.
Snyder's idea was to have all the girls make red, white and blue umbrellas, but the girls had bigger plans. They wanted to make umbrellas that coordinate with their other projects: clothing and memory boxes.
Although some of the girls incorporated red, white and blue or patriotic symbols into their designs, most of their umbrellas coordinate with the lounging pajamas or casual daywear they made.
For Snyder and her daughters, Amy and Julie Crowe, who also serve as advisers, this was a big project.
Few of the girls have sewing machines at home, which means they did all of their sewing at Snyder's house.
"Each umbrella took three hours to make and I watched every girl like a hawk," Snyder said.
About the project
Snyder often hosted small groups of girls for sewing lessons at her home. She said she had little choice because most of the girls' parents didn't know how to sew and couldn't offer any help.
The girls treated the one yard of fabric required to make each umbrella with either a sun shield or water repellent, depending on whether the umbrellas are to be used in the rain or to shield the owner from the summer sun, Snyder said.
Building on their theme, the girls decorated their fair display and their projects with Christmas tree tinsel "rain."
"I always tell the girls that we shouldn't be proud and we shouldn't be boastful," Snyder said, "but I'm very well pleased with what they've done."
The girls haven't decided what their next projects will be, but Snyder is eagerly anticipating what is ahead. "We all have so much fun," she added.
Jolly Juniors 4-H Club was founded in 1923 and is based in Springfield Township.

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