Marriage licenses
Bryan S. Thompson, 28, of 117 Grimm St., Monaca, Pa., and Jill M. Wilkinson, 36, of 619 Angeline Drive, Boardman.
Alphonso R. Johnson, 24, of 1138 Sunshine St., Boardman, and Angel M. Gurak, 24, of 3900 Orchard Drive, #4, Youngstown.
John J. Ross, 37, of 4010 Fairway Drive, Aliquippa, Pa., and Kellie A. Hoffman, 27, of 4129 Baymar Drive, Youngstown.
Kenneth L. Mediate, 28, of 399 Sexton St., Struthers, and Robyn L. Kaselak, 30, of same.
Divorces asked
Carol L. Davis, 6004 Tam-O-Shanter Drive, Poland, vs. William A. Davis, 4146 Arden Blvd., Youngstown.
Eric L. Triplett Sr. 4542 Woodhurst Drive, Austintown, vs. Marva Triplett, 1034 Hawthorne, Youngstown.
Cheryl J. Sandler, 1511 Brownlee, Youngstown, vs. Raymond Sandler, 1448 Bryson St., Youngstown.
Melinda A. Young, 67 Millcreek Drive, Boardman, vs. Gary E. Young II, 3505 Fifth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa.
Dissolutions asked
Margaret A. Fabich, 3455 White Beech Lane, Austintown, and George M. Fabich, 466 Shady Ave., Sharon, Pa.
Michael Ruozzo, 1176 Meadow Lane, Lowellville, and Janet Ruozzo, 71 Woodrow, Youngstown.
Roberta M. Elko, 5313 Linger Place, Youngstown,and Robert Elko, 3052 Spitler Road, Poland.
New complaints
Joseph Mika exec. of the estate of John Mika dec'd. vs. A-Best Co. et al, money.
AAA Excavating Inc. vs. Quality Truck Body Inc., money.
Tree & amp; Lawn Landscape Contractors Inc.. vs. Manny, Moe & amp; Jack of Delaware Inc. dba Pep Boys et al, money.
Homecomings Financial Network vs. Cathy Winphrie et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Anne L. Sexton indiv. and as co-executor of the estate of Jane F. Butterworth et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. vs. Peggy Wright et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Daniel F. Faraglia et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Thom Thi Ngo et al, foreclosure.
Stacy Perez et al vs. Anthony Romeo et al, money.
Frank R. Duncan vs. Patti A. Pompilli, money.
Richard Otterson vs. Michael Creatore et al, money.
Maggie Rivera vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, workers' compensation.
Thelma Smith et al vs. Frank B. Mulholland et al, money.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota vs. Twan D. Buggs et al, money.
MM Acceptance Corp. vs. Keisha Berry, money.
John Antonoff vs. Helen Davis, money.
Docket entries
Esther M. Jackson vs. Mark E. Haustovich estate of et al, settled and dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Herbert Cowart, sentenced to two years on count 4, and one year on count 3, to run concurrently.
State of Ohio vs. Eugene Ward, two years community control.
State of Ohio vs. Timothy R. Faler, sentenced to six months.
Aames Capital Corp. vs. David P. Skaggs et al, foreclosure.
Robert J. Rishel a minor et al vs. Chad Martin et al, settled and dismissed.
Kenneth Wilson vs. Daniel Metcalf, dismissed.
Ralph McClure vs. Solo Tool and Mold Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Bank One vs. William Nichols et al, foreclosure.
Robert Secrist vs. Jack Fincham et al, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Ohio Dept. of Rehab, dismissed.
CZ Construction vs. Gene Russo, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Paula F. Beatty, two years monitored probation.
State of Ohio vs. Michael Molnar, original sentence is re-imposed.
State of Ohio vs. Cynthia J. Randall, two year period of rehab is ordered.
State of Ohio vs. Robert Moreno, two years monitored community control.
State of Ohio vs. Adrian Gordon, dismissed.
Western Reserve Mechanical Inc. vs. Moon S. Park et al, dismissed.
Edward Pesa vs. Michelle M. Pesa, settled and dismissed.
William Kimmel vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center, settled and dismissed.
Dorothy Delfre et al vs. Don Pablo Restaurant, settled and d dismissed.
Stephan W. Zawilinsky et al vs. James Miller, settled and dismissed.
Ralph K. McClure vs. Solo Tool and Mold Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Joseph Labozan vs. USX Corp. et al, dismissed.
Ledora Parsons vs. USX Corp. et al, dismissed.
Terry Dillon Sr. vs. City of Youngstown et al, settled and dismissed.
Firstar Bank vs. Robert A. Scarnecchia et al, foreclosure.
Carolina Development vs. John A. Logan et al, settled and dismissed.
Robert Shaw et al vs. Lyco Corp., dismissed.
James Mislay vs. United States Steel et al, settled and dismissed.
Valerie Hannam vs. Dylan T. Weaver et al, dismissed.
American Mall Inc. vs. Computers Plus Ltd., judgment for plaintiff.
Glenn E. Barnett Sr. vs. Mary McKeever, settled and dismissed.
Bankers Trust vs. Ruth Ann Parker et al, dismissed.
Credit Based Servicing vs. Kenneth A. Price et al, foreclosure.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Georgene Hall McIntyre et al, foreclosure.
Gordon R. Loesch vs. Jeanne P. Riser et al, settled and dismissed.
John B. Reardon vs. George Hunter et al, foreclosure.
Treas. John B. Reardon vs. Beulah B. Monroe, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Sandra Allison et al, dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Keith A. Spitler et al, foreclosure.
Jessica Dlwgosh vs. Shirley Brooks Grace, settled and dismissed.
Northway McGuffey College vs. Cicero Davis et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Amanda M. Jackson et al, Ohio Bank Region granted a default judgment against defendant.
Dr. Kong T. Oh M.D. et al vs. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield et al, dismissed.
Providian National Bank vs. Mildred M. Dodds, dismissed.
MM Acceptance Corp. vs. Paul A. Allaby et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Mahoning National Bank vs. Dorothy Handley et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Joann McWilson vs. Paul W. Dunleavy, settled and dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Aaron Dimont: estate to Meir Klinman, Jacob Yaholom, Hava Wolfson, Israel Dimont, Rachel Kaufman, Karmel Kirshenberg, Hava Dimont, and Robert Melmood; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Timothy R. Ladner et al to Nichole M. Pascarella et al, Youngstown, $58, 500.
Marjorie A. Kutsco to Jessica Wareham, Austintown Twp., $80,400.
D'Amico Agency Inc. to Formator Enterprises Inc., Youngstown, $15,000.
William R. Griffith to Tracie L. Fugitt, Austintown Twp., $85,500.
Joseph Kennally to Randall R. Vinion et al, Youngstown, $62,900.
John P. Nosal et al to Thomas R. Neimi, Boardman Twp., $155,500.
Todd A. Starr to Daniel R. Marian et al, Boardman Twp., $240,000.
Randy D. Walter dba RDW Co. to Huntington Home Builders Inc., Canfield Twp., $44,400.
George T. Pozega to Timothy E. Stone et al, Boardman Twp., $116,000.
Volpini & amp; Sharpe Inc. to Douglas P. Zolla et al, Poland Twp., $297,900.
Andrea L Smiesko to Marty W. Diehl et al, Boardman Twp., $96,500.
Heather L. Murry to Kerri J. Macuich, Youngstown, $62,200.
Rose M. Scott to Carmen Lorubbio, Struthers, $90,000.
Paul B. Kilonsky et al to Bryan G. Rader et al, Austintown Twp., $107,000.
Gina Centofanti et al to Emma Nelson et al, Youngstown, $12,500.
James B. Fithian et al to David J. Kimpton et al, Boardman Twp., $128,000.
R. Lucente & amp; Sons Construction to Douglas Gbur, Austintown Twp., $142,500.
Paula Hassay to Gunapal Edirisooriya et al, Austintown Twp., $83,000.
Janet M. Diana to Now 2 Living Inc., Youngstown, $6,000.
Timothy Batton to Truman Greene Jr., Campbell, $27,500.
Dan A. Yates et al to Celina F. Vance, Lowellville, $9,000.
Richard Ferris et al to Steven K. Breazie et al, Poland Twp., $130,000.
Bank One to Jane Herbert, Youngstown, $13,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Barbara R. Duncan, 4266 Burgett Lane, Canfield; clerk, Forum Health Care; liabilities, $57,470; assets, $9,155.
Joseph A. and Teresa M. Hudek, 822 Harbor Ave., Lake Milton; he: mgr., Handiman Connection; she: teacher's aide, Head Start; liabilities, $56,830; assets,$8,570.
Frances Martin, 12151 Ellsworth Road, North Jackson; attorney, self-employed; liabilities, $84,467; assets, $3,071.
Patrick Taylor, 15 Edwards St., Youngstown; disabled; liabilities, $16,226; assets, $700.
Craig A. Pitts, 13434 N. Main St., Beloit; driver, D. P. Operations; liabilities, $123,900; assets, $49,674.
Jim D. and Crystal R. Moore, 567 Detroit Ave., Youngstown; he: not employed; she: Day Care Provider; liabilities, $93,355; assets, $49,310.
James D. and Tamra L. Lucas, Youngstown; he: corrections officer, Trumbull Correctional; she: sales; liabilities, $82,787; assets, $80,435.
Nancy Lee Sines, 15864 Salem-Alliance Road, Damascus; CSR tech, Salem Hospital; liabilities, $18,762; assets,$6,538.
David A. and Mary A. Douglas, 2025 Chapel Hill Drive, Youngstown; he: not employed; she: secretary, Dr. Diorio; liabilities, $100,203; assets, $59,342.
Renee M. Walls, 39 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown; waitress, Holiday Inn Metro; liabilities, $53,430; assets, $16,600.
Robert Aulisio, 263 Bouquet Ave., Youngstown; dishwasher, Aulisio's Family Restaurant; liabilities,$104,787; assets, $55,800.
Michael R. White, 811 Roxbury Ave., Youngstown; chemical handler, Amresco; liabilities, $92,424; assets, $41,550.
Melanie J. Moore, 454 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. B31, Austintown; supervisor, Burger King; liabilities,$50,818; assets, $5,350.
Jeff and Lizzie Moore, 619 Oxford St., Youngstown; he: both: none; liabilities, $38, 940; assets, $13,250.
Robert G. Horvath, 212 S. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, and Regina Horvath, 1472 Maplecrest, Austintown; he: carpet installer, Carpet Kings; she: service clerk, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $86,741; assets, $53,350.
Robert and Dina M. Thorpe, 514 Elm St., Struthers; he: WalMart; she: loan pay-off clerk, Home Savings & amp; Loan; liabilities, $112,491; assets, $78,976.
Ava Zeigler, 2950 Carbone St. Youngstown; customer service, MCI World Com; liabilities, $61,115; assets, $18,600.
Cindy M. Juillerat, 3864 Eigen St., Youngstown; rebuyer, Ski Ltd.; liabilities, $21,773; assets, $10,962.
Barbara K. Mceaneney, 6803 1/2 E. South Range Road, Petersburg; none; liabilities, $10,398; assets, $1,510.
Dale G. and Diane L. Profudsek, 76 Overhill Road, Boardman; he: manager, Pettiti Garden Ct; she: sales person, Pettiti Garden Ct.; liabilities, $723,204; assets, $197,813.
Tanya Brown, 3317 Neilson, Youngstown; RA, Alera & amp; Sterling; liabilities, $24,562; assets, $600.
Sheila Robinson, 2718 Firnley, Youngstown; none; liabilities, $46,308; assets, $600.
John W. an Margaret Miller, 121 E. Main St., Apt. 2, Canfield; he: Handel Invest.; she: none: liabilities, $78,088; assets, $20,300.

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