State should crack down on uninsured motorists

State should crack down on uninsured motorists
When buying new vehicle license plates every person should have proof of liability insurance.
The system we currently have for buying new license plates for vehicles does not do justice for the responsible citizen. Every time a person is attempting to acquire a new license plate they should not only sign a statement saying they have liability insurance but actually provide proof of it. People should be made responsible in obtaining their insurance.
We have to pay for uninsured motorists which is not fair for the people who do. With our current system, if you are involved in an automobile accident with a person who is uninsured, there is nothing the judicial system can do for you. You are forced to pay out of your own pocket for damages and injury.
I am asking Ohio residents to call their state representatives and senators to help change this present law that is unfair to Ohio's responsible citizens.
Crime runs rampantbecause it is allowed to
The Aug. 15 letter from a physician who witnessed a car running red lights on Market Street hit the nail on the head as to the solution to crime in Youngstown. We need police who do something about it.
In Boardman and Liberty you can't even have tinted windows or loud music. Try running a stop sign in the Boardman Plaza and you get a ticket. Those people who ran the red lights knew there was a cop behind them and you see the & quot;due respect & quot; they gave them. You have to earn respect. And those patrolmen didn't care about the people running the red light or how they appeared to Dr. Svenson.
What if a wanted suspect was in that car, what if he had a loaded gun and was to later kill someone and that could have been prevented? Do the people of Youngstown get that? They don't care! The criminals obviously get it.
The head of the Weed and Seed program said that the people in the neighborhoods have to get involved. Maybe she will write in and tell us how a common neighbor could have handled that situation when an & quot;armed protector of the people & quot; couldn't do it. Has she ever had her life threatened by her & quot;neighbors & quot;? Does she wonder if her house will still be standing or set on fire when she returns home from the local grocery store? This is what life is like in my & quot;hood. & quot;
The other day, a delivery man told me there's a drug house on my street and pointed it out. Have the Weed and Seed patrolmen assigned to my area spotted it? Maybe they can ask the delivery man for help. Oh that's right, why bother -- & quot;it happens all the time. & quot;
Pope remains a beacon
So, your anonymous editorial staff feels that the Holy Father should retire. Considering your omnipotence, your solutions to our world's problems would be a revelation.
You state in your editorial that "the Pope has run out of steam ... ." How dare you presume that you can judge the effectiveness of this holy man. Through his struggle and suffering, he offers us such an awesome example of hope. This vigorous, courageous spirit transcends his physical problem and inspires young and old to emulate his selfless, humble example
Pope John Paul II's presence in our lives is like the Olympic flame guiding us through this chaotic world. May he grace our lives for many more years.