BECKY SHER | Hype Celebrities support AIDS cause with style

If The Rock, Barry Bonds, Mandy Moore, Tony Hawk, the girls of Destiny's Child and "Real World" hottie Chris Beckman all thought something was cool, you'd at least check it out, right? Then head to, where you'll get all the details on a cause those celebrities support -- eradicating AIDS, once and for all.
For almost a decade, Until There's a Cure has raised money to help fight the battle against HIV and AIDS. Celebrities and athletes star in stylish ads that promote the group's major fund-raising source: The Bracelet. The cuff-style bracelet immediately gets our vote, because it looks really cool and promotes a great cause, all at the same time. It has the familiar AIDS ribbon cast on one side, and inside, it says "Until There's a Cure." Plus, there's a little spot where you can have the bracelet engraved -- especially if you want to remember someone special you've lost to the disease.
The bracelets range from $20 for a copper model to almost $400 for 14K gold. Funds raised from the sale of the bracelet go to programs that teach teens about the dangers of HIV, care services for infected patients, development of an AIDS vaccine and more.
To buy the cool cuff, head to the group's Web site or one of its retail partners, including The Body Shop, Kenneth Cole and Tower Records.
Caffeine candy
Crazy for coffee? Then you'll love new Javapops -- they're the perfect way to get your Java jolt without spilling the stuff on your favorite jeans. The giant lollipops come in five coffee-based flavors: chocolate raspberry, Irish cr & egrave;me, French vanilla, cappuccino and chocolate almond. And did we mention they're caffeinated? Yup, they've got some punch to 'em, just like your favorite no-fat double-strength no-whip mocha. Plus, instead of a normal lollipop stick, they're perched atop a coffee stirrer, which is kind of cute.
Javapops are the newest product from McJak Candy Co., which also makes old-fashioned lollies in tons of other flavors, like cherry cheesecake and sour strawberry. Look for the coffee pops for about a dollar at supermarkets, gourmet food stores, amusement parks and specialty stores. Or check out
Customized cool
Do-it-yourselfers, listen up: American Eagle Outfitters is expanding its recently launched in-store Customization Stations to all 400 of its stores nationwide. The promotion was originally available in only 10 stores. But it turns out customers were pretty hip on the idea, which lets AE shoppers use stencils and distressing tools to personalize their duds. Check it out at the American Eagle store near you through the first week in September.
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