Doctors aren't what's wrong with health care

Doctors aren't what's wrong with health care
This letter is in response to a recent doctor-bashing letter.
I think it is the writer who needs a "brain transplant." His letter is full of anger and resentment that is truly misdirected.
Health care costs are out of control partly due to escalating prescription costs that are dictated by pharmaceutical companies that have a lot of influence in this country, and whose CEOs make millions of dollars. Secondly, the managed care/insurance industries decide what treatments patients receive based on decisions made by nonmedical personnel. Insurance company CEOs make millions of dollars, not to mention bonuses for a "job well done." Oh, yes, don't forget the attorneys. It has become America's favorite pastime to sue your doctor for whatever ails you.
In response to doctors accepting uninsured patients, the hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics and doctors' offices are often times filed with uninsured patients. You would not be so cruel as to suggest that doctors should not be compensated for their highly skilled services, would you?
If the letter writer or someone in his family would happen to need "brain surgery" would he really want a nurse or physician's assistant to do the job?
Congress gets a nice raise, while taxpayers take cuts
The Congress is elected by the people. Since we elect them, how is it possible for them to give themselves a raise? I do not understand how these congressmen can give themselves a $5,000 raise that was not approved by the voters of this country. They represent us as taxpayers.
The last time they took their raise, an IOU was put into the Social Security fund, and then they had nerve enough to tell us that Social Security was going broke. What would happen if we called all the IOUs in, to be paid back into the system? When it was established in 1935 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Social Security was not supposed to be used as a slush fund for the Congress to use whenever it needed money. It was to be self sustaining. Not full of billions of IOUs. With industries downsizing and laying off many people, most are taking cuts and working minimum wage jobs. Then our Congress has guts enough to give themselves this kind of raise. We as citizens should take action on this.
Ohio workers watch as jobs go to China, Mexico
I am an employee of the Hoover Co. located in North Canton, Ohio. I have worked for the company for four years and in that time I have seen our jobs go to Mexico and China.
I know for a fact that the Hoover Co. gets most of the sweeper motors outside of the company. Some of the sub-assembly jobs at the Industrial Park in Jackson Township went to Mexico. I work in a department that has four pace lines, only one of which is working on my shift.
I feel that the people need to know that all of the sweepers are not made in North Canton. The Hoover Co., owned by Maytag, feels that they can find cheaper labor outside the United States, where they don't have to pay benefits or higher wages. People in Ohio should know what is going on at the Hoover Co.
All people have to do is look at the outside of the box to see where a sweeper is made. People who buy products made in Mexico and China will be putting North Canton workers out of work. Our future relies on you to buy our products that are made in North Canton.