St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth
Brandy Cox and Jay L. Jones II, 306 Wilbert Ave., East Liverpool, boy, Aug. 16.
Cynthia Williams, 855 Parkview Ave., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 16.
Timothy and Teri Telega, 1931 Wingate Road, Poland, girl, Aug. 16.
Roy and Margo Main, 8043 Hunting Valley, Boardman, boy, Aug. 16.
Dr. Heath and Karen Dorion, 203 Erskine Ave., Boardman, girl, Aug. 17.
Michael and Amanda Clark, 7057 West Blvd., Apt. 152, Boardman, boy, Aug. 17.
Janet Gophin, 2122 Shaw Ave., Youngstown, boy, Aug. 17.
Janet Mulac, 96 E. Chalmers, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 18.
Susan Spicker and Brandon Pounds, 1383 Bexley Drive, Youngstown, girl, Aug. 18.
William and Jennifer Gurd, 20 Colonial Estate, Apt. 6, Poland, boy, Aug. 18.
Daniel and Lisa Hosack, 351 Loretta Lane, Hubbard, twin girls, Aug. 19.
Forum Health Northside
John and Tricia Carano, 1339 Raspberry Lane, Mineral Ridge, boy, Aug. 17.
Perry and Georgia Alexander, 100 12th St., Campbell, boy, Aug. 27.
Richard and Christina Harmony, 3729 Nottingham Ave., Youngstown, girl, Aug. 17.
Eric and Kimberly Lonardo, 7041 Western Reserve, Canfield, boy, Aug. 17.
Shannon Genhart and John David, 3960 Claridge Drive, Austintown, boy, Aug. 17.
David and Barbara Yonnotti, 215 N. Roanoke, Austintown, boy, Aug. 17.
Ronald and Deborah Howell, 26 Creed Ave., Austintown, boy, Aug. 17.
James and Bridgett Long, 812 Saul Drive, Hubbard, girl, Aug. 17.
Yvette C. Chandler, 463 S. Forest Ave., Youngstown, boy, Aug. 18.
Christopher and Lisa Roby, 3017 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, boy, Aug. 19.
St. Joseph
Donnie and Veronica Markley, 9274 Durst Coldbrook, North Bloomfield, girl, Aug. 17.
William and Mary Skebe, 1248 Airport Road N.W., Warren, boy, Aug. 17.
Gregory and Rachele Carroll, 187 Oak Knoll S.E., Warren, girl, Aug. 17.
Rodney and April Brown, 3565-B Newton Falls, Warren, girl, Aug. 18.
Douglas and Melissa Crull, 6529 Elm St., Kinsman, girl, Aug. 18.

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