For the adventurous, 3 new rides are added

For the adventurous,3 new rides are added
CANFIELD -- Three rides are making their debut at the Canfield Fair this year. The "Slingshot" carries riders up a tower before dropping them; the "Tower of Terror" is a maze with a slide; and the "Crazy Bus" is a children's ride that travels in a loop. The "Slingshot" and the "Tower of Terror" are on Canfield Drive, while the "Crazy Bus" is in the "Kiddie Land Rides" area.
Army schedules ridesin helicopter simulator
CANFIELD -- The Army will operate a helicopter simulator next the Mahoning Veterans Memorial on the west side of the fairgrounds today. Fairgoers will be able to ride in the simulator.
Firefighters put outblaze in trailer
CANFIELD -- Cardinal Joint Fire District firefighters were called to a ride-maintenance trailer around noon Wednesday after a fire started in a pile of insulation. The flames were extinguished before the firefighters arrived, and there were no injuries. Firefighters believe the blaze was accidentally started with a welding torch.

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