CANFIELD Consideration of condos delayed

The development is contingent upon provision of a public water supply, a zoning official said.
CANFIELD -- Canfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals has postponed until 7 p.m. Sept. 5 further consideration of a residential condominium development.
Board chairman Loran Brooks asked developer Gene Russo of Canfield on Monday to reduce the size of the project on 27 acres on the north side of U.S. Route 224 opposite Summit Drive from 106 to 95 or 96 units, include in his plans a fence along the western edge of the development and provide letters guaranteeing availability of a public water supply. Russo agreed.
Brooks said Russo must provide guarantee letters from Consumers Ohio Water Service, whose new waterline is on the south side of U.S. Route 224, and from the city of Youngstown, whose service area includes the land north of 224, where the condos are to be built.
COWS must agree to supply the water, and Youngstown must give Russo permission to tap into the COWS line, Brooks said. "This development will not move forward without public water. They're not going to be allowed to drill wells for 96 units," Brooks said. The vacant land proposed for the development, known as Villa Napoli, was previously farmed and used for a golf driving range.
Other concerns
At Monday's board meeting, neighbors expressed concerns about the high density of the development, which will be sandwiched between U.S. Route 224 and the Ohio Turnpike, and about drainage, traffic, children's safety and wildlife habitat protection.
No public comment will be accepted at the Sept. 5 meeting, Brooks said.
"That's a green oasis back there now. It's so dense with so many units. I can hardly believe that's being proposed. It seems like too many units for that area," Kathy Schuetz of South Raccoon Road, told the board Monday.
As presented Monday, the project would need variances because it exceeds the township's maximum permissible density and features shorter front, rear and side yard setbacks than the zoning code specifies, said Zoning Inspector Dave Morrison.

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