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In southern California, where surfing is as much a part of the lifestyle as driving cool cars, surf classes include lessons on lingo as well as on form and technique. That way, when someone & quot;snakes & quot; a wave on you, your board gets & quot;caddied & quot; by another surfer, or you find yourself getting & quot;tubed, & quot; you'll be able to talk the talk. This list of terms was provided by Surf Diva school for women in La Jolla, Calif.
Hanging 10: Placing all 10 toes over the nose (tip) of the board while balancing over the most critical part of the wave.
Tubed/barreled: Getting so deep inside a wave that the top portion tunnels over you as you shoot through the curl.
Pearling: Nosediving down the front of the wave, as if heading for the bottom of the ocean. Hence, "looking for pearls."
Riding the face: Gliding along parallel to the beach on the smooth, unbroken surface of the wave.
Caddy a board: To retrieve another surfer's wayward board.
Tailgating: Paddling out directly behind another surfer.
Snaking a wave: Cutting in front of another surfer who nabbed the wave you want.
Tea parties: When you are doing more talking than surfing.

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