TRUMBULL CO. Mosquito pools test positive for virus

The mosquitoes that tested positive are primarily bird feeders and pose little risk to people and animals, the health department said.
WARREN -- The Trumbull County Health Department has confirmed the first pools of mosquitoes in the county to test positive for West Nile Virus.
The mosquito pools were located in Bazetta and Champion townships. This type of mosquito, culex, feeds primarily on birds and poses a minimal risk to people and animals, the health department said.
The virus can be spread to people only through a bite from an infected mosquito, not through any contact with blue jays and crows.
Last month, the health department announced that seven of the 14 bird specimens sent to the state tested positive for West Nile Virus. Six blue jays from Bristol, Hubbard, Gustavus, Farmington, Howland and Warren and one crow from Bazetta tested positive.
West Nile is primarily a wild bird disease but can affect people. The symptoms are generally mild and flulike, but some people have died.
In areas where West Nile has been reported, less than 1 percent of the mosquitoes are infected, and less than 1 percent of the people bitten by infected mosquitoes will become severely ill, the department said.
People older than 50, the very young and people with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to serious complications related to the virus.
Because West Nile Virus has been detected in the county, no further blue jay or crow testing will be done by the state. The county health department will take information over the phone from people who find a dead blue jay or crow.

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