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Choir members will sing two anthems during the service.
CANFIELD -- You don't need a heavenly voice to join the choir for the ecumenical church service at the fair, Tom Scurich says.
You should, however, want to raise your voice to the heavens.
"Age doesn't matter, your background doesn't matter, [as long as] you love to sing," Scurich said. "It's a great thing, choral music, because it's hard to find any other medium where you can have all ages and all types of people from any walk of life."
Scurich and his wife, Kelly, will direct the choir at the service, which will be at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 1 at the stage near The Big Rock.
Fairgoers who want to be part of the choir need to be at the stage at 9 a.m. for rehearsal. No pre-registration is needed.
Choir members will be refunded their $6 fee for entering the fair. Scurich called the refund a "fringe benefit."
He said many choir members feel rewarded by "starting their day on a positive 'note,' pardon the pun."
"It gives them a lot of satisfaction," Scurich said. He added that other benefits of joining the choir include the feeling of teamwork and camaraderie as well as worship.
"There's this meaningful experience that you're lifting your voice to God," he said.
What they'll sing
During the service, the choir will sing two choral anthems, "Come Christians Join to Sing" and "The Old Irish Blessing." The Scurichs also will sing two duets, and flutist Barbara Fieger will play the prelude.
The service will be conducted by the Rev. Russell Libb of Berlin Center United Methodist Church. The Rev. Mr. Libb said he feels the music will play an important role in the service.
"It helps to set the mood, set the tone of the worship," he said. "Without music, [congregates] become spectators instead of participants."
Scurich said he expects between 30 and 50 people to be part of the choir. That's similar to the number of people who have been members of the choir at past fairs, he said.
Most of the choir members most likely will be members of other church choirs, Scurich said.
Scurich is a music teacher at Hilltop Elementary School in Canfield, and his wife is choral director at Canfield High School. The choir will be accompanied on piano by Kay Sittig, who served as choral director at Canfield High School for 25 years before retiring in 1989.
Sittig said she thinks the choir will include fairgoers from both inside and outside the Mahoning Valley.
"We get people from way out of town," she said.

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