Marriage licenses
Jesus Rojas Jr., 43, of 693 Martha Ave., Campbell, and Sherry A. Shellenberger, 37, of 446 Devitt Ave., Campbell.
Karl J. Keas, 25, of 6605 state Route 5, Lot 10, Ravenna, and Christina E. McCammon, 23, of 8920 Leffingwell Road, Canfield.
Anthony D. Carbon Jr., 29, of 357 Geneva St., Struthers, and Sherri L. Leasure, 26, of same.
Joseph S. Maderitz, 34, of 475 Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, and Teresa A. Blazo, 26, of 411 New Road, Youngstown.
Scott D. Pope, 25, Greensboro, N.C., and Jamie L. Liszka, 25, of same.
Stavros C. Bakirtzis, 26, Dania, Fla., and Marianthi G. Nicholis, 24, of 554 Neoka Drive, Campbell.
Timothy Komara, 34, of 153 N. Meridian Road, Youngstown, and Amy V. Madden, 31, of same.
Divorces asked
Marceille F. Gillam, 19 Callahan Road, Canfield, vs. James A. Gillam, 100 Court St., Canfield.
Marsha M. Poracky, 26 Valley Road, Salem, vs. Jason L. Poracky, Jacksonville, N.C.
Dissolutions asked
Rex A. Luckage, 5404 W. Rockwell Road, Austintown, and Jane. E. Luckage, 209 Carnegie, Austintown.
Dawn Schultz, 9100 N. Lima Road #11, Poland, and Timothy D. Schultz, 4643 E. Garfield Road, Petersburg.
New complaints
Bank One NA vs. Mary Lee Crockett et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Santiago Villanueva vs. Rebecca L. Odell, money.
Sears Roebuck and Company vs. Patricia S. Ditosto, money.
Bank One NA vs. Jordan's Supermarket et al, money.
Johnnie Richardson et al vs. John E. Centric et al, money.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance et al vs. Michael Jackson, Youngstown.
Bank One NA vs. Shirley J. Morrison et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank NA vs. Kendrick L. Hagwood et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. vs. Scott Pyles et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA vs. Jason J. Hollobaugh et al, foreclosure.
Cleveland Mack Leasing Ltd. vs. Michael A. Mike et al, money.
Michael A. Christman et al vs. Rodney M. Matiscik et al, money.
Jerry L. Maurer vs. Photogenic Professional Lighting Inc. et al, money.
Charter One Bank FSB et al vs. Peter S. Mraulak et al, money.
Kennedy Mall Ltd. vs. Eby's Sporting Goods Company, money.
North Park Plaza Inc. vs. The Unique Boutique & amp; Formal Wear Inc. et al, money.
MM Acceptance Corp. et al vs. Starla G. Prokop et al, money.
Same vs. Heather C. Francis, money.
Same vs. Jennifer L. Vakasy, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Iverson L. Perry, sentenced to six months on each count to be served concurrently.
Barbara Greene et al vs. Mary C. Hall et al, dismiss counterclaims and crossclaims.
Connie Steele et al vs. Sigismond R. Pierre Louis et al, settled.
Robert Rish vs. Aven Fire Systems et al, settled.
Second National Bank vs. Betty J. Oaks et al, sale confirmed.
Wells Fargo vs. Anthony Massaro et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Kenneth Veneroso et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer vs. Robert C. Pettegrew et al, foreclosure.
Wilson Adams vs. Community Corrections, dismissed.
Assoc. Fin. Services Corp. vs. William Testa et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Olympus Servicing LP vs. Linda Biondillo et al, foreclosure.
All Pro Fin. IV LLC vs. Sandy M. Perunko, default judgment for plaintiff.
County treasurer vs. Randy Lee Nicholas et al, judgment.
GEI Corp. of Ohio vs. Bud Perkins dba Bud's Sign, judgment for plaintiff.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Noah J. Cohen et al, dismissed.
State vs. Dion T. Davis, to enter and complete in house program at CCA for up to six months; with specific conditions.
Western Reserve Mechanical Inc. vs. Moon S. Park et al, dismissed.
Stephanie J. Szoke et al vs. Lloyd L. Murray et al, dismissed.
Waterfield Mortgage vs. Louis Sitnic et al, foreclosure.
Cornelius Brown et al vs. Cherry Holden, settled.
Nikitas Gerakios vs. G T Magnum Painting Inc. et al, dismissed.
LaSalle National vs. Gregory Karson et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. James A. Cook et al, foreclosure.
Charlene Campana vs. Henry Koch et al, settled.
Metropolitan National Bank vs. Mark Mallen et al, foreclosure.
Midfirst Bank vs. David M. DiCioccio et al, foreclosure.
Pat Linker et al vs. Briand Rosko et al, dismissed.
Adam Turner et al vs. Nicholas Napoli et al, dismissed.
Jennifer Blosak et al vs. Nicholas Napoli et al, dismissed.
Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. Brian Rosko et al, dismissed.
State vs. Jeffrey L. Shugart, sentenced to 30 days for contempt of court.
Same vs. Louis G. Garces, balance of sentenced suspended, put on 17 months community control, with other conditions.
Same vs. Lucille Vukovich, court imposes two years community control, to make restitution and fined for theft.
Same vs. Lashonda Boone, sentence suspended, granted one-year probation to CCA for possession of marijuana.
Community Insurance vs. Mike Naffah et al, dismissed.
M. Holland Co. vs. Travis Products, dismissed.
Debra W. McMurray vs. William Spitznagel et al, settled.
Charlene Thompson et al vs. Progressive Max Insurance et al, settled.
LaSalle National vs. Gregory Karson et al, foreclosure.
Robert A. Felter et al vs. Lake Milton Commons Inc. et al, dismissed.
Patricia DePinto etal vs. Regal Cinemas Inc. et al, settled.
Bank One vs. Moses Mason et al, settled.
County treasurer vs. John D. Wilson et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Willie M. Britton Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Genevieve Goldberg et al, foreclosure.
Dorothy Mulne et al vs. Digital Communications et al, foreclosure.
City Printing Co. Inc. vs. Ernest E. Brown, judgment for plaintiff.
Contimortgage Corp. vs. Richard Hollis et al, foreclosure.
Richard Crnariich et al vs. United Foundries et al, plaintiff's motion for reconsideration is overruled.
Real estate transfers
Eleanor Tyvall to Kendall Investments Inc., Youngstown, $9,000.
Fred Schrock et al to David C. Schrock et al, Ellsworth, $17,200.
Volpini and Sharpe Inc. to James F. Piperato et al, Canfield, $369,900.
Christine A. Chance to Warner L. Wallace et al, Youngstown, $50,000.
Lawrence J. Rich Jr. to Jeremiah R. Jones, Struthers, $58,900.
Frank Gustinella et al to Lillian Longo, Boardman Twp., $97,000.
Lillian Longo to Jeffrey Williams et al, Springfield Twp., $150,000.
Randy D. Walter to Stefano and Assoc., Canfield Twp., $49,400.
Bradli Ruffner et al to Anthony W. Berardi etal, Austintown Twp., $87,400.
Julia Ann Meredith to Jack J. Ross et al, Canfield, $92,000.
Joseph D. Baker Jr. to Abdel Kader Abultashin et al, Youngstown, $22,000.
Milka Juzbasich to Daniel Juzbasich et al, Youngstown, $75,000.
Hollace Ellard to Thomas Tusinac, Boardman Twp., $57,100.
John R. Colwell et al to Jonathan B. Persing et al, Springfield Twp., $70,900.
Bartholomew Builders to Wayne Bartholomew et al, Poland Twp., $979,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Pamela K. Moore, aka Pamela K. Wittkugle, aka Pamela K. Hartsock, 6721 Tippecanoe Road, Unit 4, Canfield, pharmacy technician, Walgreen's Pharmacy; liabilities, $38,954; assets, $2,250.
Edward N. and Susan E. Jorge, 4237 Chester Drive, Boardman, he: supervisor, Food Service; she: lottery cashier, Lucky Lotto; liabilities, $49,518; assets, $15,840.
Bonnie J. Smith, 3877 New Road, Youngstown, homemaker; liabilities, $15,297; assets, $15,297.
Efrain Maldonado, 507 E. LaClede Court, Youngstown, painter, Ventura Inc.; liabilities, $95,475; assets, 41,500.
Sandy Ferrante, 671 Moyer Ave. #2, Boardman, none; liabilities, $46,197; assets, $17,280.
Lavonda S. Metcalf, 2374 Columbiana Road, New Springfield and P.O. Box 32, New Springfield, district manager, Ports Petroleum Co. Inc.; liabilities, $16,050; assets, $3,510.
Cynthia Yannerella, aka Cynthia Nicholson, 3734 Indian Run Drive #4, Canfield, medical receptionist, Austintown ER; liabilities, $16,994; assets, $7,415.
Noah W. Lott, 4803 Darbyshire Court, Canfield, sales manager, MCI; liabilities, $152,400; assets, $132,050.
Melvin Neail, Youngstown, Portage County deputy sheriff; liabilities, $61,368; assets, $57,905.
Kathryn A. Ciolli, aka Kathryn A. Corey, 3480 Flo-Lor #2, Youngstown, laid-off secretary, St. Edward School; liabilities, $24,983; assets, $1,640.

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