New complaints
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Perle Weirman, foreclosure.
Liberty Savings Bank vs. Richard Harris, foreclosure.
Diane M. Daykin vs. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
David M. Schezzini vs. C. James Conrad admr., workers' compensation.
David M. Schezzini vs. C. James Conrad admr. workers' compensation.
Sadonna Blake vs. City of Warren, other civil.
Ajax Magnethermic Corp. vs. Inductotherm Industries, other civil.
Cheryl Swearman vs. Rural Metro of Northern, professional tort.
Mary Vincovich vs. Catherine Bechtel, other civil.
Christ Michelakis vs. Liberty Investments Inc., foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Lawrence L. Bates, foreclosure.
Robert Pearson vs. Maurice R. Skiffey, cognovit.
Shirley A. Miller vs. James J. Pawscute, other torts.
Michael Sullivan vs. Mark Rohland, other torts.
Jeffrey A. Myers vs. Cox Contracting, other torts.
Allstate Ins. Co. vs. Joseph Novak, other civil.
Firstmerit Bank vs. Lori Giesy, other civil.
LaSalle Bank National vs. Ernest L. Eckart, foreclosure.
EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Barbara Bigley, foreclosure.
GM vs. Kenneth Kubala, replevin.
Deutsche Financial vs. Crest Bowling Lanes Inc., replevin.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Robert Bowman, foreclosure.
Daniel N. Gerin vs. Trenell Clay, other torts.
Mildred Antolini vs. Newton Falls Twp., other civil.
Charlette R. Barratt vs. Goldie Kish, other torts.
Lorraine Mace vs. Maybell Parkinson, other torts.
Earl Gowdy vs. James Stemock, other torts.
Marilyn D. Sloan vs. Crown Ford Inc., other civil.
Carol Hinton vs. Lube Stop, other torts.
Nicholas Kreatsoulas vs. Warren Eye Clinic Inc., professional tort.
Michael W. Zirkle vs. Alri Inc., workers' compensation.
Buckeye Retirement Co. LLC vs. Randall J. Hake, other civil.
Chase Mortgage Co. vs. Ronald Nehlen II, foreclosure.
Daniel Snipes vs. US Dismantling Corp., workers' compensation.
Citifinancial Mtg.Co. vs. Linda L. Golembowski, foreclosure.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Sunita B. Douglas, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Diane R. Miller, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Derrick D. Beachum, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Ollie L. Hedges, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. M. Charles Bryant Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Nannicola Inc. vs. John Long, other civil.
MotasemNahhas vs. William Boldin, other civil.
Cortland Savings & amp; Banking vs. Youngstown Land Title Co., other civil.
Frank Raub vs. Kenneth M. Ben, other torts.
Mylissa M. Barrass vs. Donald Spell, other torts.
Shirley Hodgkiss vs. Robert Hardman, other torts.
U. S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Scott A. Nevel et al, foreclosure.
Sign O the Eagle Realty vs. Linda Dawson et al, other civil.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Gary T. Herminson, foreclosure.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Rory E. Dean, foreclosure.
Koniowski Construction vs. John Camodeca et al, other civil.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Wendy Consier, foreclosure.
Roberta A. Merriman vs. Forum Health dba Trumbull, other civil.
The Second National Bank vs. Michael Ashiolas, foreclosure.
Federal National vs. Norbert Cuevas, foreclosure.
Chase C. Vlad vs. Edita C. Sands, other torts.
Christine Kovach vs. Thomas Battison, other civil.
EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Patricia I. Dukes et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Julia Grubb et al, foreclosure.
Kenneth A. Kaplan vs. Coldwell Banker, other civil.
Gary R. Fairchild vs. Warren Concrete, workers' compensation.
Darrell Beach vs. Ohio State Penitentiary, other torts.
Joseph C. Dickson vs. RMI Titanium Co., workers' compensation.
Carly Diamond vs. Elaine M. Knowlton, other torts.
Todd Rankin vs. Daimler Chrysler Corp., other civil.
Progressive Max. Ins. Co. vs. Douglas A. Hammonds, other civil.
S.J. Anesthesiologists vs. Rickie K. Monroe M.D., other civil.
Marcial L. Davis vs. Verne L. Gibson, other torts.
Sky Bank vs. Robert V. Long, other civil.
Peter J. Monty vs. Southington Twp. School, other torts.
Docket entries
Ronald E. Atkinson vs. Genes Trucking Service, settled and dismissed.
Willard Fegley vs. Steven S. Novak, settled and dismissed.
National City Bank vs. Warren Reproduction, judgment for plaintiff.
United States of America vs. Martha J. Janovick, foreclosure.
Farm Credit Services vs. Charles W. Nadolski, foreclosure.
Laverne Platt vs. Milya Tereschenko, dismissed.
United States of America vs. Real Property, dismissed.
Residential Funding Corp. vs. Roselyn K. Goist et al, confirmation of sale.
Jonathan A. Michael vs. Timothy M. Acuri, dismissed.
Joseph Giampetro vs. Warren Tribune Chronicle, settled and dismissed.
Beverly Haynie exec. vs. Pedro M. D. Ballester, dismissed.
Davelle Webb vs. Mattie Smiley, settled and dismissed.
Washington Mutual Home vs. Richard L. Francis Sr., confirmation of sale.
Sally J. Hoover vs. Donald R. Giesey, dismissed.
Cortland Savings vs. Martin R. Fenton, confirmation of sale.
Principal Residential vs. Nicholas J.Wiery, foreclosure.
Nationscredit Financial vs. Steve I. Hatzialexiou, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Joy M. Clark, judgment for plaintiff.
Christ Michelakis vs. Tami L. Christenson, dismissed.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Richard Maylone, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Estate, dismissed.
Secretary of Veterans vs. Sandra K. Natali, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Larry J. Getz et al, confirmation of sale.
Patricia Baltic vs. Larry O. Peters, satisfaction of judgment.
Willis P. Belknap vs. Valley Electrical Consol, settled.
Bank of New York vs. Wallace A. Thomson, confirmation of sale.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Curtis D. Burton Jr., confirmation of sale.
John C. Grundy vs. Sandra Mullen, satisfaction of judgment.
Washington Mutual Home vs. Bernard P. Nosal, confirmation of sale.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Inc. vs. Timothy J. Busefink, confirmation of sale.
Federal National Mort. vs. Terry L. Rush, dismissed.
Pamela Sears vs. Clarendon National, dismissed.
Citifinancial Mort. Co. vs. Elizabeth Roberts, foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Michael E. Day Jr., foreclosure.;
Bankers Trust Co. of California vs. Robert J. McCorvey, foreclosure.
Leonard Volk vs. Copperweld Steel Co., dismissed.
John C. Grundy Co. LPA vs. Sandra Mullen, dismissed.
Bank One vs. Wesley O. Zupp, dismissed.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. Samuel Johnson, confirmation of sale.
Dora Selbe vs. Christopher Rinda, settled and dismissed.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Karen E. Law, confirmation of sale.
Allstate Ins. Co. vs. Steves Auto Body, settled and dismissed.
Andria C. Rosier vs. Nancy A. Engle, settled and dismissed.
Robert Hamner vs. Easco Corp., settled and dismissed.
Richard Heim vs. Donna Polivka, settled and dismissed.
LPP Mortgage Ltd. vs. Elaine K. Germandnik, foreclosure.
Diana L. Beeson vs. Pat Patterson, default granted.
First Place Bank vs. William Gerba, foreclosure.
Fidelity Bank vs. Deborah Washington, foreclosure.
Christine Phillips vs. GM Corp., dismissed.
Deutsche Bank National vs. Frances McCall, dismissed.

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