Bush economic summit at Baylor was all for show

Bush economic summit at Baylor was all for show
I have observed our illustrious commander in chief's handling of his office, and I have kept my tongue in cheek, so to speak. I have just witnessed the forum that he had at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I feel that it was conducted in a manner that paralleled the Russian "parliament" press releases under the communist regime. By that I mean that none of President George W. Bush's critics was invited to participate in the very biased forum. In my opinion it was a meeting of George W.'s clones. They asked the questions that they were briefed to ask.
I feel that President Bush has made a shambles of the economy. Anyone who has lost their life savings in 401K plans and in the stock market can agree with my observations.
When George W. Bush became president under highly questionable circumstances, he inherited a healthy, robust economy with an attractive budget surplus. President Clinton succeeded in fulfilling his promises to balance the budget, a thriving economy with very low unemployment, a soaring stock market and his charm and charisma earned him high points among many nations. This infuriated the GOP. They organized a plan of action to destroy President Clinton's image. They learned of his weakness for the members of the opposite sex. I believe that his Oval Office affair was a set up in which he fell for hook, line and sinker.
Incidentally, President Clinton was not the first president who succumbed to the wiles of the opposite sex. The episodes in the past were viewed as male weakness and the press turned a blind eye to the president's idiosyncrasies. Today however with people in the news media teeming to get the scoop, nothing is overlooked. The GOP chuckled with glee for this was retribution for the Nixon fiasco.
I believe that when President Bush took over, the position overwhelmed him. He did a good deal of saber rattling. He did not know much about the psyche of the Arabs. I feel it was part of the reason for the Sept. 11 tragedy. I know we had problems with Osama bin Laden during Clinton's watch and President Clinton wanted to eliminate Osama, but his efforts were not carried to fruition. If they had, we would have been better off today.
Tips bring what a waiter makes up to minimum
I am an assistant manger at the Meadows of New Castle. We offer fine dining and cafeteria style food for our patrons. Our staff works very hard to make this a fine experience for everyone.
The recent article in your paper about tipping or not tipping was an insult to waitresses and waiters everywhere. Whoever wrote this article obviously never held such a job. Your waitress's or waiter's job is to take your order, deliver it in a timely manner and make your dining experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be. They are, in most cases, paid $3 or less an hour, spend eight hours a day on their feet, and are treated as second class citizens. They, like every other working person, are only out there trying to make a living for themselves or their families.
I don't know where the author of this article buys his groceries or gasoline, but it takes more than $3 per hour to make ends meet in this economy.
Your tip should be based on the amount you spend and how you were treated. In most cases, 15 percent is sufficient. If he or she is extra attentive, an extra amount would be appreciated. If your coffee cup is empty more often than full, if your food arrives late and cold, or you are not treated in a kindly fashion, by all means, forget the tip.
Eating out should be a pleasant experience for everyone -- even your waitress!
New Castle