YOUNGSTOWN Shootings spark residents' worries

Police think one of the shootings was over a property dispute.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Yellow police tape and several cruisers called attention to a body in the weeds as a school bus carried children on the first day of school down Greenwood Avenue to Waverly Avenue.
The man, found about 6:45 a.m. today by Youngstown Patrol Officer William Golec, was lying naked and face up among scattered litter and an abandoned tire on the city's West Side. The man was bound and gagged with silver duct tape.
Youngstown Detective Sgt. Gerald Maietta said it appears as if the man suffered one gunshot wound to the head. He said the body of the unidentified man had been in the weeds since sometime after midnight.
It is unclear whether he was killed there or in another location and his body dumped, said Lt. Robin Lees, Youngstown police public information officer. He said there were no reports of gunfire or unusual activity in the area overnight.
The scene
Bill Agnone Jr. stopped to watch the police activity on his way to work. He's lived in the neighborhood for two months and said the killing makes him "very, very nervous" because his children stay with him every other weekend.
"This just ain't cool," he said. "I never heard anything like this around here. It's not the Ritz Hotel, but it's been pretty quiet."
Two women who work nearby stopped to ask police if they should lock their door.
"This was always our biggest fear," said one.
Police said the man, who is black, had a tattoo of a face on his left forearm and another tattoo on his upper right shoulder that appeared to be a tiger. Lees said anyone with a missing family member or friend who may fit the description should call Maietta or Detective Sgt. Jose Morales at (330) 742-8911.
Man shot, injured
In another shooting on the North Side, officers said Eddie Bryant, 25, of Cohasset Drive, was shot once in his midsection in front of 2762 and 2764 Hammaker St. at 2:44 p.m. and was driven by a friend to St. Elizabeth Health Center before help arrived. He was in serious condition today at the hospital.
Lees said police had a suspect, adding that the shooting appeared to be over a property dispute.
A jury acquitted Bryant on July 17 in the March 19 killing of Stephen Shackleford, 29, outside his home in the Victory Annex housing complex. On Aug. 15, a jury convicted another defendant, Lorice Moore, 25, of McGuffey Road, of complicity to the murder of Shackleford, and he received a mandatory sentence of 18 years to life in prison. Two other defendants, Armin Moore, 24, of Kendis Circle, and Calvin Moore, 30, no address available, still await trial in Shackleford's death.
A man who did not want to be identified said he heard a single gunshot ring out in the housing complex in the Brier Hill area Monday and saw a man run from there. It scared him.
He said his four daughters, ages 7 to 15, like to play behind their home on a neighboring street or walk to visit friends. "Now I've gotta keep them in front of the house," he said, "where I can see them."

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