Marriage licenses
Andrew E. Yacobozzi, 32, of 4833 Westchester #104, Austintown, and April L. Smith, 23, of 5673 Vassar Ave., Austintown.
Robert M. Hancher, 30, of 1957 Smithfield, Youngstown, and Lori L. Scaggs, 40, of 2039 Arbor Ave. S.E., Warren.
James M. Kover, 31, of 719 Oberlin Place, Austintown, and Christine K. McCormick, 29, of same.
Domestic relations
Frank J. Rigelsky vs. Stella A. Rigelsky, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to name of Stella A. Ruth.
Deanna M. Hernandez vs. Peter Hernandez, divorce to both.
Deborah A. Ague and John A. Ague, dissolution granted.
Maria C. Dicesare vs. Kevin L. Dicesare, divorce to plaintiff.
Michelle Bell vs. James Bell Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Beverly A. Starr vs. Ray A. Starr et al, dismissed.
Amir H. Tajaddini vs. Shahin Soormaghen, divorce to plaintiff.
Tisa E. Cecil vs. Leroy C. Cecil, divorce to plaintiff.
Eric G. Johnson and Chikako Johnson, dissolution granted.
Suzanne Kachurek and Gene F. Kachurek, dissolution granted.
Andrea V. Garono and Anthony J. Garono III, dissolution granted, wife restored to name of Andrea V. Campbell.
Jose Pagan and Terri Pagan, dissolution granted.
David A. Sundin and Darla A. Sundin, dissolution granted.
Joseph W. Fire and Sandra J. Fire, dissolution granted, wife restored to name of Sandra J. Carano.
Michael R. Lawson vs. Stacy Lawson, divorce to both.
Carrie Giovannone Raub vs. Leo C. Raub, divorce to plaintiff.
Bonita Rutherford vs. William I. Rutherford, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to name of Bonita A. McCartney.
Janette L. Lyda vs. Frank J. Lyda, dismissed.
Richard R. Vargas vs. Patricia L. Vargas, dismissed.
Debra Slagle and Anthony Slagle, dissolution granted, wife restored to name of Debra E. Miller.
Christopher B. Wetzl and Kimberly R. Wetzl, dissolution granted.
Deborah F. Cook and Ralph M. Cook, dissolution granted.
Jennifer L. Loy vs. Jeffery E. Loy, divorce to plaintiff.
Raymond P. Polombi Jr. vs. Andrea J. Polombi, divorce to both.
Wayne R. Zarak vs. Sheila A. Zarak, divorce to plaintiff.
Michael J. Francis and Diana M. Francis, dissolution granted.
Brenda Roberts and Paul P. Guerrieri, dissolution granted.
Terri S. Spencer vs. Michael L. Spencer, dismissed.
Michael A. Cizmar vs. Patrice F. Cizmar, divorce to both.
Mary E. Seybert vs. Eric C. Seybert, divorce to plaintiff.
Karen M. Budd vs. David C. Buss, divorce to both.
Michele Piper and David J. Piper, dissolution granted, wife restored to name of Michele Bishop.
David D. Nicholas and Deirdre A. Nicholas, dissolution granted.
Wilberta L. Duboise vs. Victor R. Duboise Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Jacqueline A. Shaffer Roth vs. Joseph S. Roth, divorce to both, wife restored to name of Jacqueline A. Shaffer.
Elizabeth C. Donzella and Michael A. Donzella, dissolution granted.
Rebecca J. Heikkinen and Carl L. Heikkinen, dissolution granted.
Kathleen J. Kalosky vs. Richard J. Kalosky Jr., divorce to both.
Jill M. Faulkner vs. Brian R. Faulkner, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Jill M. Kalosky.
Robert B. McFarland vs. Kristina M. Eckman McFarland, divorce to plaintiff.
Nancy L. Pritchard and William Pritchard, dissolution granted.
Jennifer B. Matasic vs. Stephen C. Matasic II, dismissed.
Norman D. Scarazzo Jr. vs. Tracie L. Scarazzo, divorce to both, wife restored to name of Tracie L. Yurko.
Eugene J. DeMarco and Charmaine S. DeMarco, dissolution granted.
Lindy L. Cramer and Steve T. Cramer, dissolution granted, wife restored to name of Linda L. Parisi.
Joseph A. Pastore and Rosemary L. Pastore, dissolution granted.
Joseph R. Shushok and Paula A. Shushok, dissolution granted.
Kathryn A. Banks and John T. Banks, dissolution granted.
Patricia A. Appleman vs. Robert M. Appleman, divorce to both.
Robert J. Buydos Sr. vs. Donna S. Buydos, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to name of Donna S. Traveline.
David L. McNutt to Debra A. McNutt, divorce to both.
Shawn P. Baden vs. Linda A. Baden, divorce to both, wife restored to name of Linda A. Young.
Timothy D. Mayle vs. Silvia Mayle, divorce to plaintiff.
Arthur Derhodes vs. Sandra Derhodes, divorce to both.
Chyanne D. Hartman vs. Edwin E. Hartman, divorce to plaintiff.
Michael J. Dick vs. Sheri L. Dick, dismissed.
Divorces asked
Charles F. Gubany, 105 Center St., Struthers, vs. Patricia A. Gubany, 69 1/2 Grandview Ave., Struthers.
Dawn L. Whited, 4838 Nantucket, Apt. 1, Austintown, vs. Todd E. Whited, 4763 Pine Trace, Austintown.
New complaints
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Bobby L. Warner et al, foreclosure.
Angela Sicilia vs. Jeanne Siverd, money.
Ronald G. McConnell vs. Sami S. Awadallah et al, money.
Altegra Credit Company vs. Keith McVey et al, foreclosure.
Gordon Proctor, director, Ohio Dept. of Transportation vs. Unknown transferees, assigns, executors, administrators, heirs and devisees of Michael W. Ruberto, deceased et al, petition to appropriate property and to fix compensation.
First Place Bank et al vs. Michael D. Brincko et al, money.
Kevin Koch vs. Janice Debolt et al, money.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. David G. Martin et al, foreclosure.
Alex G. Yakimoff vs. Aluminum Color Industries Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Pamela Robinson vs. Phar-Mor Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
John P. Nardei vs. Henderson, Covington, Messinger, Newman & amp; Thomas et al, money.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Norman D. Byrd et al, foreclosure, money and relief.
Sheila McCrae vs. Linda Roe et al, money.
Probate Court
Will of Lilly A. Williamson: estate to husband, Beryl L.
Will of Dale A. Mellott: estate to wife, Amanda M.
Will of Joseph R. Logozzo: estate to wife, Mariann.
Will of Mary L. Miller: estate to children, Kathleen L. Brooks, Lorin K. Miller, and Janet G. Donaldson, with specific bequests.
Will of Louise G. Davis: estate to husband, Howard C.
Will of Robert A. Rigelsky: estate to children, Charles R. Rigelsky, Margaret E. Rigelsky, Kathryn A. Kibby, Mary F. Ford, and Sandra A. Rigelsky, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Verina Martin et al to Jamael Brown, Youngstown, $33,250.
Allan J. Lawrence to Diane M. Perry, Springfield Twp., $84,000.
Brian Cionni to Vicky L. Hornyak, Boardman Twp., $40,000.
Karen Alcott to Caren C. Harker, Canfield, $103,000.
Countryside Development Ltd. to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Austintown Twp., $28,400.
Frank Kastello to Lawrence F. DeStefano Jr., Boardman Twp., $91,700.
Jeanette M. Baker to Mary Lou Faulkner et al, Austintown Twp., $110,000.
Sheryl A. Shaffer to Douglas E. Shaffer et al, Beaver Twp., $160,000.
Wendy L. Steiskal et al to Gregory D. Williams, Canfield, $134,000.
Edith Mershimer to Frank L. Fowler Jr., New Middletown, $78,000.
DiCioccio Construction to Jeffrey A. Stockdale, Poland Twp., $132,520.
Cindy L. Allegretto et al to Amy Billington, Austintown Twp., $66,200.
Norma Gonda to Jason Doll et al, Struthers, $75,000.
Dorothy Nagel to Julie Carroll, Youngstown, $37,500.
Carol Aey et al to Brian T. Bartholomew et al, New Middletown, $97,500.

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