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Published: Wed, August 28, 2002 @ 12:00 a.m.

Aug. 29 -- Clarion7:30
Sept. 7 -- McNeese St.7
Sept. 21 -- at Western Kentucky6:30
Sept. 28 -- at SW Missouri St.2:30
Oct. 5 -- Indiana St.7
Oct. 12 -- at Florida Atlantic4
Oct. 19 -- Northern Iowa4
Oct. 26 -- at Western Illinois2:05
Nov. 2 -- Southern Illinois4
Nov. 9 -- at Illinois St.2:30
Nov. 23 -- Samford1
Aug. 31 -- at Purdue2
Sept. 7 -- Quincy7:30
Sept. 21 -- Murray State7:30
Sept. 28 -- at Eastern Illinois2:30
Oct. 5 -- SW Missouri St.3:30
Oct. 12 -- at Western Illinois7:05
Oct. 19 -- Southern Illinois2:30
Oct. 26 -- at Northern Iowa5:05
Nov. 2 -- at Western Kentucky5:30
Nov. 9 -- Youngstown St.2:30
Nov. 16 -- at Indiana St.12:05
Aug. 29 -- at Western Michigan7:30
Sept. 7 -- Cumberland7:30
Sept. 14 -- at Ball St.2
Sept. 21 -- at Eastern Illinois7
Sept. 28 -- Murray State2:05
Oct. 5 -- at Youngstown State7
Oct. 12 -- SW Missouri St.7:30
Oct. 19 -- at Western Illinois2:05
Oct. 26 -- at Western Kentucky5:30
Nov. 2 -- Northern Iowa1:05
Nov. 9 -- at Southern Illinois3:30
Nov. 16 -- Illinois St.1:05
Aug. 29 -- Wayne (Mich.) St.8:05
Sept. 7 -- at Oklahoma State7:05
Sept. 21 -- Stephen F. Austin5:05
Sept. 28 -- at Cal Poly9
Oct. 5 -- Western Kentucky5:05
Oct. 12 -- at Southern Illinois8
Oct. 19 -- at Youngstown State4
Oct. 26 -- Illinois State5:05
Nov. 2 -- at Indiana State1:05
Nov. 9 -- Western Illinois5:05
Nov. 16 -- SW Missouri St.6:05
Aug. 29 -- Kentucky Wesleyan8
Sept. 7 -- SE Missouri St8
Sept. 14 -- at Murray St7
Sept. 21 -- West Virginia Tech8
Sept. 28 -- at Eastern Michigan7
Oct. 5 -- Western Illinois2:30
Oct. 12 -- Northern Iowa8
Oct. 19 -- at Illinois St.2:30
Oct. 26 -- at SW Missouri St.2:30
Nov. 2 -- at Youngstown St.4
Nov. 9 -- Indiana St.2:30
Nov. 16 -- Western Kentucky2:30
Aug. 29 -- East Central8
Sept. 7 -- at Hampton1:30
Sept. 14 -- at Kansas7
Sept. 21 -- SE Missouri St.8
Sept. 28 -- Youngstown St.2:30
Oct. 5 -- at Illinois St.3:30
Oct. 12 -- at Indiana St.7:30
Oct. 19 -- Western Kentucky2:30
Oct. 26 -- Southern Illinois2:30
Nov. 2 -- Western Illinois2
Nov. 16 -- at Northern Iowa6:05
Aug. 29 -- Drake7:05
Sept. 14 -- at Western Kentucky6:30
Sept. 21 -- at Northern Illinois7:35
Sept. 28 -- Sam Houston State2:05
Oct. 5 -- at Southern Illinois2:30
Oct. 12 -- Illinois St.7:05
Oct. 19 -- Indiana St.2:05
Oct. 26 -- Youngstown St.2:05
Nov. 2 -- at SW Missouri St.2
Nov. 9 -- at Northern Iowa5:05
Nov. 16 -- at Southern Utah3:05
Aug. 31 -- at Kansas St.7:10
Sept. 7 -- Kentucky St.6:30
Sept. 14 -- Western Illinois2:30
Sept. 21 -- Youngstown State6:30
Sept. 28 -- at McNeese State8
Oct. 5 -- at Northern Iowa5:05
Oct. 12 -- Florida International6:30
Oct. 19 -- at SW Missouri St.2:30
Oct. 26 -- Indiana St.5:30
Nov. 2 -- Illinois State5:30
Nov. 16 -- at Southern Illinois2:30
Aug. 31 at Missouri3:30
Sep. 7 at Southern Miss.12
Sep. 14 Arkansas St.12
Sep. 21 San Jose St.2
Sep. 28 MichiganTBA
Oct. 5 at MinnesotaTBA
Oct. 12 PurdueTBA
Oct. 26 Indiana2
Nov. 2 at Penn St.TBA
Nov. 9 at WisconsinTBA
Nov. 16 Ohio St.TBA
Nov. 23 at NorthwesternTBA
Aug. 31 William & amp; Mary5
Sep. 7 at Utah8
Sep. 14 at Kentucky7
Sep. 21 Cent. Michigan5
Sep. 28 at Ohio St.TBA
Oct. 12 WisconsinTBA
Oct. 19 Iowa12
Oct. 26 at Illinois2
Nov. 2 at NorthwesternTBA
Nov. 9 Michigan St.TBA
Nov. 16 Penn St.TBA
Nov. 23 at PurdueTBA
Aug. 31 Akron12
Sep. 7 at Miami (Ohio)12
Sep. 14 Iowa St.6
Sep. 21 Utah St.3:30
Sep. 28 at Penn St.TBA
Oct. 5 Purdue12
Oct. 12 Michigan St.TBA
Oct. 19 at Indiana12
Oct. 26 at Michigan12
Nov. 2 WisconsinTBA
Nov. 9 NorthwesternTBA
Nov. 16 at MinnesotaTBA
Aug. 31 Washington12
Sep. 7 W. MichiganTBA
Sep. 14 at Notre Dame2:30
Sep. 21 Utah12
Sep. 28 at IllinoisTBA
Oct. 12 Penn St.TBA
Oct. 19 at PurdueTBA
Oct. 26 Iowa12
Nov. 2 Michigan St.TBA
Nov. 9 at Minnesota7:45
Nov. 16 WisconsinTBA
Nov. 23 at Ohio St.12
Aug. 31 E. Michigan3:30
Sep. 7 Rice1
Sep. 14 California12
Sep. 21 Notre DameTBA
Sep. 28 NorthwesternTBA
Oct. 12 at IowaTBA
Oct. 19 Minnesota12
Oct. 26 WisconsinTBA
Nov. 2 at MichiganTBA
Nov. 9 at IndianaTBA
Nov. 16 PurdueTBA
Nov. 23 at Penn St.TBA
Aug. 31 SW Texas7
Sep. 7 at Louisiana-Lafayette8
Sep. 14 Toledo2:30
Sep. 21 Buffalo2:30
Sep. 28 at Purdue6
Oct. 5 IllinoisTBA
Oct. 12 Northwestern2:30
Oct. 19 at Michigan St.12
Nov. 2 at Ohio St.TBA
Nov. 9 Michigan7:45
Nov. 16 IowaTBA
Nov. 23 at WisconsinTBA
Aug. 31 at Air Force12
Sep. 7 TCU1
Sep. 14 Duke1
Sep. 21 at Navy12
Sep. 28 at Michigan St.TBA
Oct. 5 Ohio St.7
Oct. 12 at Minnesota2:30
Oct. 19 at Penn St.12
Oct. 26 Purdue12
Nov. 2 IndianaTBA
Nov. 9 at IowaTBA
Nov. 23 IllinoisTBA
Aug. 24 Texas Tech2:30
Sep. 7 Kent St.12
Sep. 14 Washington St.3:30
Sep. 21 at Cincinnati3:30
Sep. 28 IndianaTBA
Oct. 5 at Northwestern7
Oct. 12 San Jose St.12
Oct. 19 at WisconsinTBA
Oct. 26 Penn St.TBA
Nov. 2 MinnesotaTBA
Nov. 9 at PurdueTBA
Nov. 16 at IllinoisTBA
Nov. 23 Michigan12
Aug. 31 UCF12
Sep. 14 Nebraska8
Sep. 21 Louisiana Tech12
Sep. 28 IowaTBA
Oct. 5 at WisconsinTBA
Oct. 12 at MichiganTBA
Oct. 19 Northwestern12
Oct. 26 at Ohio St.TBA
Nov. 2 IllinoisTBA
Nov. 9 VirginiaTBA
Nov. 16 at IndianaTBA
Nov. 23 Michigan St.TBA
Aug. 31 Illinois St.2
Sep. 7 at Notre Dame1
Sep. 14 W. Michigan2
Sep. 21 Wake ForestTBA
Sep. 28 Minnesota6
Oct. 5 at Iowa12
Oct. 12 at IllinoisTBA
Oct. 19 MichiganTBA
Oct. 26 at Northwestern12
Nov. 9 Ohio St.TBA
Nov. 16 at Michigan St.TBA
Nov. 23 IndianaTBA
Aug. 23 Fresno St.8
Aug. 31 at UNLV8:45
Sep. 7 West Virginia12
Sep. 14 N. Illinois2
Sep. 21 Arizona12
Oct. 5 Penn St.TBA
Oct. 12 at IndianaTBA
Oct. 19 Ohio St.TBA
Oct. 26 at Michigan St.TBA
Nov. 2 at IowaTBA
Nov. 9 IllinoisTBA
Nov. 16 at MichiganTBA
Nov. 23 MinnesotaTBA
Aug. 31 at Iowa12
Sep. 7 at Maryland6
Sep. 14 Cent. Michigan6
Sep. 21 at Virginia3
Sep. 28 Miami (Ohio)6
Oct. 5 at E. Michigan6
Oct. 12 Liberty6
Oct. 26 at UCF4
Nov. 2 Marshall6
Nov. 9 at Ohio2
Nov. 16 Buffalo1
Nov. 23 at Kent St.2
Sep. 7 at Missouri7
Sep. 14 Indiana St.2
Sep. 21 at Clemson1
Sep. 28 at Connecticut1
Oct. 5 N. Illinois2
Oct. 12 at Toledo7
Oct. 19 E. Michigan1
Oct. 26 at Bowling Green6
Nov. 2 W. Michigan1
Nov. 16 at Cent. Michigan1
Nov. 23 Buffalo1
Nov. 30 at Marshall7
Aug. 31 Tennessee Tech7
Sep. 14 Missouri6
Sep. 21 at Kansas7
Oct. 5 Ohio4
Oct. 12 at Cent. Michigan1
Oct. 19 W. Michigan6
Oct. 26 Ball St.6
Nov. 2 at Kent St.2
Nov. 9 at N. Illinois2
Nov. 16 at South Florida7
Nov. 23 E. Michigan6
Nov. 30 at Toledo7
Aug. 29 Lehigh7:30
Sep. 7 at Rutgers7
Sep. 14 Connecticut7:30
Sep. 21 at Minnesota2:30
Sep. 28 at Ohio7
Oct. 5 W. Michigan1
Oct. 12 at Marshall7
Oct. 19 Miami (Ohio)1
Oct. 26 Kent St.1
Nov. 9 UCF1
Nov. 16 at Akron1
Nov. 23 at Ball St.1
Aug. 29 Sam Houston St.7
Sep. 7 Wyoming12
Sep. 14 at Akron6
Sep. 21 at Indiana5
Sep. 28 at Boston CollegeTBA
Oct. 12 Bowling Green1
Oct. 19 at N. Illinois2
Oct. 26 Marshall1
Nov. 2 at E. Michigan1
Nov. 9 at Toledo7
Nov. 16 Ball St.1
Nov. 23 W. Michigan1
Aug. 31 at Michigan St.3:30
Sep. 7 Toledo6
Sep. 14 SE Missouri6
Sep. 21 at Maryland6
Sep. 28 S. Illinois6
Oct. 5 Akron6
Oct. 12 at Ohio2
Oct. 19 at Ball St.1
Nov. 2 Cent. Michigan1
Nov. 9 at W. Michigan1
Nov. 16 N. Illinois1
Nov. 23 at Bowling Green6
Aug. 29 New Hampshire7
Sep. 7 at Ohio St.12
Sep. 14 Cal Poly-SLO2
Sep. 21 at Miami (Ohio)2
Sep. 28 at N. Illinois2
Oct. 5 Marshall2
Oct. 19 Ohio2
Oct. 26 at Buffalo1
Nov. 2 Bowling Green2
Nov. 9 at Connecticut12
Nov. 16 at UCF6
Nov. 23 Akron2
Aug. 31 Appalachian St.7
Sep. 12 at Virginia Tech7:30
Sep. 20 UCF7
Oct. 5 at Kent St.2
Oct. 12 Buffalo7
Oct. 19 Troy St.4
Oct. 26 at Cent. Michigan1
Nov. 2 at Akron6
Nov. 12 Miami (Ohio)8
Nov. 23 at OhioTBA
Nov. 30 Ball St.7
Aug. 31 at North Carolina1:30
Sep. 7 Iowa12
Sep. 14 at LSU8
Sep. 21 Kent St.2
Sep. 28 at Akron6
Oct. 5 at Cincinnati1
Oct. 12 N. Illinois2
Oct. 19 at Buffalo1
Oct. 26 at Toledo7
Nov. 2 Ohio1
Nov. 12 at Marshall8
Nov. 23 UCF1
Aug. 29 Wake Forest7:30
Sep. 7 at South Florida7
Sep. 14 at Wisconsin2
Sep. 21 W. Illinois7:30
Sep. 28 Kent St.2
Oct. 5 at Ball St.2
Oct. 12 at Miami (Ohio)2
Oct. 19 Cent. Michigan2
Oct. 26 at W. Michigan1
Nov. 9 Bowling Green2
Nov. 16 at E. Michigan1
Nov. 23 Toledo2
Aug. 31 at Pittsburgh7
Sep. 7 Northeastern8
Sep. 14 at Florida6
Sep. 21 at Connecticut12
Sep. 28 Buffalo7
Oct. 5 at Bowling Green4
Oct. 12 E. Michigan2
Oct. 19 at Kent St.2
Nov. 2 at Miami (Ohio)1
Nov. 9 Akron2
Nov. 23 MarshallTBA
Nov. 30 at UCF1:30
Aug. 29 Cal Poly-SLO7
Sep. 7 at E. Michigan6
Sep. 14 at Minnesota2:30
Sep. 21 UNLV7
Sep. 28 at PittsburghTBA
Oct. 12 Ball St.7
Oct. 19 at UCF6
Oct. 26 Miami (Ohio)7
Nov. 9 Cent. Michigan7
Nov. 16 at W. Michigan1
Nov. 23 at N. Illinois2
Nov. 30 Bowling Green7
Aug. 31 at Penn St.12
Sep. 7 at Arizona St., 10 p.m.
Sep. 20 at Marshall7
Sep. 28 Liberty6
Oct. 12 at W. Michigan1
Oct. 19 Toledo6
Oct. 26 Akron4
Nov. 2 Syracuse6
Nov. 9 at Buffalo1
Nov. 16 Kent St.6
Nov. 23 at Miami (Ohio)1
Nov. 30 Ohio1:30
Aug. 29 Indiana St.7:30
Sep. 7 at MichiganTBA
Sep. 14 at Purdue2
Sep. 28 Virginia TechTBA
Oct. 5 at Buffalo1
Oct. 12 UCF1
Oct. 19 at Bowling Green6
Oct. 26 N. Illinois1
Nov. 2 at Ball St.1
Nov. 9 E. Michigan1
Nov. 16 Toledo1
Nov. 23 at Cent. Michigan1
Sept. 7 -- at Allegheny1:30
Sept. 21 -- Mount Union6:30
Sept. 28 -- at Heidelberg1:30
Oct. 5 -- at John Carroll1:30
Oct. 12 -- Ohio Northern2
Oct. 19 -- at Wilmington1:30
Oct. 26 -- Muskingum1:30
Nov. 2 -- Capital1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Marietta1:30
Nov. 16 -- Otterbein1:30
Sept. 7 -- Anderson1:30
Sept. 21 -- Ohio Northern1:30
Sept. 28 -- at Marietta6
Oct. 5 -- at Wilmington1:30
Oct. 12 -- Otterbein1
Oct. 19 -- at Heidelberg1:30
Oct. 26 -- Mount Union2
Nov. 2 -- at Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Nov. 9 -- Muskingum1:30
Nov. 16 -- at John Carroll1:30
Sept. 7 -- Adrian7
Sept. 21 -- at Muskingum1:30
Sept. 28 -- Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Oct. 5 -- at Marietta6
Oct. 12 -- at Mount Union1:30
Oct. 19 -- Capital1:30
Oct. 26 -- at John Carroll1:30
Nov. 2 -- Otterbein1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Wilmington1:30
Nov. 16 -- Ohio Northern1:30
Sept. 7 -- Catholic1:30
Sept. 21 -- Wilmington2
Sept. 28 -- at Ohio Northern1:30
Oct. 5 -- Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Oct. 12 -- Marietta1:30
Oct. 19 -- at Mount Union1:30
Oct. 26 -- Heidelberg 1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Muskingum1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Otterbein1:30
Nov. 16 -- Capital1:30
Sept. 7 -- Bluffton1:30
Sept. 21 -- at Otterbein1:30
Sept. 28 -- Capital6
Oct. 5 -- Heidelberg6
Oct. 12 -- at John Carroll1:30
Oct. 19 -- at Ohio Northern1:30
Oct. 26 -- Wilmington1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Mount Union1:30
Nov. 9 -- Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Nov. 16 -- at Muskingum1:30
Sept. 7 -- at Wisc.-Whitewater2
Sept. 21 -- at Baldwin-Wallace6:30
Sept. 28 -- Muskingum1:30
Oct. 5 -- at Otterbein1:30
Oct. 12 -- Heidelberg1:30
Oct. 19 -- John Carroll1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Capital2
Nov. 2 -- Marietta1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Ohio Northern1:30
Nov. 16 -- Wilmington1:30
Sept. 7 -- Thomas More1:30
Sept. 21 -- Heidelberg1:30
Sept. 28 -- at Mount Union1:30
Oct. 5 -- at Ohio Northern1:30
Oct. 12 -- Wilmington1:30
Oct. 19 -- at Otterbein1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Nov. 2 -- John Carroll1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Capital1:30
Nov. 16 -- Marietta1:30
Sept. 14 -- Wisc.-Stevens Point1:30
Sept. 21 -- at Capital1:30
Sept. 28 -- John Carroll1:30
Oct. 5 -- Muskingum1:30
Oct. 12 -- at Baldwin-Wallace2
Oct. 19 -- Marietta1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Otterbein1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Wilmington1:30
Nov. 9 -- Mount Union1:30
Nov. 16 -- at Heidelberg1:30
Sept. 14 -- at Waynesburg1:30
Sept. 21 -- Marietta1:30
Sept. 28 -- at Wilmington1:30
Oct. 5 -- Mount Union1:30
Oct. 12 -- at Capital1:30
Oct. 19 -- Muskingum1:30
Oct. 26 -- Ohio Northern1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Heidelberg1:30
Nov. 9 -- John Carroll1:30
Nov. 16 -- at Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Sept. 7 -- at Mt. St. Joseph1:30
Sept. 21 -- at John Carroll2
Sept. 28 -- Otterbein1:30
Oct. 5 -- Capital1:30
Oct. 12 -- at Muskingum1:30
Oct. 19 -- Baldwin-Wallace1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Marietta1:30
Nov. 2 -- Ohio Northern1:30
Nov. 9 -- Heidelberg1:30
Nov. 16 -- at Mount Union1:30
Sept. 7 -- Baldwin-Wallace1
Sept. 14 -- W & amp;J1
Sept. 28 -- at Westminster1
Oct. 5 -- at Wabash2
Oct. 12 -- Hiram1
Oct. 19 -- Wooster1
Oct. 26 -- at Denison1
Nov. 2 -- at Wittenberg1
Nov. 9 -- Earlham1
Nov. 16 -- at Ohio Wesleyan1
Sept. 7 -- Waynesburg1
Sept. 14 -- Case Western1
Sept. 21 -- at Ohio Wesleyan1
Oct. 5 -- at Wittenberg1
Oct. 12 -- Kenyon1
Oct. 20 -- at Earlham1
Oct. 26 -- Allegheny1
Nov. 2 -- at Hiram1
Nov. 9 -- Wooster1
Nov. 16 -- at Oberlin1
Sept. 7 -- at Rose-Hulman7
Sept. 14 -- at Manchester7
Sept. 21 -- Wabash7
Oct. 5 -- at Kenyon1
Oct. 12 -- Ohio Wesleyan1
Oct. 19 -- Denison1
Oct. 26 -- at Wooster1
Nov. 2 -- Oberlin1
Nov. 9 -- at Allegheny1
Nov. 16 -- Hiram 1
Sept. 7 -- Grove City1:30
Sept. 14 -- at Bluffton1:30
Sept. 21 -- at Mt. St. Joseph1:30
Sept. 28 -- at Oberlin1
Oct. 12 -- at Allegheny1
Oct. 19 -- Wittenberg1
Oct. 26 -- at Kenyon1
Nov. 2 -- Denison1
Nov. 9 -- Wabash1
Nov. 16 -- at Earlham1
Sept. 7 -- at Centre1:30
Sept. 14 -- at Bethany1:30
Sept. 21 -- Kalamazoo1
Sept. 28 -- Wabash1
Oct. 5 -- Earlham1
Oct. 12 -- at Denison1
Oct. 19 -- Oberlin1
Oct. 26 -- Hiram1
Nov. 2 -- at Ohio Wesleyan1
Nov. 9 -- at Wittenberg1
Sept. 7 -- Franklin & amp;Marshall1
Sept. 21 -- at Case Western1:30
Sept. 28 -- Hiram1
Oct. 5 -- Frostburg St.1
Oct. 12 -- at Wooster1
Oct. 19 -- at Kenyon1
Oct. 26 -- Wabash1
Nov. 2 -- at Earlham1
Nov. 9 -- Ohio Wesleyan1
Nov. 16 -- Denison1
Sept. 14 -- at Olivet1
Sept. 21 -- Denison1
Sept. 28 -- at Albion1
Oct. 5 -- Wooster1
Oct. 12 -- at Earlham1
Oct. 19 -- at Wabash1
Oct. 26 -- Wittenberg1
Nov. 2 -- Kenyon1
Nov. 9 -- at Oberlin1
Nov. 16 -- Allegheny1
Sept. 14 -- Kalamazoo1
Sept. 21 -- at Earlham7
Sept. 28 -- at Kenyon1
Oct. 5 -- Allegheny2
Oct. 12 -- at Wittenberg1
Oct. 19 -- Ohio Wesleyan1
Oct. 26 -- at Oberlin1
Nov. 2 -- Wooster1
Nov. 9 -- at Hiram1
Nov. 16 -- DePauwTBA
Sept. 7 -- Albion1
Sept. 14 -- at Urbana7:30
Sept. 28 -- at Thomas More1:30
Oct. 5 -- Denison1
Oct. 12 -- Wabash1
Oct. 19 -- at Hiram1
Oct. 26 -- at Ohio Wesleyan1
Nov. 2 -- Allegheny1
Nov. 9 -- Kenyon1
Nov. 16 -- at Wooster1
Sept. 7 -- at Hope1:30
Sept. 21 -- Bethany1
Sept. 28 -- Case Western1
Oct. 5 -- at Ohio Wesleyan1
Oct. 12 -- Oberlin1
Oct. 19 -- at Allegheny1
Oct. 26 -- Earlham1
Nov. 2 -- at Wabash1
Nov. 9 -- at Denison1
Nov. 16 -- Wittenberg1
Sept. 5 -- California, Pa.7
Sept. 14 -- at Thiel1:30
Sept. 21 -- Olivet Nazarene7
Sept. 28 -- Trinity International, Ill.2
Oct. 5 -- St. Francis, Ind.7
Oct. 12 -- Malone1:30
Oct. 19 -- Tri-State7
Oct. 26 -- at Walsh11 a.m.
Nov. 2 -- Taylor1:30
Nov. 9 -- Tiffin7
Nov. 16 -- at Urbana1:30
Sept. 7 -- at Hiram1:30
Sept. 14 -- Carnegie Mellon1:30
Sept. 21 -- at Defiance1:30
Sept. 28 -- at Bethany2
Oct. 5 -- Thiel2
Oct. 12 -- at W & amp;J1:30
Oct. 19 -- at Waynesburg1:30
Oct. 26 -- Westminster, Pa.1:30
Nov. 2 -- Alfred1:30
Nov. 9 -- at Merch. Marine Acad.1:30
Sept. 7 -- at Malone2
Sept. 14 -- Geneva1:30
Sept. 21 -- Bluffton1:30
Sept. 28 -- Washington & amp; Jefferson2
Oct. 5 -- at Grove City2
Oct. 12 -- Waynesburg1:30
Oct. 19 -- Westminster, Pa.1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Bethany1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Brockport State1
Nov. 9 -- at Alfred1
Sept. 7 -- Walsh1
Sept. 21 -- at Mansfield1
Sept. 28 -- Allegheny1
Oct. 5 -- at Washington & amp; Jefferson2
Oct. 12 -- Bethany1:30
Oct. 19 -- at Thiel1:30
Oct. 26 -- at Grove City1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Frostburg State1
Nov. 9 -- Thomas More1
Nov. 16 -- Waynesburg1
Sept. 5 -- at Geneva7
Sept. 14 -- at Fairmont State6
Sept. 21 -- W.Va. Wesleyan7
Sept. 28 -- at Cheyney1
Oct. 5 -- at Slippery Rock2
Oct. 12 -- Lock Haven3
Oct. 19 -- at Indiana, Pa.1:30
Oct. 26 -- Mansfield7
Nov. 2 -- at Clarion1
Nov. 9 -- Edinboro1
Nov. 16 -- Shippensburg1
Aug. 29 -- at Youngstown State7:30
Sept. 14 -- at Millersville1
Sept. 21 -- Glenville2
Sept. 28 -- at Kutztown,1:05
Oct. 5 -- at Indiana, Pa.2
Oct. 12 -- West Chester2
Oct. 19 -- at Edinboro1
Oct. 26 -- Shippensburg1
Nov. 2 -- California1
Nov. 9 -- at Lock Haven1
Nov. 16 -- Slippery Rock1
Aug. 31 -- at Gannon1
Sept. 7 -- Ashland1
Sept. 21 -- at Tiffin1:30
Sept. 28 -- at East Stroudsburg1
Oct. 5 -- at Shippensburg1
Oct. 12 -- Indiana, Pa.2
Oct. 19 -- Clarion1
Oct. 26 -- at Slippery Rock1
Nov. 2 -- Kutztown1
Nov. 9 -- at California1
Nov. 16 -- Lock Haven1
Aug. 29 -- at Findlay6
Sept. 7 -- Bloomsburg7
Sept. 14 -- Catawba7
Sept. 21 -- New Haven7
Sept. 28 -- at Millersville7
Oct. 5 -- Clarion2
Oct. 12 -- at Edinboro2
Oct. 19 -- California1:30
Oct. 26 -- Lock Haven1:30
Nov. 2 -- at Shippensburg1
Nov. 9 -- at Slippery Rock1
Sept. 7 -- at Eastern Kentucky1
Sept. 14 -- at Gannon1
Sept. 21 -- Fairmont State1
Sept. 28 -- at Bloomsburg1
Oct. 5 -- California2
Oct. 12 -- at Shippensburg1
Oct. 19 -- Millersville1
Oct. 26 -- Edinboro1
Nov. 2 -- at Lock Haven1
Nov. 9 -- Indiana, Pa.1
Nov. 16 -- at Clarion1
Aug. 31--Northwestern12
Sept. 7--New MexicoTBA
Sept. 21--at California5
Sept. 28--at UtahTBA
Oct. 5--NavyTBA
Oct. 12--BYUTBA
Oct. 19--Notre DameTBA
Oct. 26--at WyomingTBA
Oct. 31--Colorado St.7:30
Nov. 9--at Army3
Nov. 16--at UNLVTBA
Nov. 23--San Diego St.TBA
Aug. 31--Middle Tennessee12:30
Sept. 7--at Oklahoma3:30
Sept. 14--North Texas7
Sept. 21--Southern Miss.7
Sept. 28--at Arkansas7
Oct. 5--GeorgiaTBA
Oct. 19--MississippiTBA
Oct. 26--at TennesseeTBA
Nov. 2--at Vanderbilt2
Nov. 9--Mississippi St.TBA
Nov. 16--at LSU8
Nov. 23--AuburnTBA
Nov. 30--at Hawaii8
Aug. 31--N. Arizona10
Sept. 14--Utah9
Sept. 21--at Wisconsin12
Sept. 28--North Texas10
Oct. 5--Oregon10
Oct. 12--at Washington3:30
Oct. 19--at Stanford5
Oct. 26--Washington St.10
Nov. 2--at Oregon St.4
Nov. 9--UCLA9
Nov. 16--at California3:30
Nov. 29--Arizona St.3
Aug. 24--at Nebraska7:45
Aug. 31--E. Washington10
Sept. 7--UCF10
Sept. 14--at San Diego St.10
Sept. 28--Stanford3:30
Oct. 5--North CarolinaTBA
Oct. 12--Oregon St.3:30
Oct. 19--at Oregon3:30
Oct. 26--WashingtonTBA
Nov. 2--at Washington St.4
Nov. 9--California9
Nov. 16--at Southern CalTBA
Nov. 29--at Arizona3
Sept. 7--Boise St.7
Sept. 14--South Florida7
Sept. 28--Alabama7
Oct. 5--at TennesseeTBA
Oct. 12--at Auburn2
Oct. 19--Kentucky2
Oct. 26--Mississippi2
Nov. 2--Troy St.2
Nov. 9--at South Carolina1
Nov. 16--Louisiana-Lafayette2
Nov. 23--at Mississippi St.TBA
Nov. 29--LSU2:30
Aug. 25--at Virginia Tech2
Aug. 31--San Jose St.7
Sept. 7--Tulsa7
Sept. 14--at Illinois12
Sept. 21--at Louisiana-Monroe7
Sept. 28--Tenn.-Martin7
Oct. 5--Middle Tennessee5
Oct. 12--at Mississippi2
Oct. 19--North Texas7
Oct. 26--New Mexico St.3
Nov. 2--S. Utah3
Nov. 9--at Louisiana-Lafayette5
Nov. 16--at Idaho5
Sept. 7--Holy Cross1
Sept. 14--at Rutgers7
Sept. 21--Louisville1
Sept. 28--Southern Miss.1
Oct. 5--at East Carolina2
Oct. 12--TCU1
Oct. 19--at Houston8
Oct. 26--UAB1
Nov. 9--Air Force3
Nov. 16--at Tulane3:30
Nov. 23--at Memphis2
Dec. 7--at Navy12
Sept. 2--at Southern Cal8
Sept. 7--W. Carolina5
Sept. 14--Vanderbilt12:30
Sept. 19--at Mississippi St.7:30
Sept. 28--Syracuse2
Oct. 12--Arkansas2
Oct. 19--at FloridaTBA
Oct. 26--LSU2
Nov. 2--at Mississippi2
Nov. 9--Louisiana-Monroe2
Nov. 16--Georgia2
Nov. 23--at AlabamaTBA
Aug. 29--Syracuse7:30
Sept. 6--Hawaii7
Sept. 14--at Nevada4
Sept. 21--at Georgia Tech3:30
Oct. 4--at Utah St.9
Oct. 12--at Air ForceTBA
Oct. 24--at Colorado St.10
Nov. 2--San Diego St.TBA
Nov. 9--WyomingTBA
Nov. 16--New MexicoTBA
Nov. 23--at UtahTBA
Aug. 31--at California5
Sept. 7--Samford7
Sept. 14--at New Mexico8
Sept. 21--Tulsa7
Oct. 5--Kansas2
Oct. 12--Texas A & amp;M2
Oct. 19--at ColoradoTBA
Oct. 26--Kansas St.3
Nov. 2--at Texas TechTBA
Nov. 9--at TexasTBA
Nov. 16--Oklahoma2
Nov. 23--at Oklahoma St.TBA
Aug. 31--Idaho8
Sept. 7--at Arkansas7
Sept. 14--at WyomingTBA
Sept. 28--Utah St.8
Oct. 5--Hawaii8
Oct. 12--at Tulsa7
Oct. 18--Fresno St.8
Oct. 26--at San Jose St.5
Nov. 2--at UTEP9
Nov. 9--Rice3
Nov. 16--Louisiana Tech3
Nov. 23--at Nevada3
Aug. 31--Connecticut12
Sept. 7--Stanford3:30
Sept. 21--at Miami7:45
Sept. 28--Cent. MichiganTBA
Oct. 10--Virginia Tech7:30
Oct. 19--NavyTBA
Oct. 26--at PittsburghTBA
Nov. 2--at Notre Dame2:30
Nov. 9--at West VirginiaTBA
Nov. 16--SyracuseTBA
Nov. 23--at Temple12
Nov. 30--RutgersTBA
Aug. 31--Baylor5
Sept. 7--New Mexico St.5
Sept. 14--at Michigan St.12
Sept. 21--Air Force5
Sept. 28--Washington St.5
Oct. 5--at Washington3:30
Oct. 12--at Southern Cal3:30
Oct. 19--UCLA3:30
Oct. 26--at Oregon St.4
Nov. 9--at Arizona St.9
Nov. 16--Arizona3:30
Nov. 23--Stanford3:30
Sept. 2--TCU4:30
Sept. 14--West Virginia7
Sept. 21--Ohio St.3:30
Sept. 28--at Temple12
Oct. 5--Miami (Ohio)1
Oct. 12--at Tulane3:30
Oct. 19--at Southern Miss.3
Oct. 26--Memphis2
Nov. 2--at East Carolina2
Nov. 9--at Louisville2
Nov. 16--Houston1
Nov. 23--at Hawaii11
Nov. 30--UAB1
Aug. 31--at Georgia7:45
Sept. 7--Louisiana Tech1
Sept. 14--Georgia Tech12
Sept. 21--Ball St.1
Oct. 3--at Florida St.7:30
Oct. 12--at VirginiaTBA
Oct. 19--Wake ForestTBA
Oct. 24--N.C. State7:30
Nov. 2--at DukeTBA
Nov. 9--at North CarolinaTBA
Nov. 16--MarylandTBA
Nov. 23--South Carolina1
Aug. 31--at Colorado St.1
Sept. 7--San Diego St.7
Sept. 14--Southern Cal3:30
Sept. 21--at UCLA3:30
Oct. 5--Kansas St.TBA
Oct. 12--at KansasTBA
Oct. 19--BaylorTBA
Oct. 26--Texas TechTBA
Nov. 2--at OklahomaTBA
Nov. 9--at MissouriTBA
Nov. 16--Iowa St.TBA
Nov. 29--at Nebraska3:30
Aug. 22--at Virginia7:30
Aug. 31--Colorado1
Sept. 7--at UCLA10:15
Sept. 14--Louisville9:30
Sept. 28--at Nevada4
Oct. 4--at Fresno St.8
Oct. 12--WyomingTBA
Oct. 19--at UtahTBA
Oct. 24--BYU10
Oct. 31--at Air Force7:30
Nov. 16--at San Diego St.TBA
Nov. 23--New MexicoTBA
Nov. 30--UNLVTBA
Aug. 31--at Boston College12
Sept. 7--Georgia Tech12
Sept. 14--at Buffalo7:30
Sept. 21--Ohio12
Sept. 28--Ball St.1
Oct. 5--at Miami7
Oct. 19--Temple12
Oct. 26--at Vanderbilt2
Nov. 2--Florida Atlantic12
Nov. 9--Kent St.12
Nov. 16--at Navy12
Nov. 23--at Iowa St.2
Aug. 31--East Carolina6:30
Sept. 7--Louisville6
Sept. 14--at Northwestern1
Sept. 21--at Florida St.7
Sept. 28--at Navy12
Oct. 5--VirginiaTBA
Oct. 12--at Wake ForestTBA
Oct. 19--at N.C. StateTBA
Oct. 26--MarylandTBA
Nov. 2--ClemsonTBA
Nov. 16--at Georgia TechTBA
Nov. 23--North CarolinaTBA
Aug. 31--at Duke6:30
Sept. 7--at Wake Forest6:30
Sept. 14--Tulane7
Sept. 28--at West Virginia12
Oct. 5--Army2
Oct. 19--South Florida2
Oct. 26--at Louisville2
Nov. 2--Cincinnati2
Nov. 9--at Houston3
Nov. 16--at UAB3
Nov. 23--TCU2
Nov. 30--at Southern Miss.3
Aug. 31--UAB6
Sept. 7--Miami5
Sept. 14--Ohio6
Sept. 21--at Tennessee3:30
Sept. 28--KentuckyTBA
Oct. 5--at Mississippi2
Oct. 12--LSUTBA
Oct. 19--AuburnTBA
Nov. 2--at GeorgiaTBA
Nov. 9--at Vanderbilt2
Nov. 16--South Carolina1
Nov. 30--at Florida St.8
Aug. 24--at Iowa St.8:30
Aug. 31--Virginia3:30
Sept. 14--at Maryland7:45
Sept. 21--Duke7
Sept. 26 at Louisville7:30
Oct. 3--Clemson7:30
Oct. 12--at Miami12
Oct. 26--Notre Dame12
Nov. 2--at Wake ForestTBA
Nov. 9--at Georgia Tech3:30
Nov. 16--North Carolina3:30
Nov. 23--at N.C. StateTBA
Nov. 30--Florida8
Aug. 23--at Wisconsin8
Aug. 29--San Diego St.10
Sept. 7--at Oregon3:30
Sept. 21--at Oregon St.6:30
Sept. 28--at Rice8
Oct. 4--Colorado St.8
Oct. 12--SMU10
Oct. 18--at Boise St.8
Oct. 25--Hawaii9
Nov. 9--Tulsa7
Nov. 16--Nevada7
Nov. 23--at San Jose St.5
Dec. 5--at Louisiana Tech9
Aug. 31--Clemson7:45
Sept. 14--at South Carolina3:30
Sept. 21--Northwestern St.1
Sept. 28--New Mexico St.1
Oct. 5--at AlabamaTBA
Oct. 12--TennesseeTBA
Oct. 19--Vanderbilt12
Oct. 26--at Kentucky7
Nov. 2--FloridaTBA
Nov. 9--MississippiTBA
Nov. 16--at Auburn2
Nov. 30--at Georgia TechTBA
Aug. 31--Vanderbilt6
Sept. 7--at Connecticut12
Sept. 14--at Clemson12
Sept. 21--BYU3:30
Sept. 28--at North CarolinaTBA
Oct. 5--Wake ForestTBA
Oct. 17 at Maryland7:30
Oct. 26--VirginiaTBA
Nov. 2--at N.C. StateTBA
Nov. 9--Florida St.3:30
Nov. 16--DukeTBA
Nov. 30--GeorgiaTBA
Aug. 31--E. Illinois12:05 a.m.
Sept. 6--at BYU7
Sept. 21--at UTEP9
Sept. 28--SMU12:05 a.m.
Oct. 5--at Boise St.8
Oct. 12--Nevada12:05 a.m.
Oct. 19--Tulsa12:05 a.m.
Oct. 25--at Fresno St.9
Nov. 2--San Jose St.11
Nov. 16--at Rice3
Nov. 23--Cincinnati11
Nov. 30--Alabama8
Dec. 7--San Diego St.11
Aug. 31--at Rice8
Sept. 7--Tulane8
Sept. 14--Louisiana-Lafayette8
Sept. 21--at Texas7
Oct. 5--at TCU3
Oct. 12--at UAB3
Oct. 19--Army8
Nov. 2--at Memphis2
Nov. 9--East Carolina3
Nov. 16--at Cincinnati1
Nov. 23--South Florida3
Nov. 30--Louisville3
Aug. 31--at Boise St.8
Sept. 7--at Washington St.5
Sept. 14--at Oregon3:30
Sept. 21--San Diego St.5
Sept. 28--at Washington3:30
Oct. 5--Montana5
Oct. 12--at Louisiana-Monroe7
Oct. 26--Middle Tennessee5
Nov. 2--at Louisiana-Lafayette5
Nov. 9--at North Texas4
Nov. 16--Arkansas St.5
Nov. 23--New Mexico St.5
Aug. 24--Florida St.8:30
Aug. 31--Kansas12:30
Sept. 7--Tennessee Tech7
Sept. 14--at Iowa6
Sept. 21--Troy St.7
Sept. 28--NebraskaTBA
Oct. 12--Texas TechTBA
Oct. 19--at OklahomaTBA
Oct. 26--at TexasTBA
Nov. 2--MissouriTBA
Nov. 9--at Kansas St.TBA
Nov. 16--at ColoradoTBA
Nov. 23--Connecticut2
Aug. 31--at Iowa St.12:30
Sept. 7--at UNLV10
Sept. 14--SW Missouri St.7
Sept. 21--Bowling Green7
Sept. 28--at Tulsa7
Oct. 5--at Baylor2
Oct. 12--ColoradoTBA
Oct. 19--Texas A & amp;MTBA
Oct. 26--at MissouriTBA
Nov. 2--Kansas St.TBA
Nov. 9--at NebraskaTBA
Nov. 16--Oklahoma St.TBA
Aug. 31--W. Kentucky7
Sept. 7--Louisiana-Monroe7
Sept. 14--E. Illinois2
Sept. 21--Southern CalTBA
Oct. 5--at ColoradoTBA
Oct. 12--Oklahoma St.TBA
Oct. 19--TexasTBA
Oct. 26--at Baylor3
Nov. 2--at KansasTBA
Nov. 9--Iowa St.TBA
Nov. 16--NebraskaTBA
Nov. 23--at MissouriTBA
Sept. 1--at Louisville6
Sept. 7--UTEP1:30
Sept. 14--Indiana7
Sept. 21--Middle Tennessee1:30
Sept. 28--at FloridaTBA
Oct. 12--South Carolina7
Oct. 19--at Arkansas2
Oct. 26--Georgia7
Nov. 2--at Mississippi St.TBA
Nov. 9--LSU1:30
Nov. 16--Vanderbilt1:30
Nov. 30--at TennesseeTBA
Sept. 1--at Virginia Tech2:30
Sept. 7--The Citadel8
Sept. 14--Miami (Ohio)8
Sept. 28--Mississippi St.8
Oct. 5--Louisiana-Lafayette8
Oct. 12--at FloridaTBA
Oct. 19--South Carolina8
Oct. 26--at Auburn2
Nov. 9--at Kentucky1:30
Nov. 16--Alabama8
Nov. 23--Mississippi8
Nov. 29--at Arkansas2:30
Aug. 31--Oklahoma St.8
Sept. 7--at Clemson1
Sept. 14--Tulsa7
Sept. 21--at Penn St.12
Sept. 28--at Texas A & amp;M7
Oct. 5--at Rice8
Oct. 19--at SMU3
Oct. 26--Nevada3
Nov. 9--at San Jose St.5
Nov. 16--at Boise St.3
Nov. 23--UTEP3
Dec. 5--Fresno St.9
Aug. 31--at Texas A & amp;M7
Sept. 7--Minnesota8
Sept. 14--at Houston8
Sept. 21--UAB7
Oct. 5--at LSU8
Oct. 12--at New Mexico St.8
Oct. 19--at Middle Tennessee3
Oct. 26--North Texas5
Nov. 2--Idaho5
Nov. 9--Arkansas St.5
Nov. 16--at Arkansas2
Nov. 23--at Louisiana-Monroe7
Aug. 31--at Mississippi7
Sept. 7--at Kansas St.7
Sept. 14--McNeese St.7
Sept. 21--Arkansas St.7
Oct. 5--Tulane7
Oct. 12--Idaho7
Oct. 19--at New Mexico St.4
Oct. 26--Utah St.7
Nov. 2--at North Texas4
Nov. 9--at Auburn2
Nov. 16--at Middle Tennessee3
Nov. 23--Louisiana-Lafayette7
Sept. 1--Kentucky6
Sept. 7--at Duke6
Sept. 14--at Colorado St.9:30
Sept. 21--at Army1
Sept. 26--Florida St.7:30
Oct. 8--at Memphis8
Oct. 19--TCU2
Oct. 26--East Carolina2
Nov. 9--Cincinnati2
Nov. 14--at Southern Miss.7:30
Nov. 23--UAB1
Nov. 30--at Houston3
Aug. 31--at Notre Dame8
Sept. 7--Akron6
Sept. 14--Florida St.7:30
Sept. 21--E. Michigan6
Sept. 28--Wofford6
Oct. 5--at West Virginia12
Oct. 17--Georgia Tech7:45
Oct. 26--at DukeTBA
Nov. 2--at North CarolinaTBA
Nov. 9--N.C. StateTBA
Nov. 16--at ClemsonTBA
Nov. 23--at VirginiaTBA
Nov. 30--Wake ForestTBA
Aug. 31--Murray St.8
Sept. 7--at Mississippi12:30
Sept. 14--at Southern Miss.7
Sept. 21--Tulane8
Sept. 28--at UAB7
Oct. 8--Louisville8
Oct. 19--Mississippi St.8
Oct. 26--at Cincinnati2
Nov. 2--Houston2
Nov. 9--at South Florida7
Nov. 23--Army2
Nov. 30--at TCU3
Aug. 31--Florida A & amp;M7
Sept. 7--at Florida5
Sept. 14--at Temple12
Sept. 21--Boston College7:45
Oct. 5--Connecticut7
Oct. 12--Florida St.12
Oct. 26--at West VirginiaTBA
Nov. 2--at RutgersTBA
Nov. 9--at TennesseeTBA
Nov. 21--Pittsburgh7:30
Nov. 30--at Syracuse1
Dec. 7--Virginia Tech1
Aug. 31--at Alabama12:30
Sept. 7--at Tennessee7
Sept. 21--at Kentucky1:30
Sept. 28--SE Missouri7
Oct. 5--at Arkansas St.5
Oct. 12--at Vanderbilt7
Oct. 19--Louisiana-Lafayette3
Oct. 26--at Idaho5
Nov. 2--at New Mexico St.6
Nov. 16--Louisiana-Monroe3
Nov. 23--North Texas3
Nov. 30--Utah St.3
Aug. 31--Louisiana-Monroe7
Sept. 7--Memphis12:30
Sept. 14--at Texas Tech3:30
Sept. 21--Vanderbilt12:30
Oct. 5--Florida2
Oct. 12--Arkansas St.2
Oct. 19--at AlabamaTBA
Oct. 26--at Arkansas2
Nov. 2--Auburn2
Nov. 9--at GeorgiaTBA
Nov. 23--at LSU8
Nov. 28--Mississippi St.7:30
Aug. 31--at Oregon6
Sept. 14--Jacksonville St.7
Sept. 19--Auburn7:30
Sept. 28--at LSU8
Oct. 5--at South Carolina1
Oct. 12--Troy St.2:30
Oct. 19--at Memphis8
Nov. 2--KentuckyTBA
Nov. 9--at AlabamaTBA
Nov. 16--TennesseeTBA
Nov. 23--ArkansasTBA
Nov. 28--at Mississippi7:30
Aug. 31--Illinois3:30
Sept. 7--Ball St.7
Sept. 14--at Bowling Green6
Sept. 28--Troy St.2
Oct. 5--OklahomaTBA
Oct. 12--at NebraskaTBA
Oct. 19--at Texas Tech7
Oct. 26--KansasTBA
Nov. 2--at Iowa St.TBA
Nov. 9--ColoradoTBA
Nov. 16--at Texas A & amp;M2
Nov. 23--Kansas St.TBA
Aug. 24--New Mexico4
Aug. 31--ETSU7
Sept. 7--at Navy12
Sept. 14--Wake ForestTBA
Sept. 21--at Texas Tech12:30
Sept. 28--Massachusetts1
Oct. 12--at North CarolinaTBA
Oct. 19--DukeTBA
Oct. 24--at Clemson7:30
Nov. 2--Georgia TechTBA
Nov. 9--at MarylandTBA
Nov. 16--at VirginiaTBA
Nov. 23--Florida St.TBA
Aug. 31--at SMU8
Sept. 7--N.C. State12
Sept. 21--Northwestern12
Sept. 28--Duke12
Oct. 5--at Air ForceTBA
Oct. 12--Rice12
Oct. 19--at Boston CollegeTBA
Oct. 26--at Tulane3:30
Nov. 9--Notre Dame12
Nov. 16--Connecticut12
Nov. 23--at Wake Forest12
Dec. 7--Army12
Aug. 24--Arizona St.7:45
Aug. 31--Troy St.7
Sept. 7--Utah St.7
Sept. 14--at Penn St.8
Sept. 28--at Iowa St.TBA
Oct. 5--McNeese St.1:30
Oct. 12--MissouriTBA
Oct. 19--at Oklahoma St.TBA
Oct. 26--at Texas A & amp;M2
Nov. 2--TexasTBA
Nov. 9--KansasTBA
Nov. 16--at Kansas St.TBA
Nov. 29 Colorado3:30
Aug. 31--at Washington St.3
Sept. 14--BYU4
Sept. 21--Rice4
Sept. 28--Colorado St.4
Oct. 5--at UNLV10
Oct. 12--at Hawaii12:05 a.m.
Oct. 19--San Jose St.4
Oct. 26--at Louisiana Tech3
Nov. 2--at SMU3
Nov. 9--UTEP3
Nov. 16--at Fresno St.7
Nov. 23--Boise St.3
Aug. 24--at N.C. State4
Aug. 31--Weber St.8
Sept. 7--at Air ForceTBA
Sept. 14--Baylor8
Sept. 21--at New Mexico St.8
Sept. 27 Texas Tech7
Oct. 12--at UNLV7
Oct. 19--at Utah St.3
Oct. 26--UtahTBA
Nov. 9--San Diego St.TBA
Nov. 16--at BYUTBA
Nov. 23--at Colorado St.TBA
Nov. 30--WyomingTBA
Aug. 31--at South Carolina7
Sept. 7--at California5
Sept. 21--New Mexico8
Sept. 28--at Georgia1
Oct. 5--UTEP8
Oct. 12--Louisiana-Lafayette8
Oct. 19--Louisiana-Monroe4
Oct. 26--at Arkansas St.3
Nov. 2--Middle Tennessee6
Nov. 9--at Utah St.3
Nov. 16--at North Texas4
Nov. 23--at Idaho5
Aug. 31--Miami (Ohio)1:30
Sept. 7--at Syracuse8
Sept. 14--Texas8
Sept. 28--Georgia TechTBA
Oct. 5--at Arizona St.TBA
Oct. 12--N.C. StateTBA
Oct. 19--at VirginiaTBA
Oct. 26--at Wake ForestTBA
Nov. 2--MarylandTBA
Nov. 9--ClemsonTBA
Nov. 16--at Florida St.3:30
Nov. 23--at DukeTBA
Aug. 31--at Texas7
Sept. 7--Nicholls St.8
Sept. 14--at Alabama7
Sept. 21--at TCU7
Sept. 28--at Arizona10
Oct. 5--South Florida8
Oct. 19--at Arkansas St.7
Oct. 26--at Louisiana-Lafayette5
Nov. 2--Louisiana-Monroe4
Nov. 9--Idaho4
Nov. 16--New Mexico St.4
Nov. 23--at Middle Tennessee3
Aug. 31--Maryland8
Sept. 7--Purdue1
Sept. 14--Michigan2:30
Sept. 21--at Michigan St.TBA
Oct. 5--Stanford2:30
Oct. 12--Pittsburgh2:30
Oct. 19--at Air ForceTBA
Oct. 26--at Florida St.12
Nov. 2--Boston College2:30
Nov. 9--at Navy12
Nov. 23--Rutgers1
Nov. 30--at Southern Cal8
Aug. 30--at Tulsa8
Sept. 7--Alabama3:30
Sept. 14--UTEPTBA
Sept. 28--South FloridaTBA
Oct. 5--at MissouriTBA
Oct. 12--at TexasTBA
Oct. 19--Iowa St.TBA
Nov. 2--ColoradoTBA
Nov. 9--at Texas A & amp;M2
Nov. 16--at Baylor2
Nov. 23--Texas TechTBA
Nov. 30--at Oklahoma St.1
Aug. 31--at Louisiana Tech8
Sept. 7--N. Iowa7
Sept. 14--UCLA7
Sept. 21--SMU7
Oct. 5--at TexasTBA
Oct. 12--at Kansas St.TBA
Oct. 19--NebraskaTBA
Nov. 2--Texas A & amp;MTBA
Nov. 9--at Texas TechTBA
Nov. 16--at KansasTBA
Nov. 23--BaylorTBA
Nov. 30--Oklahoma1
Aug. 31--Mississippi St.6
Sept. 7--Fresno St.3:30
Sept. 14--Idaho3:30
Sept. 21--Portland St.3:30
Oct. 5--at Arizona10
Oct. 12--at UCLA3:30
Oct. 19--Arizona St.3:30
Oct. 26--Southern Cal3:30
Nov. 2--Stanford3:30
Nov. 9--at Washington St.5
Nov. 16--Washington3:30
Nov. 23--at Oregon St.4
Aug. 29--E. Kentucky10
Sept. 5--at Temple7
Sept. 14--UNLV7
Sept. 21--Fresno St.6:30
Sept. 28--at Southern CalTBA
Oct. 5--UCLA4
Oct. 12--at Arizona St.3:30
Oct. 26--California4
Nov. 2--Arizona4
Nov. 9--at Washington3:30
Nov. 16--at Stanford5
Nov. 23--Oregon4
Aug. 31--Ohio7
Sept. 7--Texas A & amp;M12
Sept. 14--at UAB7
Sept. 21--Rutgers12
Sept. 28--ToledoTBA
Oct. 5--at Syracuse12
Oct. 12--at Notre Dame2:30
Oct. 26--Boston CollegeTBA
Nov. 2--at Virginia TechTBA
Nov. 9--TempleTBA
Nov. 21--at Miami7:30
Nov. 30--West VirginiaTBA
Aug. 31--Houston8
Sept. 7--at Michigan St.1
Sept. 21--at Nevada4
Sept. 28--Fresno St.8
Oct. 5--Louisiana Tech8
Oct. 12--at Navy12
Oct. 19--at UTEP9
Oct. 26--SMU3
Nov. 2--at Tulsa3
Nov. 9--at Boise St.3
Nov. 16--Hawaii3
Aug. 31--Villanova7
Sept. 7--Buffalo7
Sept. 14--Army7
Sept. 21--at Pittsburgh12
Sept. 28--at Tennessee7
Oct. 12--West VirginiaTBA
Oct. 19--at Virginia TechTBA
Oct. 26--at SyracuseTBA
Nov. 2--MiamiTBA
Nov. 16--TempleTBA
Nov. 23--at Notre Dame1
Nov. 30--at Boston CollegeTBA
Aug. 31--Navy8
Sept. 7--Texas Tech7
Sept. 14--at TCU7
Sept. 21--at Oklahoma St.7
Sept. 28--at Hawaii12:05 a.m.
Oct. 5--San Jose St.3
Oct. 12--at Fresno St.10
Oct. 19--Louisiana Tech3
Oct. 26--at Rice3
Nov. 2--Nevada3
Nov. 16--at UTEP9
Nov. 23--Tulsa3
Aug. 29--at Fresno St.10
Sept. 7--at Colorado7
Sept. 14--Arizona St.10
Sept. 21--at Idaho5
Sept. 28--UCLATBA
Oct. 12--UtahTBA
Oct. 19--at WyomingTBA
Oct. 26--UNLV7
Nov. 2--at BYUTBA
Nov. 9--at New MexicoTBA
Nov. 16--Colorado St.TBA
Nov. 23--at Air ForceTBA
Dec. 7--at Hawaii, 11 p.m.
Aug. 31--at Arkansas St.7
Sept. 7--at Washington3:30
Sept. 14--at Stanford10
Sept. 21--at Illinois2
Sept. 28--UTEP9
Oct. 5--at SMU3
Oct. 12--at Ohio St.12
Oct. 19--at Nevada4
Oct. 26--Boise St.5
Nov. 2--at Hawaii, 11 p.m.
Nov. 9--Louisiana Tech5
Nov. 16--at Tulsa3
Nov. 23--Fresno St.5
Aug. 31--New Mexico St.7
Sept. 7--at Virginia7:45
Sept. 14--Georgia3:30
Sept. 21--Temple7
Sept. 28--at Vanderbilt7
Oct. 5--Mississippi St.1
Oct. 12--at Kentucky7
Oct. 19--at LSU8
Nov. 2--Tennessee7
Nov. 9--Arkansas1
Nov. 16--at Florida1
Nov. 23--at Clemson1
Aug. 29--Florida Atlantic7
Sept. 7--N. Illinois7
Sept. 14--at Arkansas7
Sept. 28--at OklahomaTBA
Oct. 5--at North Texas8
Oct. 12--Southern Miss.7
Oct. 19--at East Carolina2
Nov. 2--Charleston Southern7
Nov. 9--Memphis7
Nov. 16--Bowling Green7
Nov. 23--at Houston3
Sept. 2 Auburn8
Sept. 14--at Colorado3:30
Sept. 21--at Kansas St.TBA
Sept. 28--Oregon St.TBA
Oct. 5--at Washington St.5
Oct. 12--California3:30
Oct. 19--Washington3:30
Oct. 26--at Oregon3:30
Nov. 9--at Stanford7
Nov. 16--Arizona St.TBA
Nov. 23--at UCLATBA
Nov. 30--Notre Dame8
Aug. 31--Jackson St.7
Sept. 7--Illinois12
Sept. 14--Memphis7
Sept. 21--at Alabama7
Sept. 28--at Army1
Oct. 12--at South Florida7
Oct. 19--Cincinnati3
Oct. 30 at TCU7:30
Nov. 9--at UAB3
Nov. 14--Louisville7:30
Nov. 23--at Tulane3:30
Nov. 30--East Carolina3
Sept. 7--at Boston College3:30
Sept. 14--San Jose St.10
Sept. 28--at Arizona St.3:30
Oct. 5--at Notre Dame2:30
Oct. 12--Washington St.5
Oct. 19--Arizona5
Oct. 26--at UCLATBA
Nov. 2--at Oregon3:30
Nov. 9--Southern Cal7
Nov. 16--Oregon St.5
Nov. 23--at California3:30
Aug. 29--at BYU7:30
Sept. 7--North Carolina8
Sept. 14--Rhode Island3:30
Sept. 28--at Auburn2
Oct. 5--Pittsburgh12
Oct. 12--at Temple12
Oct. 19--at West Virginia12
Oct. 26--RutgersTBA
Nov. 2--at UCF6
Nov. 9--Virginia TechTBA
Nov. 16--at Boston CollegeTBA
Nov. 30--Miami1
Sept. 2 at Cincinnati4:30
Sept. 7--at Northwestern1
Sept. 14--SMU7
Sept. 21--North Texas7
Oct. 5--Houston3
Oct. 12--at Army1
Oct. 19--at Louisville2
Oct. 30 Southern Miss.7:30
Nov. 9--Tulane3
Nov. 23--at East Carolina2
Nov. 30--Memphis3
Aug. 29--Richmond7
Sept. 5--Oregon St.7
Sept. 14--Miami12
Sept. 21--at South Carolina7
Sept. 28--Cincinnati12
Oct. 12--Syracuse12
Oct. 19--at Connecticut12
Oct. 26--at Virginia TechTBA
Nov. 2--West Virginia12
Nov. 9--at PittsburghTBA
Nov. 16--at RutgersTBA
Nov. 23--Boston College12
Aug. 31--Wyoming5:30
Sept. 7--Middle Tennessee7
Sept. 21--Florida3:30
Sept. 28--Rutgers7
Oct. 5--ArkansasTBA
Oct. 12--at GeorgiaTBA
Oct. 26--AlabamaTBA
Nov. 2--at South Carolina7
Nov. 9--MiamiTBA
Nov. 16--at Mississippi St.TBA
Nov. 23--at Vanderbilt2
Nov. 30--KentuckyTBA
Aug. 31--North Texas7
Sept. 14--at North Carolina8
Sept. 21--ston7
Sept. 28--at Tulane3:30
Oct. 5--Oklahoma St.TBA
Oct. 12--OklahomaTBA
Oct. 19--at Kansas St.TBA
Oct. 26--Iowa St.TBA
Nov. 2--at NebraskaTBA
Nov. 9--BaylorTBA
Nov. 16--at Texas TechTBA
Nov. 29 Texas A & amp;M12
TEXAS A & amp;M
Aug. 31--Louisiana-Lafayette7
Sept. 7--at Pittsburgh12
Sept. 21--Virginia Tech7
Sept. 28--Louisiana Tech7
Oct. 5--Texas Tech2
Oct. 12--at Baylor2
Oct. 19--at KansasTBA
Oct. 26--Nebraska2
Nov. 2--at Oklahoma St.TBA
Nov. 9--Oklahoma2
Nov. 16--Missouri2
Nov. 29 at Texas12
Aug. 24--at Ohio St.2:30
Sept. 7--at SMU7
Sept. 14--Mississippi3:30
Sept. 21--N.C. State12:30
Sept. 27 at New Mexico7
Oct. 5--at Texas A & amp;M2
Oct. 12--at Iowa St.TBA
Oct. 19--Missouri7
Oct. 26--at ColoradoTBA
Nov. 2--BaylorTBA
Nov. 9--Oklahoma St.TBA
Nov. 16--TexasTBA
Nov. 23--at OklahomaTBA
Aug. 31--at Nebraska7
Sept. 7--at UAB7
Sept. 14--S. Utah7
Sept. 21--at Iowa St.7
Sept. 28--at Missouri2
Oct. 5--Austin Peay7
Oct. 12--at Mississippi St.2:30
Oct. 19--at Marshall4
Oct. 26--Florida Atlantic3
Nov. 2--at Arkansas2
Nov. 9--at Florida A & amp;M5
Nov. 16--Utah St.3
Aug. 31--Southern U.3:30
Sept. 7--at Houston8
Sept. 14--at East Carolina7
Sept. 21--at Memphis8
Sept. 28--Texas3:30
Oct. 5--at Louisiana-Monroe7
Oct. 12--Cincinnati3:30
Oct. 19--UAB3:30
Oct. 26--Navy3:30
Nov. 9--at TCU3
Nov. 16--Army3:30
Nov. 23--Southern Miss.3:30
Aug. 30--Oklahoma8
Sept. 7--at Arkansas St.7
Sept. 14--at Louisiana Tech7
Sept. 21--at Baylor7
Sept. 28--Kansas7
Oct. 12--Boise St.7
Oct. 19--at Hawaii12:05 a.m.
Oct. 26--UTEP3
Nov. 2--Rice3
Nov. 9--at Fresno St.7
Nov. 16--San Jose St.3
Nov. 23--at SMU3
Aug. 31--at Florida6
Sept. 7--Troy St.7
Sept. 14--Pittsburgh7
Sept. 21--at Louisiana-Lafayette7
Sept. 28--Memphis7
Oct. 12--Houston3
Oct. 19--at Tulane3:30
Oct. 26--at Army1
Nov. 9--Southern Miss.3
Nov. 16--East Carolina3
Nov. 23--at Louisville1
Nov. 30--at Cincinnati1
Sept. 7--Colorado St.10:15
Sept. 14--at Oklahoma St.7
Sept. 21--Colorado3:30
Sept. 28--at San Diego St.TBA
Oct. 5--at Oregon St.4
Oct. 12--Oregon3:30
Oct. 19--at California3:30
Oct. 26--StanfordTBA
Nov. 2--at Washington3:30
Nov. 9--at Arizona9
Nov. 23--Southern CalTBA
Dec. 7--Washington St.4:30
Aug. 31--Wisconsin8:45
Sept. 7--Kansas10
Sept. 14--at Oregon St.7
Sept. 21--at Toledo7
Oct. 5--Nevada10
Oct. 12--New Mexico7
Oct. 26--at San Diego St.7
Nov. 2--WyomingTBA
Nov. 9--at UtahTBA
Nov. 16--Air ForceTBA
Nov. 30--at Colorado St.TBA
Aug. 31--Sacramento St.9
Sept. 7--at Kentucky1:30
Sept. 14--at OklahomaTBA
Sept. 21--Hawaii9
Sept. 28--at San Jose St.9
Oct. 5--at New Mexico St.8
Oct. 19--Rice9
Oct. 26--at Tulsa3
Nov. 2--Boise St.9
Nov. 9--at Nevada3
Nov. 16--SMU9
Nov. 23--at Louisiana Tech3
Aug. 31--at Utah St.9
Sept. 7--Indiana8
Sept. 14--at Arizona9
Sept. 21--at Michigan12
Sept. 28--Air ForceTBA
Oct. 12--at San Diego St.TBA
Oct. 19--Colorado St.TBA
Oct. 26--at New MexicoTBA
Nov. 16--at WyomingTBA
Nov. 23--BYUTBA
Aug. 31--Utah9
Sept. 7--at Nebraska7
Sept. 14--Idaho St.9
Sept. 21--at Iowa3:30
Sept. 28--at Boise St.8
Oct. 4 BYU9
Oct. 19--New Mexico3
Oct. 26--at Louisiana-Monroe7
Nov. 9--New Mexico St.3
Nov. 16--at Troy St.3
Nov. 30--at Middle Tennessee3
Aug. 31--at Georgia Tech6
Sept. 7--Furman7
Sept. 14--at Auburn12:30
Sept. 21--at Mississippi12:30
Sept. 28--South Carolina7
Oct. 12--Middle Tennessee7
Oct. 19--at Georgia12
Oct. 26--Connecticut2
Nov. 2--Alabama2
Nov. 9--Florida2
Nov. 16--at Kentucky1:30
Nov. 23--Tennessee2
Aug. 22 Colorado St.7:30
Aug. 31--at Florida St.3:30
Sept. 7--South Carolina7:45
Sept. 21--Akron3
Sept. 28--at Wake ForestTBA
Oct. 5--at DukeTBA
Oct. 12--ClemsonTBA
Oct. 19--North CarolinaTBA
Oct. 26--at Georgia TechTBA
Nov. 9--at Penn St.TBA
Nov. 16--N.C. StateTBA
Nov. 23--MarylandTBA
Nov. 30--at Virginia TechTBA
Aug. 25--Arkansas St.2
Sept. 1--LSU2:30
Sept. 12 Marshall7:30
Sept. 21--at Texas A & amp;M7
Sept. 28--at W. MichiganTBA
Oct. 10 at Boston College7:30
Oct. 19--RutgersTBA
Oct. 26--TempleTBA
Nov. 2--PittsburghTBA
Nov. 9--at SyracuseTBA
Nov. 20 West Virginia7
Nov. 30--VirginiaTBA
Dec. 7--at Miami1
Aug. 29--at N. Illinois7:30
Sept. 7--East Carolina6:30
Sept. 14--at N.C. StateTBA
Sept. 21--at PurdueTBA
Sept. 28--VirginiaTBA
Oct. 5--at Georgia TechTBA
Oct. 12--DukeTBA
Oct. 19--at ClemsonTBA
Oct. 26--North CarolinaTBA
Nov. 2--Florida St.TBA
Nov. 23--Navy12
Nov. 30--at MarylandTBA
Aug. 31--at Michigan12
Sept. 7--San Jose St.3:30
Sept. 21--Wyoming10:15
Sept. 28--Idaho3:30
Oct. 5--California3:30
Oct. 12--Arizona3:30
Oct. 19--at Southern Cal3:30
Oct. 26--at Arizona St.TBA
Nov. 2--UCLA3:30
Nov. 9--Oregon St.3:30
Nov. 16--at Oregon3:30
Nov. 23--at Washington St.5
Aug. 31--Nevada3
Sept. 7--Idaho5
Sept. 14--at Ohio St.3:30
Sept. 21--Montana St.5
Sept. 28--at California5
Oct. 5--Southern Cal5
Oct. 12--at Stanford5
Oct. 26--at Arizona10
Nov. 2--Arizona St.4
Nov. 9--Oregon5
Nov. 23--Washington5
Dec. 7--at UCLA4:30
Aug. 31--Chattanooga1
Sept. 7--at Wisconsin12
Sept. 14--at Cincinnati7
Sept. 28--East Carolina12
Oct. 5--Maryland12
Oct. 12--at RutgersTBA
Oct. 19--Syracuse12
Oct. 26--MiamiTBA
Nov. 2--at Temple12
Nov. 9--Boston CollegeTBA
Nov. 20 at Virginia Tech7
Nov. 30--at PittsburghTBA
Aug. 31--at Tennessee5:30
Sept. 7--at Cent. Michigan12
Sept. 14--Boise St.TBA
Sept. 21--at Washington10:15
Oct. 5--The CitadelTBA
Oct. 12--at Colorado St.TBA
Oct. 19--San Diego St.TBA
Oct. 26--Air ForceTBA
Nov. 2--at UNLVTBA
Nov. 9--at BYUTBA
Nov. 16--UtahTBA
Nov. 30--at New MexicoTBA

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